“Eternal life”


Eternal life is not something we beg God to give us as something that comes after our physical death.

We are inherently one consciousness that lives eternal life.

Beyond that truth, a body is for the ultimate reason that it creates the opportunity to transcend the illusion of separation which is reinforced by visual and sensory.

The body is not meant to compete for the beauty that someone thinks of or physical power, but ultimately to transcend them all.

Thus, ultimately we can experience the eternal life of the moment of ‘now’ by transcending the illusion of separation which is reinforced by visual and sensory, without waiting for time of the death of the body.🙏🌈✨


“From spiritual asleep within the physical awakening, to authentic spiritual awakening.”


When we identify ourselves strongly with the ego, body, or anything other than our true nature, we are basically very critical of ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally, and force to live the right way on ourselves within the narrow sense of values both consciously and unconsciously. And the more unconscious about it we are, as a matter of course, the more critical we become of others as well and tend to force as same as ourselves, unconsciously.

Unfortunately, the conscious of identifying with anything other than our true nature is inevitably to be a low point of view and a narrow field of view, and unless we can observe ourselves away from that identification, it consequently becomes difficult to recognize movements of our own thoughts and emotions as well.

Then, what happens next?

With the low point of view and the narrow field of view, the more unconscious about it we are, the more difficult it is to see things differently, and even more to listen to other people’s suggestions and advice as well.

Furthermore, because we are forcing on ourselves to live the right way, consequently we take away an opportunity to be aware from ourselves, and the ego is tendency to believe blindly that ‘I’m OK’ or ‘I’m doing well,’ which is characteristic of the ego, rather than facing the facts. As a result, we even more end up in a vicious circle of being sticked to the dual world.

That means that we will just continue to live in the dual world without noticing anything?

Now, thankfully, we have about 90% subconscious minds and about 10% conscious minds. And it is this subconsciousness that always supports our spiritual awakening. In other words, that’s why there’s a subconsciousness.

And this subconsciousness, through difficulties and challenges, gives time to raise fundamental doubts toward ourselves or to observe ourselves more deeply, and inevitably the opportunity to listen to the innermost silence.

In fact, difficulties and challenges are attracted by our own subconsciousness to encourage spiritual awakening of the still untouched area. Therefore, if we face the difficulties or challenges, instead of ignoring or resisting, trust life itself, open our hearts and surrender ourselves to the unknown. In that way, it comes to be more possible to transcend the dual world.

Nevertheless, no matter how spiritual awakening progresses, the traps that everyone tends to fall into are arrogance and a desire for intimacy. It is the resurrection of the identification with the ego, but at the same time is suggested loneliness, a desire for approval, and the unhealed wounds that remain behind it and so on.

Please recognize and accept ourselves as we are if we found such ourselves. Only when we give ourselves enough acceptance, unconditional love can we release ourselves into inherent freedom.

It means, of course, a deepening spiritual awakening.🌈🙏✨


“What is an obstacle?”


In fact, happening or person most people consider as an obstacle is what gives us an opportunity to have a try on something different until then, to hesitate, or to transcend them all, to remember about our true nature and so on.

It means that for any of us it takes all of them to enjoy life as the Consciousness, and life has the ultimate joy of discovering our true nature that is far beyond the ego and is completely different in dimension.

Paradoxically, as soon as we consider them as obstacles, they become something to block our path in every way, and simultaneously as victims, we create the winners and losers of the illusion of overcoming obstacles, in our minds. That’s how our conscious creates everything at the dual world of the mind. And we call it as real.

Moreover, the world of illusion that seems to be reality continue to be created endlessly until we come to the point of spiritual awakening and the more we adhere to the perspective that we consider it as an obstacle, the greater increases its degree for us.

This is, in fact, definitely a reality until our conscious begins a spiritual awakening, and it seems as if truly wonderful to go beyond it as much as we know the pain of suffering and sadness.

On the other hand, it can be the dawn of spiritual awakening for those who have experienced that achievement enough but realize that there is something that has not yet been fulfilled within. That’s also when the reality that we believed before begins to change.

The truth is that it’s up to each of us who consciously and unconsciously decide how deep our spiritual awakening become. This does not mean that the deeper the spiritual awakening, the better. In fact, it’s just the authentic freedom, the part where we can entrust to the unknown, and that there’s also nothing to be changed here at all.

However, there are people who actually feel grief or suffering, and to them it is real, but in the non-dual world neither suffering nor sorrow exists as something to be eliminated, but within essential alignment with everything else.

Nevertheless, there is no need to deny or ignore those who grieve or suffer in front of us, only providing unconditional love as full acceptance if we can. Or it can be time to face ourselves for being unable to do that.

Our conscious lies either at spiritual sleeping, at spiritual awakening, or at all levels between.

What really needs for those who grieve or suffer is complete acceptance, unconditional love, and therefore, that’s why we can say that our ultimate longing is to return to our true nature = authentic love, and that everything between is all life itself.

In this respect, every obstacle we face is, in fact, nothing more than a gift from the subconscious that leads us from spiritual sleeping to awakening.

And there comes a point when we realize through everything that happenings or people that had previously been only obstacles were actually gifts from subconsciousness, our true nature. This is not given to us by someone, but is what we ourselves can reach as an inner awareness.

Here is the ultimate perfection and beauty, and totally different thing of the totally different dimension from the world seen or felt at the mind level.

In short, before spiritual awakening, obstacles give us an opportunity to overcome them, such as to have a try something in various ways, or to hesitate this or that, or to transcend them all to remember about our true nature, and so on. And after spiritual awakening, they give us an opportunity, as same as before, to align with our true nature much more deeper.

Thus, there are neither mistakes nor failures anywhere. In fact, in some realm of conscious, it is right seemingly and in the other realm it is only wrong seemingly.

Nevertheless, if you say that after a spiritual awakening, any obstacle never comes to happen, you will need to be paid more attention. It’s possible that the spiritual awakening you claim may be nothing more than a misunderstanding and moreover, you may be in the ego trap.

If you find out you are in the ego trap, then relax and recall that everything is just an opportunity, that there is no time nor space, and moreover, that our true nature are the Consciousness immortally to observe experiences all.

The Consciousness transcends all of the dual world.🌈🙏✨




Truth can never be touched, seen or felt unless the heart is open. In other words, the more our hearts are opened, the more we are led to deeper truths.

The profoundness is reached by through our innermost silence.

Likewise, true self-confidence and self-acceptance do not come from taking some seminar or accomplishing something.

No matter how much money we make, no matter how great a job we get, what we will never be able to get, that is a connection with the Consciousness and that brings us true self-confidence and self-acceptance. We all reach there by connecting with our innermost silence, by aligning with our true nature.

And when we connect with the Consciousness, accepting ourselves as we are becomes so much more far natural than when we identified ourselves with the ego.

And the more we accept ourselves as we are, the more the world comes to return for us to natural state of richness and tenderness.🙏🌈✨




Everything changes in this world. Everything comes and goes like clouds in the sky or waves at the ocean. In the perfect beauty, new life is born and death surely comes.

But the formless consciousness observes everything lovingly.

Our awakened essence gently starts to melt into the unconditional love, the Self…

We are inseparable from others, one consciousness, and immortal existence.

Unconditional love itself…




No one in the world is superior or inferior than you.

It means you are neither superior nor inferior than anyone else.

Of course, the ego always wants to be special anyway, but our true nature is the same; unconditional love, consciousness, the purest essence.

So what we need to do is stay in its purest essence which is also called the silence or the space, and live in the present moment.

It’s not because of a kind of perception that the ego is evil – it’s another ego that thinks that way – because that’s simply not what we really are.

But we have something called unconsciousness. The ego and ignorance are within the unconsciousness of everyone.
Moreover, it is said that unconsciousness accounts for more than 90 percent of consciousness.

Do you know what that mean?

This means that your unconscious ego will easily behave arrogantly unless you continue to awaken spiritually and pay attention to the present moment.

You don’t have to fight or conquer your ego.

How can you fight against your unconscious ego? How do you conquer it? If you’ve tried it, you’d know.

That’s why we need to keep observing our own words and behaviors in alert, keep awakening.

In doing that, there’s no space in the now for comparative thinking that someone or yourself is superior or inferior. If such a comparison or judgment appears, it means you’re out of the purest essence.

Where it happens, it means that there is an unhealed wound there that the ego tries to protect, so don’t think of the ego as evil, and also don’t identify with them, but you need to accept that fact, and absorb it fully in your purest essence, unconditional love.

In that way, your that part of the ego will disappear from your world.

So just keep staying in alert with yourself.


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