“Two ways to sharpen our inherent senses”


1). Continue to pose questions toward the innermost ourselves.

Have you ever dug deep enough into yourself?

In order to break out of the trickiness and the shallowness of our own mind, we use the method of posing questions toward the innermost ourselves. The significance is to continue questions again and again, not thinking with our head or not trying to answer it by the mind, until we can clearly recognize that the answer is authentic and that it comes from the innermost.

The question toward own behaviors starts with like “Why?” and every time we get an answer, we continue questions even deeper “Why is it?” or “Where does it come from?” Continue until our concentration begins to break off. And if concentration breaks off, then we finish it once there. After a reasonable time to get refreshed, we will begin with the continuance again.

The more sincere we pose questions toward the innermost, the deeper we are gradually led to the profoundness of the very existence itself.

Our inherent sense is rusted if it isn’t regularly used. So, for instance, by not being able to get an answer immediately, do not treat ourselves as if we were foolish or were not enough and do not stop it, continue to pose questions over again and wait quietly for the answer to appear spontaneously. Because it’s the inherent sense of everyone, so if we repeat it over and over again, the rust will be inevitably removed and the sense itself comes in sharper naturally.

2). Listen to our sense of incongruity.

Even if it’s a subtle it’s the most significant to listen carefully to our sense of incongruity which is whispered to our heart than to obey any outer rules blindly.

But if that sense of incongruity is toward any behaviors of others who is separated from ourselves, it undoubtedly misleads us to various judgment of the mind. It can lead us neither to the innermost nor to our true nature.

When we notice such movement of the ego, turn our attention to breathing, movement of particular muscles, or something like that, and return our consciousness to ourselves and the present.

Then we continue to listen carefully again to the subtle incongruity we feel until clearly realizing what it is.


In this way, we sharpen our own inherent senses, and by continuing to use them, we truly come to realize what it’s like to open our hearts and to spontaneously pay honor to our life.


In fact, there’s is nothing within any visible sight.

What’s beautiful about something means that our heart feels the beauty of its very existence, not because it matches our values.

Our heart purely feels pleasure to live, is deeply impressed by dynamics of a life, or moves to tears in any beautifulness. None of these things can move our heart only by its visibility.

It’s just that there’s always the opened heart first to be profoundly impressed.

Everything begins from within.🙏✨🌈


Author: absolute_spirit_with_you

Motivational speaker, Spiritual messenger, Philosopher. The truth I found is that it's only me to accept. I, not I, am the only one who exists in the infinite universe. It's only now and here.

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