Some people say that everyone is lonely.

Is it true?

Those also say that they seek others because they are lonely, but that means “I need someone to fill my loneliness,” which is completely different meaning from “I love someone as a person.”

It’s not that we’re half human beings and that we can’t complete as one person unless we find the other half. We’re not like 1/2+1/2=1.

Each of us is perfect inherently, and that’s why we can touch the invisible depth of love more deeply through loving oneself or others and grow up spiritually. Actually, we are not even 1+1=2, but can become 100, or even more.

We don’t even have to be a kind of a couple to realize the depth of the true love. Whether it’s a couple or not, neither the sex nor the race nor the country where we’re born or raised has nothing to do with it entirely.

First of all, we have to stop seeking someone to fill our own needs and keep asking ourselves where the loneliness comes from, not to think, but to observe as we are.

And we also have to stop self-deception gradually in order to taste the real sense of the oneness, not verbally, and to realize profoundly that loneliness is nothing more than an illusion in mind.

Have you ever transcended “I” or “Me” and found the SELF yet who has nothing to do with loneliness in the mind?

If you have not, or it’s unstable, or whoever, keep searching to the innermost, and keep observing yourself carefully.

Because it’s infinite as our true nature is inherently freedom.

Find out if there’s really a blank inside you or if your true self is really lonely. Find out if what you strictly believe is true by yourself.

We’re Tyltyl and Mytyl from “The Blue Bird” of Maurice Maeterlinck.

We all have to find the blue bird in the innermost by our own selves. In this sense, all of us are the same travelers on the spiritual journey…🙏✨💗


“Spirituality, the most important inseparable aspect of life.”


What we must transcend is not the opinions of people, or the environment we were born and raised, or our own weak points, or whatever, but our own limited awareness, which keeps us away from living our true nature. It keeps creating every single duality, like happiness and unhappiness, abundance and miserableness, and dramas that bring us self-pity or a sense of superiority or whatsoever.

Have you ever noticed what your innermost really wants?
Have you ever noticed that it’s never something material, is nor someone who fulfill your deficiencies?

Have you ever thoroughly investigated your values?

Have you ever asked yourself where that come from, why you keep it for such a long time, or how it protects you and from what?

And why are you so sure that you’re vulnerable?

Have you gotten used to observing yourself yet without any judgment?

You are the only one in your world who can break the prison chain of your mind, open yourself to the infinite unknown, and experience your true nature to taste the perfectness of this universe.

This is invisible, but the most important, inseparable spiritual aspect of life for everyone. 🙏💗✨


“Expression and perception”


Words are not meant to make anyone understand themselves. No one originally does have such need and does nor exist for that reason.

In fact, no one can ever make all people understand through one’s words. Because we live at the different phases in this moment.

Even if we can verbalize everything we perceive by the wholeness of consciousness, when others try to perceive them without their wholeness of consciousness, it will surely become different contents.

We just express something we perceive on our phase in our own way, and in the same way, we tend to perceive everything within our phase if we are unaware of our own unknownness.

All is just one of expression of wholeness and our experience is just manifested what we perceive now from what we face. And no one can ever touch the wholeness unless we perceive it with the innermost.

Remember that everything we need is always inside. 🙏💗✨


“Mutual collaborators”


We always need each other. Our existence is always mutual collaborative.

For instance, suppose that there are a bad person and a good person, it does not mean that there is evil to punish there or there is contrarily an ideal state there as a person ought to be.

It’s only that there is always a world that is projected the ideas of each other. And that is, each of the ideas are created just to transcend them or for spiritual awakening, by our own selves.

There’s nothing and nothing happens actually.

We keep creating the world that is projected our own ideas for ourselves only without rest unconsciously. It’s never for anyone else.

And what’s just being you as you are, genuinely useful for others. That’s more powerful than intentional.

In that sense, we are always mutual collaborators.

It’s regardless of what we did or how much we did.🙏✨💗




You who misunderstand about yourself as mind, ego or body is yourself may have times to be shaken by happenings outside, but your true nature where is your innermost is never shaken at all whatever happens outside.

You’ve ever noticed your true nature, who only observes without judging it whatever happens outside.

Find your own way to keep connecting with that.

Keep listening to that slight voice.

It will surely fulfill you from the innermost like no one else can. 🙏✨💗


“Not about doing, about being.”


We don’t approach God because we do good things or be a good person, but because our true nature are naturally appeared by connecting with the innermost.


“Be kind to others” does not recommend the very act of being kind.

If we try to be kind to others, we need to be truly kind to ourselves – because everything on the outside is our inner projection -, and to be truly kind to ourselves, we need to connect with the innermost where transcend all judgments and it will make us naturally become selflessness.

And that means that we naturally become kind to others.

So, most important of the message with “Be kind to others” is to connect with the innermost, to our true nature.🙏💗✨




To both the outside or the inside world, we have no dreams to achieve, nor worthiness to prove, nor spiritual awakening to reach.

We are not doers, but pure observers who don’t need any judgement of good or bad.

Our true nature transcend any comparison to exist. In the meaning, freedom is purely inherent to us. Comparisons are all illusions in our mind, just deceptions for ego.

Although many people lose sight of the way in the illusions, but we all are able to taste relative world of non-dual world because of it and that’s why all is precious and worthy.


We have no past nor future, only right now. So, naturally, none of us has karma, we just have patterns to react that we have habitually acquired at the unconscious level of our mind. Those are easily released when we faced the truth and accepted them fully as they are.

Ultimately, experience is only for tasting that there is no individual being, nor experience, and for realizing that all is illusions at all.

Our inmost stillness or nothingness is Suchness.



To grasp and touch on the nature of anything.


Don’t try to understand with your head what others say. Because if it was unknown for you, then your understanding would become only a gathering of what you already know or only an imagination. Every time we try to understand with our head something unknown, we cannot transcend the world we already know.

In other words, we can only understand what people say as we have already realized.

Therefore there is always something unknown in this world for us though, and if we hope to know what it is, first of all, we must release our own selves from a cage we unconsciously live in, the world we think we already know.

Otherwise, we will never be able to grasp and touch on the nature of anything.🙏💗✨


“Being alone”


Don’t be afraid of being alone. Because being alone is not loneliness at all and furthermore it can easily lead us to true light of consciousness and be a way to realize that we are the oneness itself which is never separated from us.

Conversely, children, job, partner, or whatever outside of us can be easily obstacles to realize our true nature. Viewed from another angle, we even unconsciously use them to run away from the truth for the cause of fear of illusions that mind creates.

Instead of seeking outside about the love that the mind dreams of (which can never fulfill you totally), you find the true love inside by being alone.

And only when you find the true love inside, it remains unshakable and it will lead you to the freedom and fulfill you completely.🙏💗✨


“There is nothing to be afraid of.”


Whatever you did in the past, whatever you now react to, your true nature is always love itself. No matter how crazy your ego drives superficial you, it’s just an opportunity to free yourself into the profound oneness by your surrender.

Your true nature is nothing but love, the universe, existence of the oneness.

That truth will never change.

Many people fight others as if there is evil outside them, or fight with themselves to be better about themselves.

But these struggles will never come to a true end, for everything that is considered evil is in us. Such fights come to the end for the first time when we accept the truth as it is.

All experiences are purely internal, and there is no need to worry anything, such as when the truth will be accepted as it is.

On the other hand, some people find it difficult to accept the truth as it is because of the pain of the past (shame, sadness, fear, etc.). It is a natural self-defense and subconsciously keeps themselves sleeping because of only safety.

First of all, it may be important to find a safe place and people for such people.

In that sense of security, we will find the spontaneous courage to hear the voice of our subconscious, and that courage will lead us to the next level naturally.

There is always only the ultimate love in front of us, as is our true nature, and nothing else…🙏💗✨


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