“Surrender our obsession with willpower.”


As we begin to listen to the innermost silence, we realize how noisy the world before us is.

So we spontaneously start to distance ourselves from the noisy world.

For instance, advertising appeals to the our ego’s perception that we’re lacking, and continues to give us the illusion that it can be a good solution if we get it. It can be also possible for brainwashing. And most of us are devoted to only consuming without making sure clearly whether we truly need and knowing what will bring by its actions.

If we can’t connect enough with the innermost silence, we all are easily tossed about by the fear our ego has, so no one can stop consumption even if we know it with our minds even by willpower. The effects of the fear our ego has is so powerful for everyone as much as that.

And that’s why everyone needs to be connected to the innermost silence.

By connecting to the innermost silence, we can gain a steady belief far beyond the ego of the individual, it comes easy for everyone to listen to the original heart longings.

Otherwise, we will undoubtedly keep us the same fighting our ego endlessly.

Are you listening to the innermost silence now? Keep listening tirelessly for your own.

Only the innermost silence of our own leads us to the most suitable path in the fastest for the longings of our heart. 🙏🌌✨


Author: absolute_spirit_with_you

Motivational speaker, Spiritual messenger, Philosopher. The truth I found is that it's only me to accept. I, not I, am the only one who exists in the infinite universe. It's only now and here.

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