“The Consciousness says.”


Our minds ask to the innermost silence why we can’t be happy all the time. Then, the Consciousness says that everything is a self-evident truth.

The mind asks why you don’t try to let people understand the truth. The Consciousness says there’s no ‘I’ or ‘me’ anywhere, and ask in reverse, how it is possible to let people understand even further truth, if people never had transcended the dual world and even refuse to open their hearts.

The mind asks why we can’t stop tragedies and environmental destruction in the world, then the Consciousness replies that it’s because you want all, says if there’s no experience of the dual world of the mind then nobody can transcend it and also realize how life is precious profoundly, goes on to say, therefore, there’s nothing to grieve at all and so enjoy your life fully.

Then, even if people understand the correct way and everyone does it, then we can’t get rid of our misfortunes in this world…, is that what you say? asks again the mind.

Everything depends on where your conscious is, says the Consciousness. The world you see or the world you experience, everything changes by your awareness, says.

And therefore, the Consciousness goes on to say, for the Consciousness, the moment ‘now’ shines beautifully, and is a world full of vivid joy, but for those who see the world as hopeless only, it will remain the same unchanged world that is unsaved until they decide to change their perspective.

Is there any bridge to connect both? asks the mind.

There is. The only way is for any of you to find the same Consciousness within yourself that connects with everything. And that’s all you need, says the Consciousness finally.🙏✨🌈


Be in ‘now’


The more we try to change our reality, the more we move away from the ‘now’ and create our own suffering.

There are times when we need to be more careful than usual in order to be here ‘now’ and away from identifying ourselves with the ego.


Stubbornness comes from the fear that our minds have, and it creates a vicious circle that closes our hearts more tightly.

However, if we have ever faced our own fears, accepted them completely, and be released from them by ourselves, we can profoundly understand the fears that lie within a person’s stubbornness. And with that profound understanding, we can also offer people unconditional acceptance.

Conversely, if we react to someone’s stubbornness, it means that we need to get a higher perspective, move away from identifying ourselves with the ego, and observe much deeper inside.


Always stay at the state of spiritual awakening. To remain at the Consciousness means to be able to sense every beautifulness in the ‘now’, be quietly moved by its brilliance, dance with pure joy, or appreciate every tranquility.

There is no space or time for loneliness for nobody in the ‘now’.


the Consciousness transcends the ego and belongs to the non-dual world, and on the other hand, the conscious is in the mind of the dual world of before spiritual awakening.

Also, unlike delusions of the mind, complete spiritual awakening rarely occurs suddenly. Even mysterious experiences require us to go through many phases to be the Oneness literally in the ‘now’. In other words, we need to integrate all authentic wisdom we access through the innermost silence with the ‘now,’ and it means gradually becoming one with the Consciousness.🙏✨🌿


“Fears in our minds”


At the process of a spiritual awakening, we are often into ego traps.

For instance, when observing ourselves is replaced by watching others, and we want to point out what’s right and what’s wrong, or force anyone to be what we should be, we’re undoubtedly into the ego trap. It’s the same as if we say that we know it or that we do correctly but others don’t. Such a sense of self-superiority and comparison are in obvious mind level, our conscious cannot be at spiritual level.

When we get caught in such the ego traps, it’s usually after we touched ‘fear’ the mind has though, but when we aren’t even aware of the fear yet.

That fear is unreleased yet and what the inner child has, and every time we recognize and accept it, it comes to be released by unconditional love of the heart into the present moment.

The fear only exists in the mind. There is no fear in our hearts, in our true nature.

However, as a matter of course, when we are caught in the ego trap becomes difficult to realize that we are caught in it, because our conscious has already been switched into the mind by fears we have not yet recognized or accepted.

This often happens when we are not yet accustomed to constantly observing ourselves. In fact, the more we get used to it, which means that we get used to not identifying ourselves with the ego, the less that happens naturally.

And to compensate for it, we need to set aside time to carefully observe what we say and do every day, apart from the ‘now’ observation.


And after all, what happens always has no meaning or influence in itself. It is nonsense to try to find meaning or any influence there, and what wants to find meaning or influence is only the mind, the ego and it undoubtedly becomes an interpretation.

Happening only gives us the opportunity to observe everything that we can taste through our bodies, our experiences. 🙏💗✨




If we can continue observe ourselves and stay living centered our hearts all the time, we don’t have time to criticize or complain about situations or someone, and to indulge in dramas such as we consider ourselves as victims of something or special.
It is simply because they are created only by the mind and moreover observing ourselves means that we are apart from identification of ourselves as the ego.

However, when we are overwhelmed by our own emotions, expectations, interpretations, or whatever, many people may try to escape into the delusion. It’s unconscious self-defense instinct, and has an aspect of what we won’t be hurt any further and no longer overwhelmed in a sense of self-responsible, if we do so.

But in fact, it’s time when we need more love and attention for ourselves at such times. Because it is when the inner love we need is depleted and we are feeling separated from our true nature.
In such time, many people look for love outside though, it’s, on the contrary, a clear sign when we need to listen to the innermost silence and to return to the connection with our true nature.

In other words, for instance, it means that when anyone complains about anything, it is that the person needs unconditional love, and if we find such the person, it is an opportunity that we express an offering of unconditional acceptance or gentle hug, as same as we give it for ourselves. And if we cannot do that, it’s an obvious sign that we need more love and attention for ourselves as well.


For instance, what we can give to others is like gentle hugs or acceptance, as unconditional love. When it is advice or admonition, it is only a gesture of goodwill, and actually expresses an unconscious rejection of it.
And self-love means such as to give ourselves a rest, to give extraordinary care for the body including gently hug ourselves, or take physical exercise to release energy when we noticed strong feelings and so on. 🙏🌌💗


“Several phases”


In order for us to rescue ourselves, we need to transcend the dual world, and moreover, to continue to align completely with the Consciousness, we have several phases that we have to go through.

Even if we hoped to skip those experiences and transcended the dual world, and even we have had a mysterious experience, we aren’t able to be rescued by that alone. Because none of us can deceive our own subconscious = our true nature.

So, no matter how much negative thinking is supplementarily rewritten through affirmation, the subconscious remains conscious of longings that is not yet fulfilled which means that our authentic longing has a necessary to be fulfilled, therefore, if our longings weren’t fulfilled, reality isn’t able to change at all.

Conversely, it will cause us to suffer more from the gap between the senses we got from the mysterious experience, and the subconscious of the unfulfilled longings. Sooner or later, we will be unable to become ignored it after all.

The essential phases include:
1 Self-acceptance and self-love physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually;
2 Sense of security physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level;
3 Acceptance and liberation of sexual desire, and ascend it to the spiritual level;
4 Self-recognition of feelings, and liberation of the past feelings;
5 Self-respect (put yourself first);
6 Self-realization;
7 Self-integration among physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; and so on.
(The numbers do not represent a particular order, and some people may experience some at the same time.)🙏✨🌈


“Interpretation = reality of the person ≠ fact < truth”

“Interpretation = reality of the person ≠ fact < truth”

When there is ‘l’ or ‘me’ in the sentence, there’s undoubtedly ego-self there which means the person is identifying oneself with the ego. And its contents are always the interpretation of the person even if it’s reality for the person, but not the truth and sometimes even not the fact at all.

Many people believe that the reality is one thing, but it is not.

The only absolute truth exists but the reality of the person (illusion) exists as many as the number of the mind of people.

Just as “I” and “me” are illusions, any interpretation or reality of someone are illusions, whether or not it’s the good or the bad, they are all a product of the mind.

Likewise, both the past and the future exist only in the mind and the truth or the fact exists only at this moment just now. That’s why it is said that ‘Be the present.’

Furthermore, even if the only absolute truth can be verbalized by someone, it hardly happens to be conveyed it as it is, because the content people receive changes depending on where the reader or listener’s conscious is, where phase of the spiritual awakening is. This is an unavoidable fact for humans.

For instance, the same principle is worked for the various interpretations and transmission of Jesus’ words.

That’s why we have created various religions and denominations.

Thus, after all, there is no other way to completely realize the only absolute truth than to experience it oneself.🙏✨🌈


“What is God?”

What is God?

Some say that God is omnipotent and created everything in this world.

When they say so, they regard themselves as insignificant existences who are at the mercy of God’s will, and so as miserable victims.

However, there is a huge misunderstanding here, because they underestimate their own experiences that is necessary to realize about what God is. In fact, as long as we try to figure out God, the Self, or the truth with our heads, we can never touch or reach them at all. God can never be fully perceived by any collection of knowledge or information.

At the dual world of the mind, anything seems as if it is good when our minds judge it as good, but contrarily once it seems as bad, then it easily turns into evil. However, in fact, God, the Self, or the truth is transcended such comparisons, and does not exist in any level of the dual world of the mind at all.


It is said that the profoundness of life cannot be spoken without facing the fear of death and transcending it. In the same way, if we try to know about God, we must face our own ultimate fear that we’ve been feeling, the fear of death, and fully perceive what life is, instead of thinking of God as this and that only with our heads.

If we cannot do that, no one will truly realize God, the Self, the truth. Because it is only when we ourselves begin to explore the inside deeply that spiritually we are on conscious journey to reach out God, the Self, the truth.

And whatever we do in this world, if we don’t perceive our true nature, the divine self, or our longings of hearts, and align our conscious with subconscious, everything still remains in illusory and no one can taste the authentic sense of security or pure joy of life.

And thus, the experience to realize about God can be fully filled our ultimate longings.


Have you ever explored the inside deeply, and thoroughly examined your fixed ideas, especially of God?

If not yet, start now, from where you can.

And find out your true nature, God, or the truth. 🙏🌌🌈




Existence is pure energy. Believe in the life that the pure energy is woven. Believe in the existence itself that is far beyond our egos.


We don’t have to fluctuate between hopes and fears about the ego, because that is not our true nature. Therefore, stop underestimating or overestimating our true nature, even if the ego acts as we are so selfish or contrarily unselfish. We tend to underestimate or overestimate ourselves when we are not aware of our true nature who transcends far beyond our individual ego-self.

And the reality begins to change when we stop resisting the reality we have created subconsciously, and have the courage to entrust ourselves to the unknown higher-self, to the Consciousness, to accept as we are.

This is also called prayer.

In this way, be a state of being not to identify ourselves with the ego rather than worry about ourselves.

Go out and listen to the wind, Feel the song of wild birds, Talk to the flowers, Inhale the beauty of the nature into the body, and Feel the present moment when various creatures, including ourselves are alive.

And finally, feel the existence itself that is far beyond the ego at the innermost silence.


We don’t even need to control the ego, but just observe and accept them as they are. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have to matter even if we’re selfish, but it means that if we don’t identify ourselves with the ego, it will be easier to simply observe and accept.

On the other hand, the more strongly we identify with the ego, the more difficult it will be to accept them as they are because the judgment of the mind will be severe for anyone…

And, after all, we need prayers…🙏🌿🌈


“Transcend state of being critical of others, move toward authentic wisdom.”

“Transcend state of being critical of others, move toward authentic wisdom.”

Criticism is one of the most favorite of the ego.

It’s just a one-sided reference, such as “I can do better than you,” or “You’re in a ×× position, so be more firm,” or “I can see things better than anyone and am right.”

In this flat world view of the ego, only alternative values in a particular world view, such as who is right and what is appropriate, are applied, and the rest are denied.

However, if we think this is not a good thing and try to see things from a broader perspective, it means that we control ourselves. And we cannot leave the dual world of “this is good, or not good.”

However, our true nature is not the ego or the mind, but the Consciousness of observing everything, the Self that contains everything that exists far beyond the dual world, whether we are aware of it or not.

And it is only when we put ourselves into this perspective of the Consciousness itself (transcending the ego) that any of us can reach the authentic wisdom far beyond the world of mind, and simultaneously, can see the profoundness of everything, which is incomparable to the flat world of the ego. By it, we spontaneously come to change our words and behaviors irreversibly. That is called spiritual awakening, the awakening of existence. These changes are spontaneous and do not come from any efforts or willpower.

So, it’s not about the dual world, such as “criticism is not good, so don’t,” or “we should act as a more mature adult,” but it’s about spontaneously irreversible changes occurring from within when we touch the innermost silence.

And in order to get there, we all go through the state of being critical more or less.

In the process, when we pay attention to the sense of subtle incongruity that we feel inside, no matter how right we are in the level of the ego, do we spontaneously move in a direction that transcends the dual world. The essence of paying attention is concentration, which is to touch the innermost silence.

In this innermost silence observe all of these things, when and how the ego behaves, on what grounds it claims its own legitimacy, and how it continues to look away from itself under the cover of correctness.

It doesn’t matter what we’re doing right now or what we have done until now.

Find out what is we truly need to do by the authentic wisdom which can be reached through the innermost silence. Experience that the authentic wisdom is far more profound than trying to be a good person and is available through us whenever we are in the innermost silence. 🙏✨🌈




To spiritual awakening from the dual world of illusionary mind has a large invisible barrier that we must first transcend, and by transcending it allows us to spontaneously discover or recall our true nature.

What is needed most at that time is simple, pure and spontaneous questions that arise from within us.

Along with that simple, pure and spontaneous question, and the longing to reach the answer definitely lead us to the answer. The spontaneity is such a powerful tool.

Neither the words of some great person (we don’t have to understand anything if we follow someone who is greater than us), nor the self-deprecation of however hard we try we cannot reach out any significance by ourselves (we don’t see the value of our own existence) can straightly lead us, but our own simple, pure and spontaneous questions, and the longings can unmistakably lead us to a state of being where to transcend the mind.

For instance, if we want to get away from the pain of living, or we think as if we can get happiness as a result of our efforts, and we are trying hard, we will have to quit first that doingness and such fixed ideas.

Awakening to the truth is neither something we can get as a result of effort as Mind thinks, nor something by giving something up in exchange. That’s completely misunderstood the law of cause and effect.

None of happiness nor peace nor love nor heaven we seek have never left us, and will ever leave us so far from now on.

On the contrary, if we truly realize the value of the innermost silence, and are fully within its calmness, we will spontaneously find the profound truth that we have always been being itself as happiness, peace, love, and heaven, and that we have never been anything else.

In this way, the spontaneity is arose from our innermost longings, and anything else emanating from ego desires, greed, and envy give us opportunities to sharpen our sense that became dull as a lesson in the process.

Therefore, if you haven’t found the innermost silence yet, and you’re in a state of impatience and anxiety, learn to settle down first rather you’re swept away by emotions.

Or if you have found the innermost silence, but you find it hard to settle down there, and often find yourself being swept away by intensive emotions, continue to observe yourself without any judgement, and to concentrate on acceptance of yourself as you are.

Or if you have found the innermost silence, and touched upon its profoundness, do not be arrogant as if you had arrived somewhere, but continue to turn your consciousness to the more profound as there’s no end in the universe at all.

By paying attention where we need to pay most attention, a space is naturally created within us, and spontaneity are naturally arose from its space.

No matter where we are now, do not forget that what we can do now and what happens to us are always the best for us, and continue to change our viewpoint of everything one by one.

Authentically the important is to love who you are right now. It’s about lovingly enjoying who you are and cherishing the present moment. At that time, we are preparing for space inside to naturally spring spontaneity without noticing it.

Spontaneity is something that springs up naturally when our inner self is in order.

We don’t have to be spontaneous, nor have to be like someone. Trying to be or trying to get is only antithesis, and the more we try, the more we only imprint on our Subconsciousness that we are not it. 🙏✨🌈


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