To spiritual awakening from the dual world of illusionary mind has a large invisible barrier that we must first transcend, and by transcending it allows us to spontaneously discover or recall our true nature.

What is needed most at that time is simple, pure and spontaneous questions that arise from within us.

Along with that simple, pure and spontaneous question, and the longing to reach the answer definitely lead us to the answer. The spontaneity is such a powerful tool.

Neither the words of some great person (we don’t have to understand anything if we follow someone who is greater than us), nor the self-deprecation of however hard we try we cannot reach out any significance by ourselves (we don’t see the value of our own existence) can straightly lead us, but our own simple, pure and spontaneous questions, and the longings can unmistakably lead us to a state of being where to transcend the mind.

For instance, if we want to get away from the pain of living, or we think as if we can get happiness as a result of our efforts, and we are trying hard, we will have to quit first that doingness and such fixed ideas.

Awakening to the truth is neither something we can get as a result of effort as Mind thinks, nor something by giving something up in exchange. That’s completely misunderstood the law of cause and effect.

None of happiness nor peace nor love nor heaven we seek have never left us, and will ever leave us so far from now on.

On the contrary, if we truly realize the value of the innermost silence, and are fully within its calmness, we will spontaneously find the profound truth that we have always been being itself as happiness, peace, love, and heaven, and that we have never been anything else.

In this way, the spontaneity is arose from our innermost longings, and anything else emanating from ego desires, greed, and envy give us opportunities to sharpen our sense that became dull as a lesson in the process.

Therefore, if you haven’t found the innermost silence yet, and you’re in a state of impatience and anxiety, learn to settle down first rather you’re swept away by emotions.

Or if you have found the innermost silence, but you find it hard to settle down there, and often find yourself being swept away by intensive emotions, continue to observe yourself without any judgement, and to concentrate on acceptance of yourself as you are.

Or if you have found the innermost silence, and touched upon its profoundness, do not be arrogant as if you had arrived somewhere, but continue to turn your consciousness to the more profound as there’s no end in the universe at all.

By paying attention where we need to pay most attention, a space is naturally created within us, and spontaneity are naturally arose from its space.

No matter where we are now, do not forget that what we can do now and what happens to us are always the best for us, and continue to change our viewpoint of everything one by one.

Authentically the important is to love who you are right now. It’s about lovingly enjoying who you are and cherishing the present moment. At that time, we are preparing for space inside to naturally spring spontaneity without noticing it.

Spontaneity is something that springs up naturally when our inner self is in order.

We don’t have to be spontaneous, nor have to be like someone. Trying to be or trying to get is only antithesis, and the more we try, the more we only imprint on our Subconsciousness that we are not it. 🙏✨🌈


Author: absolute_spirit_with_you

Motivational speaker, Spiritual messenger, Philosopher. The truth I found is that it's only me to accept. I, not I, am the only one who exists in the infinite universe. It's only now and here.

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