“There is nothing to be afraid of.”


Whatever you did in the past, whatever you now react to, your true nature is always love itself. No matter how crazy your ego drives superficial you, it’s just an opportunity to free yourself into the profound oneness by your surrender.

Your true nature is nothing but love, the universe, existence of the oneness.

That truth will never change.

Many people fight others as if there is evil outside them, or fight with themselves to be better about themselves.

But these struggles will never come to a true end, for everything that is considered evil is in us. Such fights come to the end for the first time when we accept the truth as it is.

All experiences are purely internal, and there is no need to worry anything, such as when the truth will be accepted as it is.

On the other hand, some people find it difficult to accept the truth as it is because of the pain of the past (shame, sadness, fear, etc.). It is a natural self-defense and subconsciously keeps themselves sleeping because of only safety.

First of all, it may be important to find a safe place and people for such people.

In that sense of security, we will find the spontaneous courage to hear the voice of our subconscious, and that courage will lead us to the next level naturally.

There is always only the ultimate love in front of us, as is our true nature, and nothing else…🙏💗✨


Author: absolute_spirit_with_you

Motivational speaker, Spiritual messenger, Philosopher. The truth I found is that it's only me to accept. I, not I, am the only one who exists in the infinite universe. It's only now and here.

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