”Happening and experience”


A happening and what we experience are completely another thing.

Things just happen. But experience is changed by our own idea of the world.

As you know, even if we’re afraid of the future and get fully prepared for what’s going to happen, things are often beyond our expectations.

In fact, there is no fixed future, no destiny.

Moreover, to live the present moment is even never in our minds.

Because the happening is changed at every moment by mutual interaction between people in the unconscious level, and at the same time, our own experience becomes also different by our level of awakening.

Therefore, instead of taking time to make a plan or being particular on that schedule, live this moment while always observing one’s own feelings or thoughts that are like clouds floating in the sky.

Live meditatively, carefully taste every aspects of your experience.

It will surely continue to open you to the unknown, even without any preparation or fear. 🙏💗




Meditate without clinging by methods or shapes.

If you concentrate enough on meditation, the flow of time will disappear, the direction will disappear, the unnecessary sound will disappear, and the moment will come when you become one with everything. That’ll when you’re in complete silence. Just then you’ll realize that you’re in a vast universe and only live for that moment without any thoughts or expectations.

In order to live in such a state, we need to be able to meditate naturally like breathing, but don’t cling to a particular state or a particular method of meditation. Even if you try to achieve it only in a particular, only your mind (ego-self) will prevail and you will never acquire natural meditation. It’s important for us to keep connecting with the essence, and observing oneself without any judgment. And meditation is for it.

It’s always about making a habit of the deep self-inquiry. That alone can improve concentration and it will make easier to meditate naturally. Keep practicing so that you can do them unintentionally.


“Dynamic meditation”


Mind creates selfish stories, produces many critical and negative thoughts, and continue to insist on the legitimacy of the ego. They’re just ideas that appear and disappear.

They’re not you, so it’s essential that you stay away from them when you live your essence.

I think meditation is one of the methods. And I always recommend dynamic meditation, which is easier to work on than static meditation.

Dynamic meditation is whatever repeats simple and rhythmic movements.

For example, walking alone in nature, dancing, riding a bicycle, cleaning, Japanese archery, etc….
Anyway, it’s important to concentrate on simple and rhythmic movements so as to forget to be doing it.

In fact, when I tried static meditation many times to attain enlightenment, I couldn’t get out of my mind at all and had thought I couldn’t meditate for years. But I was completely concentrating on my self-inquiry as I walked the shopping center when I had experienced a mysterious experience. And that was the dynamic meditation I didn’t even realize that I was doing it.

Another important thing is not to try to attain enlightenment or to get something.

It’s completely to devote yourself to the present.

All is simple and profound.


For today 12/Aug/2016 #livehealingly #calmness 

For today 12/Aug/2016

The more you cannot control the situation, the more you need to let your mind be quiet.

To concentrate consciousness on simple work calms your mind, and gives yourself more an opportunity to get intuitive perspective.

Don’t think, but concentrate simple work. 

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