Don’t suppress any feelings. Because feelings are tools to know where your state is now.

Such as, most addiction has both physical dependence and mental dependence and addicts don’t know enough how to deal with their emotions properly, and lose their spiritual connection with their true essence. Therefore, they totally lose themselves.

I mean that some of addictions are not currently recognized as addiction yet and some also applies to everyone.

In such inside experiences, by knowing the essence of emotional experiences experientially, also leads to relatively knowing your true essence, pure love.

Therefore, by acquiring spiritual knowledge, what we regard emotions as bad part of ourselves and suppress them will conversely push away the opportunity to know the true essence.

Besides, no one will succeed even if you try to suppress or conquer emotions. They are just feelings.

What we can do is to recognize and accept the emotions fully we feel now. And be observers who don’t identify emotion with ourselves, and simply observe them as tools.

And most importantly, there is no need to rush to be anyone in life. Because our life is all now, and now is always the best.
Always remember that the present, which we forget so easily, is neither the past nor the future, but only this moment…

absolute_spirit 🙏💗✨

“The truth”


There is something I cannot make you understand no matter how much I try to explain.

If you do not experience the ultimate mysterious experience your own, there is nothing for anyone to be able to truly realize it.

That’s the ultimate love and your true self.

You are the one in your world who has opportunities to experience it. And remember that it’s never knowledge but experience. So even if how much you wear knowledge, you will never know the truth. Actually, the knowledge disturbs, on the contrary, to realize the truth.

So go for your own experience, and no interpretation.

It’s not in your mind or thought, but in front of you, in your experience or in your spirit…

absolute_spirit 🙏💗✨

“Live in the present moment”


Even if you got sick, you can stay calm. The body is not you, and the disease cannot be you. There is no point to live the story of a pitiful victim who had to suffer a disease unnecessarily as a consciousness to observe everything. Of course, even if it doesn’t mean it’s bad to experience as a victim, but we should stop identifying ourselves with our body. The real you is not a form of body.

And non of us become someone special because one experiences mysterious experiences or one got the truth, but for us, all experiences are the opportunity to live in the moment of the present.

In the “now” moment, there is only an experience but neither conditions nor misinterpretations attached on it.

Everything is in the present, not in the past nor in the future, and this moment is an opportunity to experience the deep joy of a peaceful and lively life.

It’s just now for you.

absolute_spirit 🙏✨🌌

“It’s your life.”


When you experience an event called mishap generally, it’s a great opportunity to experience to accept it as it is without resistance to reality and without any judgment at all.

If you accept events as it is without misinterpretation that is based on the past experiences, the problem will just become an opportunity to live the moment.

Remember that we always have only now.

It’s your life.
It’s your choice.
It’s your decision.
There is no failure.
Whatever you take, you can never mistake. You’re always the best in perfection.

Whatever you are, each of consciousness is working together to create this universe at the deepest dimension right now, even unconscious state.

Ultimately, we are just one consciousness.

The mistake cannot be possible there.

No matter how much your mind whispers that it is not okay, everything is fine actually.

But it’s up to you, of course, what you believe.

Do you want to worry about the past that already passed and live in fear of the future?

Or just live in the moment?

It’s your life.

Everything is in your hands always.

absolute_spirit 🙏✨💗



Do you realize that this world is functioning perfectly just now?

This world is always perfect.

The perfection does not exist in the duality of mind.

One of the perfect functions is subconsciousness. Subconsciousness is part of the consciousness that creates your universe.

For example, until you fully accept the fact that it’s simply misinterpretation of your mind, your subconsciousness continues to attract something that you deviate from your essence and that you unconsciously cling to.

If your belief is that something is wrong, you’ll keep attracting people who do that wrong thing to your life until you give up its belief.

Such, your subconsciousness continues to attract them precisely and it is always perfectly functional.

In this respect alone, I feel awe and deeply moved by the perfection of this universe. Even more, I feel absolute beauty here.

What on earth would you lament before this perfection?

Therefore, we are able to be in peace simply by accepting everything that happens to us as our own subconsciousness chose.


“Find inside.”


What I tell is no different from what we’ve been told since ancient times. There’s nothing new. It’s just that the words and expressions used are a little different…


Everyone understands everything at one’s own level of consciousness, so even if everything is here now, it will be recognized as something that does not exist or is wrong depending on the level of consciousness.

But truth is that everything is here now. Right here, just inside oneself. Therefore, to realize something beyond the world we have ever known, we have to accept our own ignorance and be open to the unknown.

Otherwise, we can increase only our knowledge, but no one can never really understand the truth.

Truth is not something that needs to be increased, but something that can be recognized by throwing away unnecessary things, and is not something that someone can teach you, but something that you find inside yourself.

So, quiet your mind, and just be yourself to keep observing your feelings and minds without reacting to anything internally and externally. And keep doing that all along.

absolute_spirit 🙏💗🌌

“It is you of now.”


Ultimately, everyone is always God.

It’s not one becomes God because one realized true self, but everyone is always God no matter what one is doing superficially or how one is being internally.

Therefore, completely let go of the ideas which are definitely illusions like “If you can abandon your ego cleanly, you can become a real.” or like “If you get enlightenment, you can become somebody.”

No matter what state is in you, you’re nothing but God all the time.

You are light that illuminates the world and are the universe itself.

Even if you’re not aware of it now…


“Just live it.”


The less you know about your true self, the more you identify yourself with the title, achievement, experience, etc. But not knowing yourself means that you are not aware of your illusions of mind totally, and that is, you are only deepening illusions more.

It creates obsession, increases sense of ego-self, and increases suffering more and more.

Then, one day, you come to a dead end where you can’t get anywhere.

In spiritual way, all of this is actually a blessing. Because no matter how your ego-self resists, it forces you to change the direction of way of life.

Therefore, tragedies do not actually exist anywhere.

All things are created by God who is your true self far beyond the ego to awaken you spiritually.

It can say that this is a kind of play of realization of oneself through experiences of the universal consciousness.

You’re not body, you’re not experience, you’re not emotion, you’re not thinking, you’re not mind, you’re not achievement, you’re not title, you’re nothing you’ve ever owned.

You are the consciousness of perceiving and observing everything. You are the awareness itself.

Realize the greatness of consciousness. There is no space for ego to realize that. Realization vanishes ego-self and opens your heart to the oneness naturally.

You are fire, you are wind, you are water, you are earth, you are flowers, you are sky, you are darkness, you are light, and you are everything in between.

So just live it. Don’t try to be it, just live it as your true self.


“The only creator”


You create everything you are about to experience. You are the only creator of your reality.

Even if you read something, you are not actually able to read what someone wrote. In fact, whether you are aware of it or not, we can only listen the voice of our mind or the deeper voice of our essence.

So don’t ask anyone if it is correct after you read what someone wrote or listen someone’s voice. Because there is only yourself who absolutely exists in your reality.

It’s not something anyone can give you. That’s exactly what you find inside yourself.

Therefore, each of us needs silence in order to free from own illusions and to live alignment with the deepest essence, and needs to clarify one’s true voice through one’s own experience of reading something or listening to others.

Again, remember that you are always the only creator of your reality and there is only oneself who absolutely exists.

This universe is experiencing various experiences through consciousness of you. And if each of us lives alignment with one’s own essence above all, there will be full of unconditional love in this universe.

At least if you live alignment with your essence, you will deeply experience this universe full of unconditional love. Because you are the unconditional love and the universe itself.


“Treat gently enough.”


There is no peace as an extension of eliminating or correcting evil of the inside and the outside. Of course it’s the same to complain. There will only arise more conflicts.

True peace comes only by letting go of the idea of eliminating the evil and by ending one’s own inner struggle.

Everything is definitely connected in consciousness, and everyone one encounters is undoubtedly oneself.

Therefore, the more you accept yourself as you are, the more opportunities you naturally have to feel oneness for everything.

So love yourself that you think is not you, and if you can’t love that part of you, forgive yourself as you are.

Treat gently enough to yourself.