“Spiritual fundamentals”


  1. You are the creator of your world. There is nothing but what your mind has created. There’s nothing good or bad and ultimately no one is wrong at all.
  2. Your essence is love and light itself.
  3. You’re the universe itself, and through you, the universe is experiencing it.
  4. Without that experience, you cannot understand the opposite experience. Only through both experiences can you understand the depth of the unconditional love, that is authentic you.
  5. Without this perfection of the system of the ego and the Self, we cannot experience the difference. Because we can recognize the ego, we can experience a state of non-duality by transcending the ego.
  6. Everything is connected and exists for your spiritual awakening or spiritual deepening, even as for the person who does not exchange the words either.
  7. The universe is always blissful to taste every experience.
  8. Time doesn’t flow from past to future, it only exists now. The present lasts forever.
  9. Everything is one and perfect.
  10. We all are the same, a piece of oneness and wholeness of this universe.


Author: absolute_spirit_with_you

Motivational speaker, Spiritual messenger, Philosopher. The truth I found is that it's only me to accept. I, not I, am the only one who exists in the infinite universe. It's only now and here.

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