“Perception and experience”


Even if meditation gives you a clear perception, experiencing it itself is a different story.

Remember that you always have an opportunity to deepen your experience by surrendering anything cling to.

Please don’t stick to your own present understanding. There’s always an unknown for both in the sense of perception and experience.

So, for example, continue self-inquiry about what it means for you to take for granted. Ignorance can sometimes lurk in the sense of “a matter of course.”

There is no limit to consciousness, so you can deepen and expand your consciousness like the vast universe. And as you deepen your experience, your perception and experience will merge, become one, and then become authentic in yours for the first time.

Its sense is wholeness.


“No one…”


No one can hurt or disturb you.

It is yourself… your mind, your judgment and misinterpretation to the circumstances. If you think someone or something hurt or disturb you, then you need fully to taste that feeling, the pain, without criticizing someone, something or even you.

If you can fully accept your reality of the present, then you will find inner peace.

What your reality means that your state of mind, your perception, and your state of consciousness at the moment.

No one can hurt or disturb you because ultimately there is no one but only one awareness in this vast space.


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