Everything is perfect. It’s not only a good time but also a bad time.

For today 6/Sep/’16 #livehealingly #mysticmessages #quoteoftheday #QuantumMechanics 

For today 6/Sep/’16

We are always asked which we choose between fear or love. 

Can you hug someone who is attacking you? 

Can you love someone who lives on the street as a homeless? 

Can you hold stranger who seems to be lazy? 

That means we are always asked if we love ourselves that is our part of selves. 

In one of my mystical experience, I have been touched by tremendous unconditional love which contains the whole universe. 

It taught me that each of us doesn’t actually separate from other people who are just a part of us, and we are existence of only one in this universe having each body to taste unconditional love. 

And also taught me that that is why we were coming in this world. 

We needed each body because of realizing unconditional love through each experience with body and emotions and mind. Otherwise we can never taste an awesome unconditional love. 

We can easily deceive ourselves and consider the separation from others because of having each body and egos, and can also easily deny others because of denying a part of oneself with correctness or etceteras, to protect our ego selves. 

If we were one existence, can you imagine what happens? 

The world becomes peace if each of us could admit and love a part that each doesn’t want to accept. 

We all know this unconsciously. 

We are asked, in every moment, whether we run away from other existence, who is actually a part of ourselves, by fear or are able to love that part. 

Have you ever noticed someone is talking about experience which is totally different from yours even if both experienced an event under the same situation? 

In quantum physics, it was revealed that it immediately changes by being observed, when observer observes it. 

It reveals that you and other people taste each different experience in the same situation. It’s because each of us sees different event there by each characteristics and needs. 

Each of us is living in journey of each own life, that has different pace or different distance or different courses, with each purpose to achieve each mission. 

There is no need to compare to others among us. 

There is no need to be corrected by other people. 

Things only happen.  

And we are only asked what we choose to experience from there. 

Fear or Love. 

All existence seems different with purpose, but everyone is precious and respected unconditionally. 

Because we are oneness. 

We are love itself. 

※This understanding is based on my own mystical experience. 

Thank you for reading until the end. 

For today 10/Sep/’16 #SelfLove #livehealingly #beautyiseverywhere #spiritualgrowth #Now 

Always search higher levels. Staying at the same place kills your potential literally. 

You can live in the different dimensions and can come and go to any dimension if you choose. 

Your decision to surrender ego leads you to the unknown that beauty of love has. Such a mystical experience is for those who decided to experience it, not for someone who long for but do nothing. If you stay where ego is satisfied, you can never grow as denying voices of your soul. 

You think you would surrender ego after your egos were completely satisfied? 

Now or never. 

You never know whether there is definitely awesome experience beyond your knowledge if you don’t try. And you would never know magnificent love that constitutes the universe if you are not willing to know splendid potential of you. 

Can you find love in beauty of nature? 

•Be quiet. 
•Close your eyes. 
•Take a deep breath and relax. 
•Concentrate on your breathing then listen to the sounds of nature, voices of insects or sound of wind or river. 

River is streaming and gentle wind is blowing. 

•Feel soft wind with all senses. 
•Feel that gentle light pours on you now. 
•Feel warmth of that light. 
•Feel that you are loved by the universe as feeling warmth of that light. 
•Let’s melt into that love…

The more you practice to be quiet, the earlier you become quiet. Wherever you are, you can be calmed. Until then, you may need to be in nature or healing music or quiet place to become calm. 

Did you get closer to your soul? Did you find core? 

Your suchness is love. 

For today 3/Sep’16 #strength #livehealingly #YourWorld #makeadifference #journeytohappiness 

For today 3/Sep/’16

When you are in a difficult situation and feel suffering from it, talk to yourself that you have strength to change it by widening your point of view. 

However difficult it may be, solution is always in a higher perspective. 

And you can use that difficult situation as a guide to the higher levels of consciousness. 

But let’s keep in mind that whatever you choose is right way for yourself, for your life. 

All of us understand the spiritual point of view of the leader through experience. 

It might be ups and downs sometimes, and that is called your life. 

You don’t need to be disappointed about it but it’s okay if you feel that way. 

With the same condition, no one can compare choices you have chosen and another choice you didn’t choose because you can not live in different choice in the past.

Even if you can compare it with someone else’s life, it is nonsense because you have a different senses and you are actually not that person. 

It would be more enjoyable to be yourself than following and imitating someone else. 

You can take another choice and taste it now with a different perspective.  

You have only now, only present now. 

Enjoy your life. 

For today 28/Aug/’16 #blissful #livehealingly #higherconsciousness 

For today 28/Aug/’16

Your emotions and your physical senses guide you to your essence. 

Don’t ignore those precious tools for you.

Feel your emotions well, and concentrate on your breathing while taking deep breath. 

You can find happiness. It’s because you have known unhappiness through your experiences. 

But it doesn’t only mean you can compare both. It means your painful experiences were also opportunities to search for a higher consciousness level. 

For those experiences, you needed this body and your emotions. 

And in your deepest place, there is a place of complete bliss and delight and peace. 

That is where infinite love is waiting for you. 

I am waiting for you. 

For today 26/Aug/’16 #Limitless #Quotesforlife #livehealingly 

For today 26/Aug/2016

It’s your own journey of your life. 

Whatever happens, stay calm or at least try to do so. 

You feel feelings, but feelings are not you. Or you control yourself, but your mind is not you, too. 

You are more than that. 

You are an observer of those part of yourself. 

It will be easier for you to find a way to stay calm if you observe what you think or how you feel. And let them go. They always only come and go. 

And it will become easier for you to find whatever you need so that you acquire the power of observation to yourself and concentration to yourself. 

When you are overwhelmed by your feelings, or your own reaction, that is the time when you are losing connection with your essence, and when you are not in the present, but you can look for the way that continues being connected to the essence simply because you experience such time. 

Be patient with yourself longer than before and please do not treat yourself as a fool. 

Believe in your limitless potential that you don’t perceive yet. 

You are much more splendid, stronger, wiser and fuller of love than you whom you think. 

There is always more than you know. 

For today 23/Aug/ ’16 #stillness #sayyes #livehealingly 

For today 23/Aug/2016

Say yes to yourself because you are good enough. And say no to everything that take your power away. 

Yes means yes, and no means no. 

But keep in mind that “no” isn’t to conflict with yourself nor to fight against enemy of outside. 

Can you imagine what will happen in the outside, if enemy of outside is a part of you which you deny actually, and if you recognize it and if you get along with it peacefully in your inside? 

Your world changes into peaceful. 

That is actually the fact you don’t want to accept. 

Get your own insights from stillness. 

There is no one but only you in this infinite universe.