“Is there really anything happiest than being filled with our true nature?”


People who try to fill their greed will realize that their emptiness will never be full in the way some day. Some of them will face that fact and try to make clear what really their need is. On the other hand, some others will try to escape from the fact because of the fear that it brings.

But actually we all know at the innermost that escaping from the fact will never bring any way to return to our inherent. It’s just we don’t know how to return to the center and how to listen to the innermost voice, and we continue losing the way.

Say that you don’t know anything aloud. Accept the fact one by one without judging. That’s where everything starts.

Nevertheless, people always say what we should or shouldn’t within various viewpoints out of kindness. But no matter how much others or our mind continue saying what we should or shouldn’t we all have to find and listen to our innermost silent voice, not our mind’s voice. Because the worlds others and the mind see and the world our true nature sees are not the same, and no one else can live our own lives.

Therefore, we all have to find our own way to quiet the mind.

Go outside. Do yoga. Walk in a forest. Do simple thing repeatedly. Do meaningless things with full effort. Until the mind is quiet. These are the way of various meditations to reach our true nature.

The innermost voice is what we can not hear with the ear, but it’s always within our innermost silence, and we can never lose it.

Is there really anything happiest and most important than being completely filled with our true nature? 🙏✨💗




You who misunderstand about yourself as mind, ego or body is yourself may have times to be shaken by happenings outside, but your true nature where is your innermost is never shaken at all whatever happens outside.

You’ve ever noticed your true nature, who only observes without judging it whatever happens outside.

Find your own way to keep connecting with that.

Keep listening to that slight voice.

It will surely fulfill you from the innermost like no one else can. 🙏✨💗




To both the outside or the inside world, we have no dreams to achieve, nor worthiness to prove, nor spiritual awakening to reach.

We are not doers, but pure observers who don’t need any judgement of good or bad.

Our true nature transcend any comparison to exist. In the meaning, freedom is purely inherent to us. Comparisons are all illusions in our mind, just deceptions for ego.

Although many people lose sight of the way in the illusions, but we all are able to taste relative world of non-dual world because of it and that’s why all is precious and worthy.


We have no past nor future, only right now. So, naturally, none of us has karma, we just have patterns to react that we have habitually acquired at the unconscious level of our mind. Those are easily released when we faced the truth and accepted them fully as they are.

Ultimately, experience is only for tasting that there is no individual being, nor experience, and for realizing that all is illusions at all.

Our inmost stillness or nothingness is Suchness.



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