“Eternal life”


Eternal life is not something we beg God to give us as something that comes after our physical death.

We are inherently one consciousness that lives eternal life.

Beyond that truth, a body is for the ultimate reason that it creates the opportunity to transcend the illusion of separation which is reinforced by visual and sensory.

The body is not meant to compete for the beauty that someone thinks of or physical power, but ultimately to transcend them all.

Thus, ultimately we can experience the eternal life of the moment of ‘now’ by transcending the illusion of separation which is reinforced by visual and sensory, without waiting for time of the death of the body.🙏🌈✨


“What only you can do for yourself.”


Transcending the mind of the dual world is neither a special experience nor is for a special person. It is possible for everyone, but especially for those who listen to the innermost longings and align with their true nature.

Thereby, if one of your innermost longing is transcendence of the dual world, only if you certainly feel it, then you have to make it your first priority to find peace within you in silence or in solitude, even if you who identify with the ego fear loneliness.

Once you find the inner peace, even if someone doesn’t guarantee you, even if someone doesn’t recognize your worth, you will become the one who can live ‘now’ as an unwavering existence.

Loneliness is no longer lonely, nor are you chased by the flow of time, but in the profoundness, vastness, and richness of the eternal ‘moment,’ you will be able to enjoy and taste your existence as you are, feel the beautifulness of all life through the skin, and even will be able to glorify the best part of life at the non-dual world far beyond the individual or the ego.

Loneliness is ascended from mental to spiritual, and becomes an essential to the connection with your true nature.

And the connection with your true nature becomes an essential for accessing to authentic wisdom, and you won’t even have necessary to confirm the answer with someone any longer.

But these can not be fulfilled while you don’t listen to what the innermost wants, and is obsessed by every superficial issues.

Thus, be alone. Be friends with the innermost silence. Find peace there. And make out what your innermost longings are.

These can definitely lead you to the most unwavering point at spiritual level.

That’s something that can’t be achieved by anyone, but you.🙏✨🌈


“Know thyself.”


Know about yourself in great detail. Observe all about you, how your ego behaves, what the worldview underlying your unconscious words and actions is, where it came from, and why you have been taking it for granted, and so on.

When observing, it is important to keep a good distance from judging by values of the mind and to devote only to observe in detail. It means you need a quite high perspective where is without identifying yourself with the ego.

And also, understand what engrosses and impresses you, the purest and innermost.

Once your unconscious words and actions are brought under your awareness, it leaves the realm of the ego and can give you the freedom you can consciously make choices.

Those will be surely helpful to reconstruct your conscious life.


In this way, the more deeply we know ourselves, the more delicately we can understand people in detail, and the more we can be aware of the world of our own projection, the easier we come to get out of the drama of illusions that the mind creates.
And then we will be able to recognize how the dual world is created and also realize about our true nature.

Likewise, during while you go and come between you who completely identify with the ego and the Consciousness of observing totally away from the ego, the more you embrace yourself as you are, the more integration progresses. And eventually, with your devoted longing, the boundaries between ego and the Consciousness disappear, and you can become with the Oneness.

It can say that this is actually the internal experience as an ascension from the intentional life of the mind level to holy life that transcends the mind, which means all inside you come to align with your true nature. For instance, you seemingly choose something, but actually, ‘you’ no longer exist, so sensually individual self disappears and the only Consciousness comes to choose.

In fact, we never be separated from divine self and the heaven, nevertheless, it still gives us the feeling of ascension of our conscious of the mind into the Consciousness of the Oneness.🙏✨🌈




If we can continue observe ourselves and stay living centered our hearts all the time, we don’t have time to criticize or complain about situations or someone, and to indulge in dramas such as we consider ourselves as victims of something or special.
It is simply because they are created only by the mind and moreover observing ourselves means that we are apart from identification of ourselves as the ego.

However, when we are overwhelmed by our own emotions, expectations, interpretations, or whatever, many people may try to escape into the delusion. It’s unconscious self-defense instinct, and has an aspect of what we won’t be hurt any further and no longer overwhelmed in a sense of self-responsible, if we do so.

But in fact, it’s time when we need more love and attention for ourselves at such times. Because it is when the inner love we need is depleted and we are feeling separated from our true nature.
In such time, many people look for love outside though, it’s, on the contrary, a clear sign when we need to listen to the innermost silence and to return to the connection with our true nature.

In other words, for instance, it means that when anyone complains about anything, it is that the person needs unconditional love, and if we find such the person, it is an opportunity that we express an offering of unconditional acceptance or gentle hug, as same as we give it for ourselves. And if we cannot do that, it’s an obvious sign that we need more love and attention for ourselves as well.


For instance, what we can give to others is like gentle hugs or acceptance, as unconditional love. When it is advice or admonition, it is only a gesture of goodwill, and actually expresses an unconscious rejection of it.
And self-love means such as to give ourselves a rest, to give extraordinary care for the body including gently hug ourselves, or take physical exercise to release energy when we noticed strong feelings and so on. 🙏🌌💗


“Let go of one’s own expectations.”

“Let go of one’s own expectations”

Everything is here and now.

What changes our reality is, only “How much do we open our hearts to experience much deeper experiences at the front of the reality?”

Events only happen, and the matters that conscious mind (awareness) and subconscious mind (unconsciousness) pay the most attention influentially determine our experience at the moment.

For instance, even if our conscious mind wants that “I want to be loved and needed by partner,” but if what our subconscious mind has longing is to look at our own past through that relationship and to experience more authentic freedom and love, we may be attracted to different kinds of addictive partners and experience abuse. And we may wonder why we can’t be happy even if the conscious mind may only want to be happy. On the other hand, the subconscious mind may appreciate the relationship, touch the innermost silence to observe everything anew and finally realize the truth.

Our experiences depend on where our perspective is, where our conscious minds and subconscious minds are. There’s neither right nor wrong there at all.

It’s just that neither the world nor others exist to live up to any expectations of us and that events only happen.

Expectations are the manifestations of the ego’s desire to come true the illusion backed by stereotypes. Those are only the mind stuff.

In fact, both stereotypes and illusions are only in the individual dual world created by the mind.

In other words, it can never happen in the truth even if it seems as if to come true temporarily. It only creates new opportunities to awaken us to more profound until we let go of our own expectations, – which often seems as if difficulties.

It can also say that we all live in different realities. These realities will never come to the same, and also all individual consciousness (the conscious mind and the subconscious mind) cannot come to the same. This means that any advice is directly useless because we all are in the different phases. However, this also means simultaneously that the Consciousness can listen it and keep it until necessary at the innermost because of being the same as the Oneness.

In any case, if we meet the difficulties, sooner or later, we come to the point where we have to let go of our expectations that created by the mind, by observing ourselves much more carefully and finding out what longings of our hearts are.

If we can’t let go of our expectations even if we know that we should do it in our heads, we will need to figure out first why our minds expect so much, what our minds are trying to get from it, and so on.

Again, expectations are the manifestations of the ego’s desire to come true the illusions backed by stereotypes.

Therefore, check over and over again what the longings of our hearts are. And live resonantly with it.

Because there’s authentic joy of our true nature with it.🌈🙏✨


“Is there really anything happiest than being filled with our true nature?”


People who try to fill their greed will realize that their emptiness will never be full in the way some day. Some of them will face that fact and try to make clear what really their need is. On the other hand, some others will try to escape from the fact because of the fear that it brings.

But actually we all know at the innermost that escaping from the fact will never bring any way to return to our inherent. It’s just we don’t know how to return to the center and how to listen to the innermost voice, and we continue losing the way.

Say that you don’t know anything aloud. Accept the fact one by one without judging. That’s where everything starts.

Nevertheless, people always say what we should or shouldn’t within various viewpoints out of kindness. But no matter how much others or our mind continue saying what we should or shouldn’t we all have to find and listen to our innermost silent voice, not our mind’s voice. Because the worlds others and the mind see and the world our true nature sees are not the same, and no one else can live our own lives.

Therefore, we all have to find our own way to quiet the mind.

Go outside. Do yoga. Walk in a forest. Do simple thing repeatedly. Do meaningless things with full effort. Until the mind is quiet. These are the way of various meditations to reach our true nature.

The innermost voice is what we can not hear with the ear, but it’s always within our innermost silence, and we can never lose it.

Is there really anything happiest and most important than being completely filled with our true nature? 🙏✨💗




You who misunderstand about yourself as mind, ego or body is yourself may have times to be shaken by happenings outside, but your true nature where is your innermost is never shaken at all whatever happens outside.

You’ve ever noticed your true nature, who only observes without judging it whatever happens outside.

Find your own way to keep connecting with that.

Keep listening to that slight voice.

It will surely fulfill you from the innermost like no one else can. 🙏✨💗




To both the outside or the inside world, we have no dreams to achieve, nor worthiness to prove, nor spiritual awakening to reach.

We are not doers, but pure observers who don’t need any judgement of good or bad.

Our true nature transcend any comparison to exist. In the meaning, freedom is purely inherent to us. Comparisons are all illusions in our mind, just deceptions for ego.

Although many people lose sight of the way in the illusions, but we all are able to taste relative world of non-dual world because of it and that’s why all is precious and worthy.


We have no past nor future, only right now. So, naturally, none of us has karma, we just have patterns to react that we have habitually acquired at the unconscious level of our mind. Those are easily released when we faced the truth and accepted them fully as they are.

Ultimately, experience is only for tasting that there is no individual being, nor experience, and for realizing that all is illusions at all.

Our inmost stillness or nothingness is Suchness.



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