“The deep compassion”


The deeper hurt and sad you are, the tighter closed your heart is, and above all, the more you cover up a sense of the true love you want. And the mind tries to protect itself and cuts everything down with the sharp sword of righteousness.

It seems as if you are fighting with something outer, but actually, you are battling with your own inner illusions.

There is no awakened soul that has never experienced deep sorrow or suffering. On the contrary, all of awakened souls could be awakened spiritually because of their deep experiences of sorrow or suffering. That’s why they have true compassion within.

Nevertheless, deep sorrow or suffering do not always make all souls be awakened spiritually.

There is no guarantee of the battle that the illusions will burn out, but it doesn’t matter whether to be awakened spiritually or be stubborn. It’s only part of the precious experience of the universal consciousness.

In fact, there is freedom of choice between spiritual awakening and non-awakening, and that freedom is unconditional love itself.

I see the light there. I see beautiful battle that the flames are burning illusions.

But this beauty is invisible to people in battle with their own illusions. Moreover, you may be called cruel or merciless by unawakened soul, but the speaker of those word is also deeply hurt, so have the deep compassion with them.

And here is the important part of your spiritual awakening. If you see someone battling with their own illusions, don’t take their battles away even if your own unhealed wound hurts. That’s called the projection of your own. The battle is a precious experience for their spiritual awakening.

Trust the unknown or the journey of the soul, just have the deep compassion and let the soul take care of the rest of the matter. And you continue observing yourself in alert, and if necessary, accept and fully taste your own feelings.

That’s true love, true compassion.


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