Possibility and hope 4th / Feb / 2019

29/July/2018 #livehealingly ‪#LOVELOUD ‬

<The song of a bush warbler in a forest and the murmuring of the river. >

This is my healing and I would love to share this with all of you and send my unconditional love from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you always.

I recently reconfirmed that I am an artist, spiritual messenger and spiritual healer.

I always pray that each of us keeps connecting with deep inside of oneself and tasting the infinite love.

Lots of love,


14th/May/2018 #livehealingly ‪#AWAKENING ‬

All is settled by self-love.

This universe has materialized from the infinite love.

We are love itself much more than our images of the love, even if some people don’t recall it yet.

Therefore we have to stop condemning ourselves and forgive ourselves.

Forgiveness means love.

Of course it includes also the most unforgivable side.

And it means also including ourselves whom we are not able to forgive in the present moment. (e.g. being angry or abusive or any negative side.)

Its effects are not only for ourselves, but also on creating the peaceful world because it will inevitably happen that we stop condemning other people and forgive them.

It’s because our reality is just a reflection of our relationship with ourselves.

You will see there will appear the heaven here.

We were born to sense these experiences bodily.

It doesn’t mean that we have to go through our life strictly but the purpose of love is that we experience the life to be full of delight.

Taste it and enjoy it.


19/Feb/’17 #quote ‪#livehealingly #Enlightenment ‬

I am calling you. 

I am calling you ever since you have begun to ignore oneself.

Recall who you truly are. 

Self-deprecation isn’t humble. It’s underestimate and violence to oneself. 

I am calling you from the infinite universe. 

10/Jan/’17 #livehealingly ‪#universalmoments #QuotesForLife ‬

A perfect beauty is everywhere.

Take deep breath and relax. 

When you are stillness, you will find the same beauty in your inside. In that moment, you are connecting with the infinite universe of love.

25/Dec/’16 ‪#Alchemist ‬‪#Ascendant ‬#livehealingly 

All is an internal experience…

There is the world which you cannot understand only by words. It is necessary to allow oneself to experience an unfamiliar. 

Choose not a thought but an experience. 

All experiences are your most precious thing in life. 

You are a victim and also you are an assaulter too. You are love and also you are hatred too. You are God and also you are devil too. 

You are all, all of them including unwritten. 

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25/Oct/’16 #Love #quoteoftheday #livehealingly 

Meet yourself.

You’re not your egos but the existence of whole universe.

In your deep inside, love is waiting for you.

Love is not the thought you should do but feelings but not emotional.

I’ll meet you there. 

16/Oct/’16 #Love #QuoteOfTheDay #livehealingly 

Love and Peace are inside of you. 

Everything is perfect. It’s not only a good time but also a bad time.

For today 6/Sep/’16 #livehealingly #mysticmessages #quoteoftheday #QuantumMechanics 

For today 6/Sep/’16

We are always asked which we choose between fear or love. 

Can you hug someone who is attacking you? 

Can you love someone who lives on the street as a homeless? 

Can you hold stranger who seems to be lazy? 

That means we are always asked if we love ourselves that is our part of selves. 

In one of my mystical experience, I have been touched by tremendous unconditional love which contains the whole universe. 

It taught me that each of us doesn’t actually separate from other people who are just a part of us, and we are existence of only one in this universe having each body to taste unconditional love. 

And also taught me that that is why we were coming in this world. 

We needed each body because of realizing unconditional love through each experience with body and emotions and mind. Otherwise we can never taste an awesome unconditional love. 

We can easily deceive ourselves and consider the separation from others because of having each body and egos, and can also easily deny others because of denying a part of oneself with correctness or etceteras, to protect our ego selves. 

If we were one existence, can you imagine what happens? 

The world becomes peace if each of us could admit and love a part that each doesn’t want to accept. 

We all know this unconsciously. 

We are asked, in every moment, whether we run away from other existence, who is actually a part of ourselves, by fear or are able to love that part. 

Have you ever noticed someone is talking about experience which is totally different from yours even if both experienced an event under the same situation? 

In quantum physics, it was revealed that it immediately changes by being observed, when observer observes it. 

It reveals that you and other people taste each different experience in the same situation. It’s because each of us sees different event there by each characteristics and needs. 

Each of us is living in journey of each own life, that has different pace or different distance or different courses, with each purpose to achieve each mission. 

There is no need to compare to others among us. 

There is no need to be corrected by other people. 

Things only happen.  

And we are only asked what we choose to experience from there. 

Fear or Love. 

All existence seems different with purpose, but everyone is precious and respected unconditionally. 

Because we are oneness. 

We are love itself. 

※This understanding is based on my own mystical experience. 

Thank you for reading until the end.