“Everything is interacting.”


The microcosm and the macrocosm interact inseparably.

If, if any action is to be taken on one side, it must be considered on the otherness and the wholeness as well.

Even if only one side of the problem is recognized, is improved, and seems to temporarily get better somewhat, it will inevitably cause distortion somehow, which will eventually lead to greater problems.

We have to be aware about it.

Ultimately, when something that we regard as a problem appears in front of us, we have to always keep asking ourselves than we do anything until we get ultimate answer :

“Is that really the problem?”

“What is the problem and how?”

“Where did that problem come from?”

It’s your life…

absolute_spirit 🙏💗✨

“Live in the present moment”


Even if you got sick, you can stay calm. The body is not you, and the disease cannot be you. There is no point to live the story of a pitiful victim who had to suffer a disease unnecessarily as a consciousness to observe everything. Of course, even if it doesn’t mean it’s bad to experience as a victim, but we should stop identifying ourselves with our body. The real you is not a form of body.

And non of us become someone special because one experiences mysterious experiences or one got the truth, but for us, all experiences are the opportunity to live in the moment of the present.

In the “now” moment, there is only an experience but neither conditions nor misinterpretations attached on it.

Everything is in the present, not in the past nor in the future, and this moment is an opportunity to experience the deep joy of a peaceful and lively life.

It’s just now for you.

absolute_spirit 🙏✨🌌

“Journey of spiritual exploration”


When I lived a full of suffering, I had a question why I was born in this world. I couldn’t totally understand what my life was all about. Because even if there was a lot of suffering in the world no one seemed to care about it, and of course, no one seemed to care about my suffering, too.

Now I understand what I was exactly doing then was just refusing to accept my reality, fighting against illusions my mind created.

And what I actually focused my mind on then was just finding negative issues and it turned into just grumblings because I was so unhappy.

But no one in this world, even my parents, has responsible for my happiness.

It is only myself.

Now I think I was just addicted to unhappiness because I couldn’t accept my ego self so that I hated myself.

One day at last I thought, “That’s enough.” “I don’t want to live like this anymore.”

That’s because I couldn’t understand that if there were really only unhappiness in this world, why did so many people want to live and some people actually seemed so happy?

Were all people crazy? No, no, there was something wrong with me.

And furthermore, I realized then my real desire to want to experience happiness, too actually. I really wanted to know what happiness and true love are.

At that time, I think the journey of spiritual exploration to this day began.

There were such times.

I don’t think any of my experiences were wasted. Moreover, now even the past and the future are gone, and there is only the present.

We all are on a journey to awaken to our own true nature, and deepen its realization.
And I am so grateful to be able to share the present moment with you all. 🙏✨💗

With all heart and soul,



The deeper one awakens spiritually, the more humble one becomes.

Because there is no problem except in one’s mind.

Don’t expect to be understood or accepted by others. You are the only one who can do it for yourself completely. Moreover, any expectation creates suffering. Because everyone lives in a different state of consciousness.


The deeper you know yourself and accept as you are, and the more you realize the truth, the easier it is to accept others and the fact as they are.

That’s the way to make heaven on the earth.


“What else…?”


Everything melts into one…

When everything melted into, it becomes transparent infinitely.

There is no such thing as ‘I’ or ‘me’ anywhere.

“LOVE”, “GOD” or “THE UNIVERSE ITSELF”…, what else can we call this space of abundance and full of generosity?

There is only limitless space, or possibility of the infinity here…


“Only yourself”


At the deepest level, we are all on a spiritual awakening journey to save ourselves from the illusion of mind and return to holiness. We can’t run away from this truth, nor can anyone else substitute for yourself.

Saving yourself is the first step and the only step. Ultimately, there is no one in this world who can truly save others, and there is no spirit that needs to be saved.

On the earth, it’s all just that one consciousness of wholeness has each opportunities to realize through own experience.


“Perception and experience”


Even if meditation gives you a clear perception, experiencing it itself is a different story.

Remember that you always have an opportunity to deepen your experience by surrendering anything cling to.

Please don’t stick to your own present understanding. There’s always an unknown for both in the sense of perception and experience.

So, for example, continue self-inquiry about what it means for you to take for granted. Ignorance can sometimes lurk in the sense of “a matter of course.”

There is no limit to consciousness, so you can deepen and expand your consciousness like the vast universe. And as you deepen your experience, your perception and experience will merge, become one, and then become authentic in yours for the first time.

Its sense is wholeness.




A perfect beauty is everywhere.
Take deep breath and relax. When you are stillness, you will find the same beauty in your inside. In that moment, you are connecting with the infinite universe of love.


“The important is…”


Don’t try to be humble or kind to others, superficially. If you are connected to the deepest essence, they will appear from inside you spontaneously.

Because your essence is the unconditional love or the universe of humility itself.

Pay attention to doing can only strengthen the ego.

Don’t try to be someone else, just be simply as your true nature is.


“The dynamics of life”


When you are connected with your deepest essence and live in the present moment, you will be able to feel the dynamics of life simultaneously.

It feels as if you dance with a sense of oneness with the whole universe (including all lives) beyond time.

Therefore, always put the highest priority on connecting with your deepest essence.