“Just live it.”


The less you know about your true self, the more you identify yourself with the title, achievement, experience, etc. But not knowing yourself means that you are not aware of your illusions of mind totally, and that is, you are only deepening illusions more.

It creates obsession, increases sense of ego-self, and increases suffering more and more.

Then, one day, you come to a dead end where you can’t get anywhere.

In spiritual way, all of this is actually a blessing. Because no matter how your ego-self resists, it forces you to change the direction of way of life.

Therefore, tragedies do not actually exist anywhere.

All things are created by God who is your true self far beyond the ego to awaken you spiritually.

It can say that this is a kind of play of realization of oneself through experiences of the universal consciousness.

You’re not body, you’re not experience, you’re not emotion, you’re not thinking, you’re not mind, you’re not achievement, you’re not title, you’re nothing you’ve ever owned.

You are the consciousness of perceiving and observing everything. You are the awareness itself.

Realize the greatness of consciousness. There is no space for ego to realize that. Realization vanishes ego-self and opens your heart to the oneness naturally.

You are fire, you are wind, you are water, you are earth, you are flowers, you are sky, you are darkness, you are light, and you are everything in between.

So just live it. Don’t try to be it, just live it as your true self.


“The only creator”


You create everything you are about to experience. You are the only creator of your reality.

Even if you read something, you are not actually able to read what someone wrote. In fact, whether you are aware of it or not, we can only listen the voice of our mind or the deeper voice of our essence.

So don’t ask anyone if it is correct after you read what someone wrote or listen someone’s voice. Because there is only yourself who absolutely exists in your reality.

It’s not something anyone can give you. That’s exactly what you find inside yourself.

Therefore, each of us needs silence in order to free from own illusions and to live alignment with the deepest essence, and needs to clarify one’s true voice through one’s own experience of reading something or listening to others.

Again, remember that you are always the only creator of your reality and there is only oneself who absolutely exists.

This universe is experiencing various experiences through consciousness of you. And if each of us lives alignment with one’s own essence above all, there will be full of unconditional love in this universe.

At least if you live alignment with your essence, you will deeply experience this universe full of unconditional love. Because you are the unconditional love and the universe itself.


“Treat gently enough.”


There is no peace as an extension of eliminating or correcting evil of the inside and the outside. Of course it’s the same to complain. There will only arise more conflicts.

True peace comes only by letting go of the idea of eliminating the evil and by ending one’s own inner struggle.

Everything is definitely connected in consciousness, and everyone one encounters is undoubtedly oneself.

Therefore, the more you accept yourself as you are, the more opportunities you naturally have to feel oneness for everything.

So love yourself that you think is not you, and if you can’t love that part of you, forgive yourself as you are.

Treat gently enough to yourself.




Love is believing.

Believe in other people’s spirits as you believe in your own, (Because we’re one).

No matter how your mind interprets people or situations, leave everything to them to the unknown just as what happens to you is always the best.

That’s unconditional love.

That means you believe in them as gods.

absolute_spirit 🙏💗✨



Spiritual awakening means the liberation of the mind based on a deep understanding that one is no different from anyone else and is an inseparable aspect of the vast universe (consciousness).

We are just as precious as a drop in the sea or a star in the space.

But it’s not about finding oneself more special than anyone else.




Every battle happens due to ignorance of oneself.

For instance, oneness is not a concept or knowledge. But if one got the knowledge of it but one is in ignorance of oneself, then there will happen a battle of righteousness.

In fact, we can often see such battles. It’s like explaining how accurately one understands the concept and how wrong others are.

Unfortunately, the battle can develop into physical violence.

Nevertheless, most people will try to prevent such a development by willpower, but it is common for them to resent and complain about society and others internally. It means there is no peace inside and outside.

Therefore, know oneself and need self-acceptance as one is. The ultimate self as consciousness, and the aspect of ego, one should be equally profound, realized and accepted.

That’s the only way to get rid of conflict, battle in this world.


“Listen deeper and deeper”


The world is full of love.

Even if two masters sound as if they were saying the exact opposite, if you go beyond the interpretation of the word and listen deeper and deeper, you will see that there is no difference.

And there is always the deep silence there.


“Let it be.”


Let it be.
Let it be.

Everything exists at the mercy of God. Everything is as it is.

There is nothing in this world that needs to be changed.

Let it be.

We always need to align only with our essence rather than with the concept of God that mind thinks.

Each of us is a part of nature as great as the forest or wild animals.

So, let it be…




Always get into the habit of self-inquiry.

Please be careful when you can give a clear answer to your self-inquiry, it means that your mind is obviously working.

If you find such a case, please continue to ask yourself more deeply instead of continuing to do ‘doing’.

Because the technique of deceiving oneself with the mind is so clever, and in fact, the spirit, God has no clear motive for its actions.

And it is also important, first of all, to develop a habit of turning yourself openhearted to the world every moment.


“The mind”


When something happens, many people differentiate the criminal as if he or she were a completely different human being from them, and they want to think that they are the only one who won’t do so no matter what happens, but if conditions are met, everyone will definitely make the same choice and act the same way as the criminal does.

That’s what human beings.

The point is whether you can see the same divinity as your true self in any person’s behavior.

If you bring a “special” in it, or don’t see the same divinity in anyone, it’s a big lie against God who is your true self.

Be careful of the mind that wants to think you’re different or that identifies yourself with it.

Always have the deep compassion and live with God.