“A good person”


Trying to be a good person will never make you a good person. In other words, it means the same as declaration that you are not a good person. It’s because you believe that you are not a good person subconsciously and that’s why you are trying to be a good person. In that way, that definition that you are not a good person makes you imprinted into your subconscious moreover deeply again.

That’s a powerful self-suggestion.

While you find evidence of yourself being a good person, your ego is satisfied, but once you find evidence of yourself not being a good person, you will be driven to the brink of despair or continue to pretend not to notice to avoid it unconsciously.

It’s called a drama.

Unfortunately, in that way, you will continue noticing against your will that you are not a good person.

We have to admit that a relative opposite evil person is necessary for a good person to exist, that there is always a limit there, in an alternative view of the world which is a dual world.

We all have a fundamental necessary that we have to transcend such an alternative view of the world, the dual world. Otherwise, we will never find the true peace inside.

In fact, our true nature, the SELF, exists far beyond good or evil.

That’s the truth.

And when we stopped all efforts of trying to be beyond good and evil, or anything like that, by surrender, we will find it inside ourselves blissfully.




We say believing in oneself is called confidence in oneself, but what does it mean to believe in oneself?

In many cases, it stays at the ego level. So we have to fight all the time to continue to believe in ourselves. We always compare ourselves with someone else as well and keep our minds focusing on trying to be outstanding.

There is actually no true confidence within such a superficial level of consciousness. The true confidence is something that spontaneously overflows beyond the ego. There’s nothing to compare, nothing to fight, there’s only deep and tranquil confidence there.

Do not forget that we are observers and observed simultaneously.
Though our minds always focus on who is right and what is best, it’s just in the level of ego, in the illusions, and we are not the ego nor the mind actually.

And yet, the most important thing here is that no one can step aside the suffering until we realize deeply that we don’t want it anymore.

That’s why we should taste our own experiences fully. And keep forgiving the ego that we can’t help but fight, and the mind that only compares.

Then one day we’ll realize deeply that we don’t need it anymore.

In that way, the day when we transcend a part of ego comes spontaneously.

And we will find the true confidence within. We will realize as well that we’ve been always the true confidence itself.🙏💗✨


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