Feelings are just like clouds floating in the sky. They naturally appear and disappear.

And you are not even the sky with the clouds but the universe itself. You are Creator who creates everything you experience.

Sometimes it seems as if your experience can be influenced by happenings in the world, but it’s just illusions. Your true nature can never be influenced by them and just choose what to experience.

You are the only one.

There is no mistake nor correct at all.

All is beautifully expressed.

In your recognition, life might be harsh sometimes but the harshness also gives you an opportunity to taste other various brightness. Like only darkness can identify lightness.

You experience everything whatever you choose. But they always transcend all conscious choices in your mind level.

You are the universe itself, the only creator to your experience in life.

You create the lightest, the darkest and all of between them splendidly.

So, something you should grieve cannot exist there. And therefore, there is nothing to should be corrected at all.

Because there is nothing lacking in yourself or in the world you create.

Touch the beautifulness of your life. Taste its dynamism you wonderfully create. Realize the perfectness of your existence.

You are the creator of all. 💗🙏🌌




There are not two kinds of desires: good and bad. For instance, it’s not that greed only for your own self is bad, and also not that desire for someone’s good is good. Because any desire only leads us to experiences we need, and that’s what consciousness wants beyond our ego self.

Even if it’s considered good desires superficially, desires come out of a feeling of lack are destroying something else without Mind notices it, but it doesn’t mean that that’s bad. We just need to receive our own experiences as they are. And it’s important to taste them fully not only on the superficial but also on the deep inside without judging about any feelings, actions, circumstances, and so on.

Because that’s our experience that the consciousness chose for our good and no one can change what we already experienced.

In fact, there is no good or bad experiences like the Mind is concerned. Everything is precious, beautiful and perfect.

That’s why we don’t have to try to become doing only good things or try to be a good person.

If you cling to such an idea, throw it away. That’s completely nonsense.

Because you cannot be other than the essence at any time.

So cherish your desires or experiences, and stop judging whether it’s good or bad.

You are love, the universe and the consciousness itself…🙏💗✨


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