“Journey = life”


We’ve been taking a journey. We live the journey called the life.

Many people think as if journey = life is about having a destination and physically mentally spiritually reaching to a particular place, but if we consider our journey = life is for something to go somewhere else, then we lose the present.

We are here at the present, and only the present is where we can exist.

Only this very moment is real.

Just as our existences are here at the present, the journey = life is about experiencing the present moment, in other words, about tasting physical mental spiritual existence as totality, or about being there with full integration of them.

How much we spiritually awaken now doesn’t matter, and has totally nothing to do with our efforts as well. Moreover, even how profound realization we will be able to reach is one of illusions our minds create.

Rather the important is how sincerely we want the truth at the moment and how humbly we accept who we are right now.

For instance, if our journey = life is about getting to a particular place, then when we encounter an accident along the way, we curse or easily get irritated as if an unexpected accident were a drag our feet, or an obstacle to force changes to our plans.

In this way, we unconsciously create dramas by ourselves and continue to play the role of victims.

But truth is paradoxical.

The journey = life is always here at the front of us and only the present is real.

Living this moment simple can let us flow naturally, resonate with the rhythm of the universe, open the next phase for each of us without difficulty and naturally deepen the spiritual awakening.

Ultimately, time never passes by and moreover, we never go anywhere because we are not here to reach somewhere or to grow up.

Just bless the present.

Our existence or its influence on each other is always perfect however we realize.🙏💗✨


“One and only”


Each one of our existence is unique, and its uniqueness is also unique in every aspect of depth of awareness, perception of experience, way of expression or whatsoever.

That’s why this richness of diversity can create dynamism of life and every lives can shine.

Nevertheless, the feelings of loneliness and alienation that we feel while our diverse uniqueness is hard to accept or we can’t find common ground between others and ourselves can be immeasurable, and it can create in us desperation.

That’s why we keep looking for someone who understands and accepts all aspects of us, or for a place where we can exist without being denied.

So we have created a variety of systems and things in search of ultimate security as basic needs, but still today, we suffer from a sense of loneliness that cannot be wiped out even if we combine them all.

However, it will be never found in our outside no matter how hard we try.

It’s simply because it’s only found in the innermost of us.

And at every moment, our present conditions are all unique and part of expression of the Oneness, even if we cannot recognize as it is by depending on the state of our own awareness.

Once we can touch this non-dual world by our hearts, we will all admire the profound of this invisible world (actually, we can see it at some dimensions.) and be in awe of the abundance which is far and away beyond our imagination.

It’s always within us and will never go away.

And what the cloud of mind disappears and coming to see all beauty as it is, is not happening that happens at the future after desperate trying, we can be so right now.

It is always achieved by touching our innermost silence and accepting our own uniqueness.

Praise all uniqueness.🙏✨💗




The stronger the fear, the more cleverly our egos justify our aggressive behavior.

Love which is our true nature never needs excuse.

This is a point where each of us obviously needs to return to our own innermost silence, and is our responsibility to take rather than to justify our aggressive behavior.

Firstly, do not run away from our own fear or any other feelings, and secondly admit that we fear something and thirdly find what is in depths of the fear.

Otherwise, we will be unable to return to peace of our hearts again.

Remember that our true nature is pure love itself, unconditional acceptance and forgiveness. This is not for thinking by the mind, but is what we will truly realize when we return to the innermost silence.


“Only one”


There’s only one existence…

If we can look deep and deep down on the inside of anything enough, we’ll suddenly see ourselves who are the middle of the infinite universe, and actually feel that all borders between us and all other will disappear and that a flow of time will stop as well.

And of course, we will totally realize what meant that everything outside is projection of our mind, there is no others at all. We will clearly know that there is only the SELF, only consciousness, only the Oneness, and that all is the same.

There’s no individual experience from the beginning at all, and even no moment of the beginning.

We all spirally retun to the Oneness through various phases. In those various phases, we will find out that there is a huge difference between touching the Oneness as an individual experience and living the Oneness itself.

All knowledge can always easily give us a false sense of security.

We are not here on the planet to know anything, or to get knowledge more than anyone else. These only increase false power of our ego. Moreover, there is even no point in what knows something. Likewise, there is no point as well in how right we are or how well we can do something. They all belong to the ego, not the essence at all.

Some say that we are ego itself and that that’s why we must control ourselves and others, and because our ego is terribly selfish. Or some other say that we are emotion itself and that it gives us to feel actual feeling alive. Or some other say that we are this body itself and that that’s why we must be more beautiful or more masculine than anyone else.

But they are unaware that those are based on their illusion that they themselves are imperfect.

These words express that their inherent abilities are still sleeping in them.

The only reason for existence of the ego is in order to undoubtedly realize all aspects of the Oneness through relativity. There’s nothing else. It can never prove that our existence is imperfect because of our selfishness of the ego. That’s not true.

The only way to know how nonsense all those ideas of the mind are is for us to actually connect with the innermost universe by ourselves.

No one is ever able to realize the truth of our existence without it. 🙏✨💗




After being traumatized, it has a tremendous impact on us for a long time. Our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual connections break and fall apart.

Moreover, because the emotional function becomes dull, we are able to react only extreme, and even the mental growth can be restricted. Sometimes We uncontrollably leave our body behind by some kind of triggers or also lose sight of spiritual faith…

However, it unquestionably gives us such a hard time, but adversely, because of the difficulty, we can also re-connect to the innermost silence, regain all our connections, and re-construct ourselves.


When we who are traumatized, close our heart, it’s not that we don’t want to talk about it, rather it’s just that we’re overwhelmed by that impact and don’t know what to do. We just need someone to be with silently and never force us to face with it. We just need some time to regain our strength to go beyond it and will be able to face with it after our strength arises from within spontaneously.


When we who are traumatized, talk about how it was, it doesn’t mean that it’s because we need other’s attention, but it’s just that we are in the process of accepting and letting go of the past experience by translating it into a language, so please believe in our strength to go beyond it.


After all, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual re-connections, or going not only beyond the trauma but transcending the dual world have nothing to do with what has happened in our lives.

And remember no matter what has happened to us, how we react now, we all are always living in some process.🙏✨💗




We all hear voices from within, like, “You shouldn’t do this,” or “This is what happened because you did that.”

That’s the voice of mind that comes from memories and illusions of the past that have not been hurt by being right, and have even been praised.

They actually keep us away from our true nature and making difficult for us as we are, while they also keep us away from being hurt or failed by constantly staying in the known, and even give us a false sense of security.

Even though it actually makes us keeping away from the joy of life or true love to far exceed our imagination.

Eventually, with its difficulty in life and the hunger for being ourselves, we begin to search for another voice.

In fact, another voice is the innermost silence. It’s often given us as a form of clear images, a flash of inspiration, or a solution to our problem while our minds are totally quiet.

Sometimes, the innermost silence probably leads us to what the Mind calls failure within the dual world, but we will never taste the joy of life or our true nature without such a failure.

In fact, the greatest mission of failure and difficulties is to open our hearts and lead us to our true nature.

“Look, I told you before.” our voice of the mind says. Moreover, we may also often see them through other’s similar words and actions. But it is up to us to regard them as true. If we consider it to be true, it’s not because of what others say or do, but because of our own choices.

Then we have to ask ourselves sincerely “Don’t I want to taste the true joy of life?”.

Before asking, we all know the answer, yes.

What we need is a connection to the innermost silence. The voice of our minds that keeps us staying in the known and the words and actions of others are the same as the floating clouds in the sky. That’s the illusions and just appears and disappears.

There is even no need to fight to negate them. On the contrary, the more we fight, the more powerful they will become. Just observe and let them disappear naturally.

Our inherent strength is that true power spontaneously springs from within.

Don’t let the nonsense ideas of fighting to win and of weak will overwhelm you. No one can taste the true joy of life and true love by such nonsenses.

We are the life itself. Life must have some failures and some successes in the world of the mind. But remember that our true nature transcends far and away from the dual world.

So, let resonate with the rhythm of the universe. 💗🙏✨


“Family, partners, and emotionally closest people”


They influence the biggest on us emotionally. At the same time, viewed from another angle, it means that they give the greatest opportunity for us to transcend our own illusions about relationship.

If we can transcend the illusions that each of us has created, it means that we have fulfilled our implied promise, that is our promise we spiritually made, to go to the next phase through our relationships.

But that doesn’t mean, “Let’s transcend this challenge together.”

For us, to transcend the illusion that the mind creates always means each spiritual theme of each mind, and it means that we cannot force others to face the same challenge together. If you would like to force others, that means there’s another challenge for you.

Thus, while facing ourselves through the relationship is a lonely challenge at the level of mind or ego, it is also a collaboration with people at the spiritual level, and that is invisible, but actually the greatest mission that relationships have.🙏💗✨




Most people are not good at going deep into the innermost of themselves. And when we run into a problem, we often look at things planarly (without changing our own perspective), search a solution and try to solve them. Any solution by its perspective still remains in the same planar, even either table or back, or beyond, and almost always creates some new problem transcend its planar, even if, for example, some solution appears to have been found.

This planar world exists within the limits of a dual world of mind. Most of us live and die only in it. We keep thinking about what is wrong and who is wrong, taking great care not to fall into that “wrongness” and also unconsciously keep tormenting ourselves.

But don’t we really feel any sense of incongruity there? No?

We were not born to adjust ourselves to suit our society and our values and to be good people. Nevertheless, why we tend to take a great care not to fall into the wrongness is that we are accepted from others almost only when being good.

Such as when we are different from social values, we are left out, criticized, or admonished by people who are in fear.

And if we would put ourselves in those values because of our own fear, it means that we muffle ourselves up as we are.

However, through this experience of fear, it’s also a fact that we can reach true love where transcends fear, not the opposite of fear.

Everything that is necessary for that is in us.

It is our innermost complete silence that only can free us from the illusions of our minds.

What rescues us from our own drama is definitely not an ego that is planarly tossed about in our emotions but our innermost silence.

That’s what leads each of us to the transcendence of the dual world of mind.

It may sometimes be very painful to go deep into the innermost ourselves. That is the first big pass that we have to surpass. In such a case, we just take a rest for a while. We just need our own energy which arise spontaneously to try again and surpass that.

When we can not surpass it no matter how many times we try, we may feel helpless or sometimes feel as if we cannot get over it and may want to give up.

In such a case, remember that all the answers are within us, and that the most important is to connect to our innermost silence.

And try again and agin.

It’s more essential to connect with our innermost silence or at least to try to connect, than whether we can surpass that pass.

To feel sense of dynamic life for anyone needs to act by ourselves.

All is always within us. 🙏💗✨


“About oneness and wholeness”


This seemingly chaotic world is actually, within a visible way, where we are separated from the oneness (we are never actually separated), and experience various things with total freedom.

In fact, the world exists as the dual world and the non-dual world simultaneously, and between them, there’s also a various dimension. In other words, the chaos and the cosmos exist here at the same moment.

What to experience from there depends on our awareness. Even if we encounter the same event, we have a different experience. Even if we read the same book, it depends on each to be able to read what from there. That’s a evidence of freedom and we live that total freedom. And that is the state of wholeness, and the oneness can only be touched from that innermost.

So it means that it cannot happen that our consciousness come to at the same time at the same expanse of awareness at the same dimension.

If that happened the case, it would mean that we would loose the total freedom, that the SELF, God itself would disappear, and that nothing would exist.

As long as we are the freedom itself and God itself, it can never happen a world in which sorrow and suffering or whatever negativity disappear from everyone’s lives as some people say. It means that no one can deprive anyone of the opportunity to experience anything here.

Because for the wholeness and the oneness, there’s nothing to grieve at all.

It never means that someone should experience suffering for any relative experience of others, but we can experience anything if we want.

What do you really, really want to experience?

Ask yourself as many times as you like.

The more ask ourselves seriously and surrender our own ego, the deeper we will be led to the profound.

And it will lead us to the oneness and the wholeness, which is called the heaven.🙏💗✨


“Beyond mystical experiences”


At first, you may think as if the mystical experience is a lower volume of the upper and lower volumes. It’s a kind of world we can’t understand until we finish reading the upper volume.

However, the universe actually continue infinitely. There may be part1, part2, part3, etc, and with the upper, the middle and the lower volumes, respectively.

If you live in resonance with natural rhythm of the universe, you will visibly see one day that everyone, including yourself, is God itself right now. You will know that God isn’t someone who is a saint or as if always acts correctly, but everyone who is as human beings. We are not even only inherently God, are always God itself here, no matter how we act or how we treat others. You also see that the heaven has always been with you inseparably.

You also see that there is no one whom you should help, or no one whom you need to make understand.

Within this truth, we all here influence each other, and continue to co-create ‘now’ here on the planet.

And you become one day that even mystical experiences or spiritual enlightenment no longer have meaning. There is only Gods here who live in this moment, and only the universe that expands infinitely. This planet is the star where gods play everything.

So don’t keep running away from your own pain, face it, accept it, free from it. Go through your suffering straightly. Otherwise, we will never be able to see the beauty of the world of non-duality or to touch GOD who is real you.

Your pain may be unbearable and sometimes there may be time as if you want to stop being alive. But it can lead you far further than you can imagine now if you could surrender and entrust you to the universe.

And don’t forget that it’s necessary first to get rest to fill your own energy again if you feel like it’s too hard to bear.

We don’t need to worry about losing time at all because our true nature exists timelessly. 🙏💗✨


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