The stronger we identify the ego with ourselves, the deeper the suffering.
Because everyone knows the ego is always selfish, and our mind believes that selfish is bad, and that we must get rid of it. That’s why most of us try to control it which we never be able to control and so suffering arises.

The more we identify our body with ourselves, the greater the fear of losing life, in turn, the more we justify of our aggressiveness against anyone who threatens our lives.
Because our mind believes that it would become peace if anyone who threatens our lives could disappear.

The more we lie about our heart, the harder painful we feel, or the deeper our invisible wounds, or the more we paralyze what we feel unconsciously.
Because however people around us are pleased, our mind and our heart come to fall into contradiction and it makes us harder to live.

The less we are unaware of our true nature, the harder we touch the true depth of the world. On the other hand, the more we realize the truth and return to our true nature, the more we become aware how small the world we lived in was until then.
Because we cannot know anything deeply without a relative experience.

The more our mind wants to believe that we realized the truth, on the contrary, the smaller world we live in becomes, and the harder we can recognize that we’re caught by our ego.
Because our mind does not have eyes as high, wide, and profound as the consciousness does.

This world is fully Paradoxical.

The less we identify the ego, the body, the mind or whatsoever with ourselves, the more we naturally stop fighting between the mind and the ego, find ourselves in peaceful world, our heart becomes full of serene, we realize about true beauty of life or the truth profoundly, and the consciousness continues to expand.

Fortunately and unfortunately, to truly taste this paradoxical world and realize the true cosmos in our life, we all need the chaos, conflict or suffering of the world of ego and mind, in other words, we can never realize the true unconditional love or our true nature without them.🙏💗✨


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