5/Apr/’17 #livehealingly ‪#Quote #livenow ‬

Your body will die sometime definitely.

So what would you do right now?

Live happy consciously or continue blaming someone or something without consciousness?

1st/Mar/’17 #livehealingly #enlightenment #quote ‪#SpiritualJourney ‬#love 

However you reacted to something, your essence is love that is connected to the infinite universe. 

However you see someone is not love, that person is love as well.

If we consider this, only love itself is left.

Why we have an ego is, by internal relativity, that we experience it that is not our-true-selves. 

10/Feb/’17 #livehealingly ‪#SPIRITUAL #Enlightenment ‬

Everything you think reality is illusion.

That’s an indispensable mechanism that you have, to arrive at essence through your experience.

You were born to experience divine-self on the earth beyond your reality.

You can free yourself.

You will shed tears for being impressed and can not help laughing blissfully while you experience the wholeness and oneness which is absolutely dynamic experience. 

5/Feb/’17 #livehealingly ‪#Spirituality ‬

Don’t fight. You’re fighting against your own illusions that you’ve created.

Don’t become obsessed. You’re obsessed with only way, to deceive oneself as if you know genuine knowledge even without your own experiences.

Choose your own precious experience, not someone’s knowledge. 

27/Dec/’16 #livehealingly ‪#Enlightened ‪#Ascension #Spirituality ‬#quoteoftheday ‬


I am not my body.

I am not my thoughts.

I am not my feelings.

I am not also my ego.

I am all…

I am greater, deeper and wider existence than you think.

I am beauty of the infinite soul, universe or love.

…”I” shall be replaced with “You”.

1st/Dec/’16 ‪#livehealingly #PURPOSE #spiritualgrowth #QuotesForLife #mindfulness ‬

You can not ever have waste of your experience of life. Some people say it’s waste when you live in your past or you are lazy. But you only can live life of yourself, not theirs. 

On the other hand, it is demanded that we taste each experiences more deeply and fully. Some people might have to face their own wounds of past and others might have to concentrate on themselves. 

All begins from there. Your growth or change begin from there. Your future you create can begin only from your own experiences. 

Why were you born? 

Why are you living? 

Where do you go to? 

Answers are in your inside. 

29/Nov/’16 ‪#livehealingly #Alchemy2016 #mindfulness #QuotesForLife #quoteoftheday ‬

When you feel alone even if your friends are around you, you need to be isolated physically and to find your true self at your deep inside which connects with the infinite universe. 

Everyone has such a time. And even if you have found your true self, you can lose that sense easily whenever you forget to access it and are distracted by visible busyness. 

The sense of your true self needs communication with you who are physical all the time.

We are not only physical existences, also emotional and spiritual. This spiritual aspect is invisible and often becomes something we refuse from fear. 

So which would you choose today?

Fear or love. 

Mind or heart. 

Which is nearer to your true self?

Do you want to be the one who can never be lonely with the infinite love itself? 

Or only the visible richness?

Though you are the light of love?