“The inherent innermost sense”


Our true nature has no need to prove anything to anyone or to be understood by anyone at all. They all belong to the mind, and they are nothing more than illusions that are far from our inherent true nature.

And there’s nothing to know anew for us and moreover there’s absolutely no truth at all at the level of the mind.

Thus, the point of view how we should be or how others behave and so on, are all about a judgment at the mind level of the dual world and that’s not who our true nature is.

Our true nature is pure unconditional love.

Other than that, any perception is fake that belongs to the mind of the dual world. However, it does not mean they’re always expressed by the same words. Nevertheless, we all have the inherent innermost sense to precisely recognize whether it is the authentic or not.

So we only need to sharpen the inherent innermost sense of our own. 🙏✨🌈


“How deep do we want to touch this profound world?”

“How deep do we want to touch this profound world?”

As much as the mind opens, we can touch the profound world more.

When the world situation moves greatly, sometimes we are forced to hugely change the way we have become accustomed to it. In many cases, we consider it as if tragic and ourselves as victims, but contrary in fact, this is a great opportunity for us to observe more deliberately on how we have lived until then. Because it is ordinarily quite hard for most of us to be aware of our own assumptions. That’s why we use these opportunities to meditatively observe what point we have been unable to be aware before, and what the assumption that we’ve lived under as we’ve taken for granted, from a viewpoint at the much higher dimension.

Observation is not done to find and correct the wrong, but to see the facts as they are. Therefore, we all need the viewpoint as high as possible. Because the higher the viewpoint is, the easier we transcend right and wrong. To transcend right and wrong means to transcend the level of the mind, and only then can we observe the facts as they are.

And now we’re being asked how deep we want to touch this profound world, how far we want to transcend our own illusions? 🙏💗✨




We all hear voices from within, like, “You shouldn’t do this,” or “This is what happened because you did that.”

That’s the voice of mind that comes from memories and illusions of the past that have not been hurt by being right, and have even been praised.

They actually keep us away from our true nature and making difficult for us as we are, while they also keep us away from being hurt or failed by constantly staying in the known, and even give us a false sense of security.

Even though it actually makes us keeping away from the joy of life or true love to far exceed our imagination.

Eventually, with its difficulty in life and the hunger for being ourselves, we begin to search for another voice.

In fact, another voice is the innermost silence. It’s often given us as a form of clear images, a flash of inspiration, or a solution to our problem while our minds are totally quiet.

Sometimes, the innermost silence probably leads us to what the Mind calls failure within the dual world, but we will never taste the joy of life or our true nature without such a failure.

In fact, the greatest mission of failure and difficulties is to open our hearts and lead us to our true nature.

“Look, I told you before.” our voice of the mind says. Moreover, we may also often see them through other’s similar words and actions. But it is up to us to regard them as true. If we consider it to be true, it’s not because of what others say or do, but because of our own choices.

Then we have to ask ourselves sincerely “Don’t I want to taste the true joy of life?”.

Before asking, we all know the answer, yes.

What we need is a connection to the innermost silence. The voice of our minds that keeps us staying in the known and the words and actions of others are the same as the floating clouds in the sky. That’s the illusions and just appears and disappears.

There is even no need to fight to negate them. On the contrary, the more we fight, the more powerful they will become. Just observe and let them disappear naturally.

Our inherent strength is that true power spontaneously springs from within.

Don’t let the nonsense ideas of fighting to win and of weak will overwhelm you. No one can taste the true joy of life and true love by such nonsenses.

We are the life itself. Life must have some failures and some successes in the world of the mind. But remember that our true nature transcends far and away from the dual world.

So, let resonate with the rhythm of the universe. 💗🙏✨


”Happening and experience”


A happening and what we experience are completely another thing.

Things just happen. But experience is changed by our own idea of the world.

As you know, even if we’re afraid of the future and get fully prepared for what’s going to happen, things are often beyond our expectations.

In fact, there is no fixed future, no destiny.

Moreover, to live the present moment is even never in our minds.

Because the happening is changed at every moment by mutual interaction between people in the unconscious level, and at the same time, our own experience becomes also different by our level of awakening.

Therefore, instead of taking time to make a plan or being particular on that schedule, live this moment while always observing one’s own feelings or thoughts that are like clouds floating in the sky.

Live meditatively, carefully taste every aspects of your experience.

It will surely continue to open you to the unknown, even without any preparation or fear. 🙏💗




Feelings are just like clouds floating in the sky. They naturally appear and disappear.

And you are not even the sky with the clouds but the universe itself. You are Creator who creates everything you experience.

Sometimes it seems as if your experience can be influenced by happenings in the world, but it’s just illusions. Your true nature can never be influenced by them and just choose what to experience.

You are the only one.

There is no mistake nor correct at all.

All is beautifully expressed.

In your recognition, life might be harsh sometimes but the harshness also gives you an opportunity to taste other various brightness. Like only darkness can identify lightness.

You experience everything whatever you choose. But they always transcend all conscious choices in your mind level.

You are the universe itself, the only creator to your experience in life.

You create the lightest, the darkest and all of between them splendidly.

So, something you should grieve cannot exist there. And therefore, there is nothing to should be corrected at all.

Because there is nothing lacking in yourself or in the world you create.

Touch the beautifulness of your life. Taste its dynamism you wonderfully create. Realize the perfectness of your existence.

You are the creator of all. 💗🙏🌌


“Not about doing, about being.”


We don’t approach God because we do good things or be a good person, but because our true nature are naturally appeared by connecting with the innermost.


“Be kind to others” does not recommend the very act of being kind.

If we try to be kind to others, we need to be truly kind to ourselves – because everything on the outside is our inner projection -, and to be truly kind to ourselves, we need to connect with the innermost where transcend all judgments and it will make us naturally become selflessness.

And that means that we naturally become kind to others.

So, most important of the message with “Be kind to others” is to connect with the innermost, to our true nature.🙏💗✨


To grasp and touch on the nature of anything.


Don’t try to understand with your head what others say. Because if it was unknown for you, then your understanding would become only a gathering of what you already know or only an imagination. Every time we try to understand with our head something unknown, we cannot transcend the world we already know.

In other words, we can only understand what people say as we have already realized.

Therefore there is always something unknown in this world for us though, and if we hope to know what it is, first of all, we must release our own selves from a cage we unconsciously live in, the world we think we already know.

Otherwise, we will never be able to grasp and touch on the nature of anything.🙏💗✨


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