The person who can see divinity (=yourself) in anyone one meets is happy.

In order to see the sacred nature (=your true self) in people is needed recognizing oneself as God, and understanding the differences between one’s true self and false self by continuing to observe the inside (movements of emotions, thoughts, and ego, etc.) without any judgment.

And of course, observing oneself without any judgment is needed stillness inside.

No one can tell the truth or live the truth without their own experience. In other words, no knowledge or mimicry alone can become one’s own truth.

Come on, into the stillness.


“What else…?”


Everything melts into one…

When everything melted into, it becomes transparent infinitely.

There is no such thing as ‘I’ or ‘me’ anywhere.

“LOVE”, “GOD” or “THE UNIVERSE ITSELF”…, what else can we call this space of abundance and full of generosity?

There is only limitless space, or possibility of the infinity here…


“Nothing happens.”

Nothing has happened and won’t happen anything in the real world.

There is the only pure awareness here.

Everything you think of real is in your mind.

So relax and dig deeper yourself until finding pure essence, consciousness. And don’t take too seriously any words in your mind.


“Only yourself”


At the deepest level, we are all on a spiritual awakening journey to save ourselves from the illusion of mind and return to holiness. We can’t run away from this truth, nor can anyone else substitute for yourself.

Saving yourself is the first step and the only step. Ultimately, there is no one in this world who can truly save others, and there is no spirit that needs to be saved.

On the earth, it’s all just that one consciousness of wholeness has each opportunities to realize through own experience.




A perfect beauty is everywhere.
Take deep breath and relax. When you are stillness, you will find the same beauty in your inside. In that moment, you are connecting with the infinite universe of love.


“Transcend the relative world, to the absolute existence.”


Everything is relatively present in the mind world. Right and wrong, Men and women, or Light and darkness, etc. We experience both relativity unconsciously and actually all cooperate each other at a deep level, but they are all events in the illusion that mind creates.

So spiritual awakening, for example, does not mean choosing “right” between “right and wrong,” but transcends them by realizing that both are just illusions. Both exist in mind, and both are meaningless for our true nature. It doesn’t matter which one is good because it’s all an illusion.

We are by no means separate beings, but a cosmic consciousness that cooperates with each other, such as the joy of “experience” on this earth, the joy of spiritual awakening.
The individual “me” or “I” and the body are all illusions as well. These fake identities are a little bit of a joke for the spiritual awakening of joy.

So be very careful with your visual information. This world is a paradox, but visual information is the ego’s favorite food to deceive yourself.


“The dynamics of life”


When you are connected with your deepest essence and live in the present moment, you will be able to feel the dynamics of life simultaneously.

It feels as if you dance with a sense of oneness with the whole universe (including all lives) beyond time.

Therefore, always put the highest priority on connecting with your deepest essence.




Please touch on nature by your heart. Nature’s perfection – everything is related within invisible, and always expresses harmonious beauty itself (=God).
It naturally cuddles up to your essence and gently echoes deep into you. Nature’s purity will awaken your purity and can give you an opportunity to realize your true self.
By opening your heart to nature that gently envelops you, will lead you to a deeper understanding of this world and who you really are.

Because you are a form of nature, and you are as beautiful and divine existence as nature.🙏💗✨


Let them a teacher…

Everyone you encounter is a best teacher for deepening and broadening your consciousness at the moment.

Because however you see who they are, everyone is yourself unmistakably.

For knowing yourself more deeply, let them a teacher of you, by not through their advice but observing yourself in alert.

When you do this, your gratitude for them will arise spontaneously.

Because you align yourself with your pure essence.


That is an opportunity…

Every time you’re going through a hard time, it can be for broadening and deepening your consciousness.
There is no end for it.
Because we are infinite, we are the universe itself.