“The first priority”


When we became aware of ultimate longing of our spirits, it naturally comes to become the first priority for any of us. At least, if we become aware of any longings of our spirits, we come to choose them as the first priorities without hesitation.

So, what is the longing of our spirits?

It’s about remembering our true nature and living on it. Not imaginary with our head, but to live as our true nature in resonating with rhythm of the universe.

Our true nature, which is unconditional authentic love itself.

It means that we continue to transcend illusions of our own step by step and return to our true nature, and are finally as the unconditional Consciousness with no end within the timeless and spaceless present.

For it, our subconsciousness thankfully continues to attract a difficulty as an unmistakable opportunity to open our hearts much more, and it always consists of perfect contents at the perfect right timing for our much deeper awakening.

Our subconsciousness can never go wrong for us at all unlike our minds.

Thus, in any circumstances, it’s required our spontaneous decision to quit becoming a victim by awareness of longings of our spirits and moreover, it continues to make us connect with the innermost silence.


Now, have you ever listened what the longings of the spirit are yet?

How deep have you dug into yourself?




We start by developing our ego and realizing what’s good and what’s bad about us. Then, we realize what the “bad” brings to us. In most cases, it causes suffering and pain, so we try to be only good, and we become wanting only good things around us as well.

Some people say that if we do something bad, we will have a hard time, if we do something good, we will not only feel good, but also the world will change better, and say that that’s the law of cause and effect. And so they start to act like righteous people. Then, they start to insist on legitimacy of cruel treatment of what they consider “evil.”

However, their words and actions are clearly what they call “evil” itself, in turn, the fact unavoidably becomes making them an unacceptable fact for them. In this way, they become stuck in the contradiction and nowhere.

In the agony, some of us touch the Oneness beyond it and misunderstand as if they reached somewhere by it. But they are still alive in the dual-world of like “touch or not touch” and it means that they are strongly supported by their ego.

That is called the intelligent fool yet.

Transcendence is not any experience nor any accomplishment.

Transcendence is not any accumulation of knowledge, nor any keep on religious teachings.

Transcendence is to be existence itself, is to be the Oneness itself, and is to be the Consciousness itself.

Transcendence is to be the unconditional love itself.

Therefore, the Self has completely no separation such as “I” or “I enlightened” and there’s no individual existence to teach and to be taught at all. And thus there’s no effort and no doer at all.

There’s no ego, thus no cravings nor purpose completely. Of course, there’s no right and wrong at all. Moreover, there’s no past, nor future, and even nor present. There’s no time and space.

Only moment exists.

Only pure “being” remains.

Refreshingly simple and pure.

That’s transcendence.

In this sense, there is no existence other than existence itself, in other words, all is an expression of the Self, unconditional love itself. 🙏💗✨




At the level of the ego, no matter how hard reasonable we may be, we will never become perfect. No matter how hard we try, it’ll never be able to be close to perfect, and therefore, to us who identify ourselves with the ego, life will always be accompanied by difficulties, and will not escape the pain of blaming ourselves for not being perfect.

Our ego and reason exist not to learn how to control them or to monitor for us to live correctively, but only to experience the transcendent of them. That’s a reason. Because without them, we can never be able to have the experience of transcending them and also never be able to taste how it is.

Sooner or later, we are tired out of improving the ego and the lack of our reason, and so naturally, we get to a path to transcend them.

So, at the moment, keep trying to control the ego and to monitor them.
Because only when we get tired out of it, we can surrender totally and the path appears in front of us spontaneously.

Then we will be able to truly realize the role of ego in our life, and we will truly understand that it was not because we were not good enough, but only, our idea of the ego and reason had a limit.🙏💗✨


“Consciousness and awareness”


Consciousness never belongs to individual, but awareness does.

No matter how many times we touch the Oneness, it can’t say we become fully-awakened, actually we often can’t stay the same state of divine nature for a long period. The mystic experience can make us be aware a lot we’ve never been aware before, but still, there can be often some parts that we may be unaware that we’re still sleeping.

When something happens, if we get upset by unexpected, or if we immediately want to accuse someone who is involved, or if we insist on own correctness, that is to say, in that part, we don’t connect with our true nature and we are still sleeping. We’re not still aware of the part of own asleep. It means we still stick in somewhere our past and are not free yet.

At such times, our awareness is towards only the outside and we are far apart from our true nature, the Consciousness of being an observer.

If we notice ourselves in such a state, expand our own awareness by returning and staying to our connection to the Consciousness. Stay awake and start observing ourselves alertly again.💗🙏✨




We all hear voices from within, like, “You shouldn’t do this,” or “This is what happened because you did that.”

That’s the voice of mind that comes from memories and illusions of the past that have not been hurt by being right, and have even been praised.

They actually keep us away from our true nature and making difficult for us as we are, while they also keep us away from being hurt or failed by constantly staying in the known, and even give us a false sense of security.

Even though it actually makes us keeping away from the joy of life or true love to far exceed our imagination.

Eventually, with its difficulty in life and the hunger for being ourselves, we begin to search for another voice.

In fact, another voice is the innermost silence. It’s often given us as a form of clear images, a flash of inspiration, or a solution to our problem while our minds are totally quiet.

Sometimes, the innermost silence probably leads us to what the Mind calls failure within the dual world, but we will never taste the joy of life or our true nature without such a failure.

In fact, the greatest mission of failure and difficulties is to open our hearts and lead us to our true nature.

“Look, I told you before.” our voice of the mind says. Moreover, we may also often see them through other’s similar words and actions. But it is up to us to regard them as true. If we consider it to be true, it’s not because of what others say or do, but because of our own choices.

Then we have to ask ourselves sincerely “Don’t I want to taste the true joy of life?”.

Before asking, we all know the answer, yes.

What we need is a connection to the innermost silence. The voice of our minds that keeps us staying in the known and the words and actions of others are the same as the floating clouds in the sky. That’s the illusions and just appears and disappears.

There is even no need to fight to negate them. On the contrary, the more we fight, the more powerful they will become. Just observe and let them disappear naturally.

Our inherent strength is that true power spontaneously springs from within.

Don’t let the nonsense ideas of fighting to win and of weak will overwhelm you. No one can taste the true joy of life and true love by such nonsenses.

We are the life itself. Life must have some failures and some successes in the world of the mind. But remember that our true nature transcends far and away from the dual world.

So, let resonate with the rhythm of the universe. 💗🙏✨


“Law of cause and effect.”


When there is pain or sadness of past that are hard to be accepted because of its painfulness, we tend to be bound by the “law of cause and effect,” especially when we are bent on that the cause is outside, we tend to overlook an important thing.

In fact, there is no mistake in the law of cause and effect, but the cause exists neither outside (other people or circumstances) nor inside (personality or character).

The one of the cause is one’s own perspective – how to catch experience of oneself – and we have cultivated it by inherent character and living environment.

The fundamental we have to understand here is that the idea that it is good not to experience pain or sadness is the one of base for seeking a solution in the dual world, but no matter what inherent character or living environment, it’s the truth that no one can ever avoid pain or sadness in our life. Conversely, whether will be felt happiness rises in us as expected if there is not a pain or sadness? Moreover, we must remember the fact that the experience of pain or sadness, depending on a choice, can lead us to the self-realization, and so can be irreplaceable experience for us.

Without the recognition and acceptance of the fact that no one can ever avoid pain or sadness, we cannot accept and let go of our own pain and sadness of the past.

This unconscious denial makes us keep misunderstanding that the ego is ourselves, and also makes us trap in the past or the future without living in the present. However, our unconscious denial is not intentional, but because we ourselves do not realize that the unnaturalness has become natural to us because of little experience of natural acceptance of our thoughts or feelings.

What we need to do is not that we heal all the past, nor avoid negative feelings, nor work hard to cheer up when we’re depressed, but we just have to acknowledge and observe at the thoughts or feelings each time that appear and disappear in us as natural.

It may be scary to leave what we feel as it is, but the action of resisting it, on the contrary, gives the negative feelings power and stops the flow of disappearing naturally.

That’s the law of cause and effect.


“What is truly necessary.”


Find out what you can do right now in the silence.

We need the silence to find what it’s truly necessary to do. Not using one’s brain, but we have to shift into the complete silence.

Instead of obsessing over what we consider as a problem, or sticking to some solution, the complete silence will lead us naturally into the much more profound solution without our ego-effort.

Every obsession relates to the ego, the pain of the past. These are in our misunderstandings that the ego or our own past experiences or our bodies are ourselves, and these experiences are what we need for awareness of opposites though. Still, when we’re obsessed with something, we cannot realize it ourselves because of the obsession.

Therefore, it is necessary for each of us to find the silence inside. Finding the silence and returning to it again cannot replace anyone else.

If we fail to find it in ourselves, no one will have the inherent confidence, nor will we awake to something profound.

Anyone can find the silence inside themselves though, if this is difficult, it may just be that you have not secured enough peace of mind, or that you are on the way to get there. Because we all needs to go through several stages.

But remember this that no one can fail because the silence is our true nature.

Ultimately, there are no failures anywhere in our experience. It arises as failure in our mind only when we think so, but it’s still nothing wrong then from a high-dimensional perspective.

So, cherish every moment of life. Find an impression in the present moment.

Because there’s no need to compare ourselves with anyone or anything.🙏✨🌌




Suchness is oneness.

The oneness does not exist evenly. So even if we try to understand the oneness with our head, we will never be able to realize it. When we truly surrender all our will-power that we try to realize something, or be someone, or anything like that, it will be found within us silently.

The oneness is comprised many layers of dimension. It exists vertically, horizontally, diagonally, and intricately intertwined. No matter how much we try to understand about it in the dual world, it’s quite natural that we can’t understand these things. That’s why it’s said that we have to transcend an alternative view of the world, the dual world.

The oneness is neither philosophy nor theology, nor religion, nor any kind of it. That’s why the best shortcut to realize it is to surrender all our efforts. It’s because of being caught up in something is the biggest reason for staying away from realization of the oneness. And in fact, everything we can get when we try to get it is limited to what we can imagine in our head and any effort only exists an extension of that.

… And the most important thing for us is that realization of the oneness is not greater than being present at the moment.


“A good person”


Trying to be a good person will never make you a good person. In other words, it means the same as declaration that you are not a good person. It’s because you believe that you are not a good person subconsciously and that’s why you are trying to be a good person. In that way, that definition that you are not a good person makes you imprinted into your subconscious moreover deeply again.

That’s a powerful self-suggestion.

While you find evidence of yourself being a good person, your ego is satisfied, but once you find evidence of yourself not being a good person, you will be driven to the brink of despair or continue to pretend not to notice to avoid it unconsciously.

It’s called a drama.

Unfortunately, in that way, you will continue noticing against your will that you are not a good person.

We have to admit that a relative opposite evil person is necessary for a good person to exist, that there is always a limit there, in an alternative view of the world which is a dual world.

We all have a fundamental necessary that we have to transcend such an alternative view of the world, the dual world. Otherwise, we will never find the true peace inside.

In fact, our true nature, the SELF, exists far beyond good or evil.

That’s the truth.

And when we stopped all efforts of trying to be beyond good and evil, or anything like that, by surrender, we will find it inside ourselves blissfully.




Are you happy now?
Are you able to answer this question immediately?

If your answer is “No”, then ask yourself what true happiness is.

Conversely, if your answer is “Yes”, then ask yourself that if you lose your family, qualifications, or something whatever belongs to you, and yet whether you will be able to say that you are happy or not. After asking that, if your answer changes into “No” from “Yes”, it’ll mean that you’ve lost sight of true value of your true nature.

The happiness isn’t controlled by what happens to us. Furthermore, the happiness is neither emotion nor something which is provided by getting something.

The happiness is the state of being filled with who you are. It’s not given us when we get something, but is realized only through acceptance of oneself as we are and circumstances as they are now.

That’s why it is said that the happiness depends on us…, depends on how we catch ourselves and world.

No matter what happens in our lives, everything can be an opportunity to open our minds and deepen our recognition about ourselves into our true nature.

Therefore for instance, anyone who finds it difficult for us to get along with can be a kind of a guide to the next stage, in other words, we can see it as an “illusion” of our own mind or ego and use its opportunity to realize ourselves deeper.

The mind or ego always wants to be a victim or a hero. It’s because then the mind can justify the ego. But the mind or the ego is not oneself. Some people may say it’s a part of human being, but that’s a misunderstanding.

Our true nature will never be any victim of circumstances such as times, societies, or families, because through that experience, we can touch what lies at the deepest, and for the first time we can find deeper awareness in its silence.

No one has come to the truth without difficulties.

This means even if our minds or ego continues to refuse to accept something as it is, our true nature is always tasting all experiences delightfully whether we realize it or not.

Let’s ask once again.

Are you happy now?

Are you happy with oneself? 🙏✨💗


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