“Transcend state of being critical of others, move toward authentic wisdom.”

“Transcend state of being critical of others, move toward authentic wisdom.”

Criticism is one of the most favorite of the ego.

It’s just a one-sided reference, such as “I can do better than you,” or “You’re in a ×× position, so be more firm,” or “I can see things better than anyone and am right.”

In this flat world view of the ego, only alternative values in a particular world view, such as who is right and what is appropriate, are applied, and the rest are denied.

However, if we think this is not a good thing and try to see things from a broader perspective, it means that we control ourselves. And we cannot leave the dual world of “this is good, or not good.”

However, our true nature is not the ego or the mind, but the Consciousness of observing everything, the Self that contains everything that exists far beyond the dual world, whether we are aware of it or not.

And it is only when we put ourselves into this perspective of the Consciousness itself (transcending the ego) that any of us can reach the authentic wisdom far beyond the world of mind, and simultaneously, can see the profoundness of everything, which is incomparable to the flat world of the ego. By it, we spontaneously come to change our words and behaviors irreversibly. That is called spiritual awakening, the awakening of existence. These changes are spontaneous and do not come from any efforts or willpower.

So, it’s not about the dual world, such as “criticism is not good, so don’t,” or “we should act as a more mature adult,” but it’s about spontaneously irreversible changes occurring from within when we touch the innermost silence.

And in order to get there, we all go through the state of being critical more or less.

In the process, when we pay attention to the sense of subtle incongruity that we feel inside, no matter how right we are in the level of the ego, do we spontaneously move in a direction that transcends the dual world. The essence of paying attention is concentration, which is to touch the innermost silence.

In this innermost silence observe all of these things, when and how the ego behaves, on what grounds it claims its own legitimacy, and how it continues to look away from itself under the cover of correctness.

It doesn’t matter what we’re doing right now or what we have done until now.

Find out what is we truly need to do by the authentic wisdom which can be reached through the innermost silence. Experience that the authentic wisdom is far more profound than trying to be a good person and is available through us whenever we are in the innermost silence. 🙏✨🌈


Author: absolute_spirit_with_you

Motivational speaker, Spiritual messenger, Philosopher. The truth I found is that it's only me to accept. I, not I, am the only one who exists in the infinite universe. It's only now and here.

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