8th/Jul/’17 #livehealingly #essence #love

I was meant to meet you here. I might be someone you adore or someone you dislike. I could be anyone you might want me to be.

But the truth is not here at all. 

I am not anyone people see or describe. 

I am an essence of love that is connected with the infinite universe. 

And that’s also you. 

Can you sit in the silence? Can you be alone? Can you hear whispers of your soul? Can you listen to voices of your heart? They guide you to where you want, even if you don’t know it consciously. 

You came here to express the light of love. And you have never separated from the infinite universe of love.

Even if you tried to separate from it, you can’t. Because you are the light of love which is the same as the infinite universe of love. 

Go ahead. Live your own way. Live yourself until the end. You will know there is no end. In fact, we live in the eternal world having no hurt or pain. 

Your reality is only intended to experience love. 

Connect with your essence, not your egos.


You can not let someone else except yourself understand something. 

Actually it’s literally yourself who you see in outside in a certain dimension. It’s not about psychological projection. In that dimension, no one can see someone else. Literally we are connected and influence at elementary particle level each other all the time. 

If you want the world of happiness, you should understand this…

If you can be happy every moment with every side of yourself, it’s that you are automatically creating your field of happiness as well which will influence other’s fields absolutely. 

It’s you can create the world of happiness. 

You are a creator of your world. 

25/Oct/’16 #Love #quoteoftheday #livehealingly 

Meet yourself.

You’re not your egos but the existence of whole universe.

In your deep inside, love is waiting for you.

Love is not the thought you should do but feelings but not emotional.

I’ll meet you there. 

For today 14/Aug/2016 #livehealingly #yourreality #humble 

For today 14/Aug/2016

Your reality prove where your point of view is.

It often happens that the fact of each other is not the same.

It means there are most that you do not yet know.

If you are humbled enough, you can dig inside deep enough and get flexible to open your mind and find higher love inside of you.

Accept yourself as you are but don’t cling to your egos. And surrender to realize your essence.

You are fantastic. 

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