“After physical death”


After our souls leave the body, they start melting into the wholeness and return to the oneness.

(Some of us find the oneness of consciousness which is our true nature inside ourselves while being alive, and live in harmony with it though, most of us don’t.)

By the time soul returns to the oneness, the soul completely melts into the wholeness, and the individual soul will no longer exist there. Understandably, there’s no longer individual senses, and sorrow or suffering as individual feelings as well.

There’s no heaven or hell as people believe, and moreover no time and space as well, only pure energy as a constantly expanding consciousness.

Because our bodies are separated visually, we feel lonely and separateness within unconscious stereotypes such as there is no connection with the person unless there is some kind of expression of intent while many of us live. But at the level of consciousness, whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re always influencing each other as the oneness.

Such experiences themselves can be no longer possible within the wholeness.

Some of the pure energy as a constantly expanding consciousness may return here to enjoy the experience again though, it will not be the same individual soul as before…


For today 7/Sep/’16 #unconditionallove #nirvana #livehealingly 

For today 7/Sep/’16

Love is patient.

Love wraps conflict up.

Love has no boundaries.

Love is unconditional. 

Love is limitless. 

Love takes no judgement. 

Love sheds tears for everyone who is fighting without knowing that a fighting partner is oneself. 

But love keeps watching all with faith that understanding is brought to everyone who decided to experience all, and that otherwise it’s not provided. 

That love exists at your core where you connect with the infinite universe.  

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