“You are God itself.”


Most people explain how terrible they are, or try to hide themselves, and ask how to get rid of the wrong side of them, but whatever you think or do, you are never anything but God.

God is wholeness that has the right and the wrong equally. God is everything and nothing, and just transcends any judgment.

Every experience has chosen by your essence that means God, and it’s never wrong.

You are God itself undoubtedly.

Don’t forget it.


“Time never exist.”


Ultimately, we live in a multi-layer and multi-dimensional “now.” We seem to live in the same space but, actually, live in a completely different space.

And regardless of what we’ve experienced in the past or what memories we have now, we can immediately transform our space to live in into something else.

It also means that everything is here and now, and time that goes by from the past to the future never exist within the present moment.

It’s just a matter of determination, but we may experience many failures or disappointments that our minds judge, until reaching that point.

But don’t worry, when you move to a higher space, you’ll understand that you’ve only had the necessary experience to deepen your spiritual awakening.

No one can skip the necessary experience and move to a higher space, so it’s important to trust the unknown and live in the present mindfully.

Please take good care of yourself spiritually.


“Love yourself unconditionally.”


You can’t change the world.

You are responsible only for yourself, your inside. And actually the more you become alignment with your essence, the calmer, peaceful and full of unconditional love the outside world will be like inside you. Because there’s nothing wrong in the outside world without your judgment.

That’s the only way you change the world.

First of all, love yourself unconditionally infinitely.


“The secret”


The secret to returning to our essence and living its holiness is to trust the unknown, relax and enjoy the present moment no matter who your mind thinks you are.

You don’t have to be so serious.

Because our essence is joyous, openhearted, and unconditional love that always spreads.




The deeper one awakens spiritually, the more humble one becomes.

Because there is no problem except in one’s mind.

Don’t expect to be understood or accepted by others. You are the only one who can do it for yourself completely. Moreover, any expectation creates suffering. Because everyone lives in a different state of consciousness.


The deeper you know yourself and accept as you are, and the more you realize the truth, the easier it is to accept others and the fact as they are.

That’s the way to make heaven on the earth.




Everything changes in this world. Everything comes and goes like clouds in the sky or waves at the ocean. In the perfect beauty, new life is born and death surely comes.

But the formless consciousness observes everything lovingly.

Our awakened essence gently starts to melt into the unconditional love, the Self…

We are inseparable from others, one consciousness, and immortal existence.

Unconditional love itself…


“You are not…”


You are not your body.
You are not your thoughts.
You are not your feelings.
You are absolutely not your ego.

You are all…
You are greater, deeper and much more spacious existence than one can imagine.

You are the infinite beauty and the universe itself…


“The important is…”


Don’t try to be humble or kind to others, superficially. If you are connected to the deepest essence, they will appear from inside you spontaneously.

Because your essence is the unconditional love or the universe of humility itself.

Pay attention to doing can only strengthen the ego.

Don’t try to be someone else, just be simply as your true nature is.


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