I hear you…

I hear you.

I really hear your silent voices in your inmost voices, beyond your unconscious behavior.

Because I am you.

I am within you.

There’s nothing in this universe but true beauty itself, God, true nature of you.

I am with you.

I hear your struggle, egos versus true nature of yourself, your desperate desire.

And ultimately I hear your stillness.

This is why I am nothing here but everything at all.

Lots of Love,


You can not let someone else except yourself understand something. 

Actually it’s literally yourself who you see in outside in a certain dimension. It’s not about psychological projection. In that dimension, no one can see someone else. Literally we are connected and influence at elementary particle level each other all the time. 

If you want the world of happiness, you should understand this…

If you can be happy every moment with every side of yourself, it’s that you are automatically creating your field of happiness as well which will influence other’s fields absolutely. 

It’s you can create the world of happiness. 

You are a creator of your world. 

1/Jan/2017 #livehealingly ‪#PURPOSE #Oneness ‬

Hello, new year.

I will more trust you, the law of universe and be with you.

I am an absolute spirit which is a part of the universe.

— — — — —

I talked to a Japanese white-eye who was singing in my garden today. It was my gratitude to the universe.

3/Nov/’16 #livehealingly #Oneness 

You are my opportunities to meet myself, to recognize my egos, and to experience our divineness.

I am blissful for being a part of whole existence that is called Oneness.

There is only infinite light of love there that is eternity. 

#Oneness #soulpurpose #beyondtimeandspace 

For today 29/Aug/’16 #love #livehealingly #LightingTheWorld 

For today 29/Aug/’16

Go outside or inside. 

Look for your true self by leaving a house, or search for the deep deep inside. 

You are the only one who can find your true self, and who can utilize your true self at this world consciously. 

No one else can. 

Don’t you remember why you came here? 

Don’t you want to know yet your true power? 

If answer is no, you won’t be able to experience joy of living yet. 

If answer is yes, listen to the voice that whispers from your heart right now.

That’s not someone’s or mine. 

You have everything you need even if you are under any circumstances now and even if you are unable now to see whole you have. 

You are light that lights up the world. 

You are love to overflow. 

I have experienced Oneness with the universe (love), or Wholeness of the universe (love) and that’s why I can tell you that you can as well. 

Your soul is calling your name right now…

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