18/Oct/’16 #happiness #livehealingly #Enlightenment 

For happiness, you have to value your spirit and listen to your physical needs. 

Respect yourself. 

You have been given your character and sensitivity. All you need to realize is how to use those presents for this universe.

For today 26/Aug/’16 #Limitless #Quotesforlife #livehealingly 

For today 26/Aug/2016

It’s your own journey of your life. 

Whatever happens, stay calm or at least try to do so. 

You feel feelings, but feelings are not you. Or you control yourself, but your mind is not you, too. 

You are more than that. 

You are an observer of those part of yourself. 

It will be easier for you to find a way to stay calm if you observe what you think or how you feel. And let them go. They always only come and go. 

And it will become easier for you to find whatever you need so that you acquire the power of observation to yourself and concentration to yourself. 

When you are overwhelmed by your feelings, or your own reaction, that is the time when you are losing connection with your essence, and when you are not in the present, but you can look for the way that continues being connected to the essence simply because you experience such time. 

Be patient with yourself longer than before and please do not treat yourself as a fool. 

Believe in your limitless potential that you don’t perceive yet. 

You are much more splendid, stronger, wiser and fuller of love than you whom you think. 

There is always more than you know. 

For today 27/Aug/’16 

For today 27/Aug/’16

Speak with your words. 

And don’t mind whatever other people think of you. We use word in a different meaning each. 

When it was negative one, you can use it for excuse to give up on your dream. 

Do you want it?

On the other hand, you have to be mindful of what you are talking, it’s simply because talking to someone is actually talking to oneself. 

That is your beliefs and we repeatedly brainwash oneself by it internally and externally. 

Your happiness is up to you. 

For today 22/Aug/ ’16 #livehealingly #higherconsciousness 

For today 22/Aug/2016

You don’t know your true self while you think there is good and evil, or correctness and wrongness. You attempt to avoid bad thing and your attitude attracts bad thing unfortunately. 

It’s because you turn attention to these bad thing. 

That’s the law of attraction, law of the universe. 

You must go higher level than good and evil level. 

For example, even if you choose good side, while you choose, you deny other side within this level. You deny or criticize people, including a part of yourself, of evil side because you believe your righteousness.

But in fact, actually there is always many side in this whole world. And as you know, if the time and a country change, the sense of values changes. 

All we must do inside of us is to find a level of the consciousness including all of them without watching things at a level of the right and wrong. 

It’s because we are here to grow up and to get wider our consciousness and it leads us to taste true unconditional love if we found such a level. 

For today 20/Aug/ ’16 #livehealingly #youchoose #enjoyyourcoice 

For today 20/Aug/2016

We play each drama in each life.

One sees one’s own world that one wants to see as reality consciously or unconsciously.

One invites others into one’s stage, and each plays one’s drama which each wants to play.

You always choose whether you participate in the drama of others.

But others continue arresting you even if you do not participate in the drama of other’s scenario.

Therefore if you are mindful of being here and now, it is seen one enters or leaves your life while one plays one’s drama even if you do nothing.

And I notice that I, like others do, myself plays my own drama along the scenario which myself imagines in that way.

It is splendid to play a drama.

It is possible for the best play in this life that the position becomes unsatisfactory, and looks for the next position, and finds it.

Because I am free to choose which position to play.

A drama banzai! 

For today 17/Aug/ ’16 #livehealingly #awareness #choice 

For today 17/Aug/2016

All are the matters of self-criticism or self-abnegation, not someone’s words or attitudes.

Even if the start was it.

We all have tasted wounded experience and to avoid a similar situation, we let those point of view indwell unconsciously and those deny ourselves.

We live as if those are our own and have totally forgotten why we let those point of view indwell.

We eventually lose our-true-selves.

Unfortunately, we keep being ruled by those if we aren’t conscious about it.

A thousands of thoughts come and go in your head. They are only a thought. It’s always influenced by a trend of the times.

Therefore we have to discriminate if it’s useful for our happiness or not…

Who wants to find happiness? 

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For today 15/Aug/2016 #livehealingly #circleoflove 

For today 15/Aug/2016

Wounded heart who only knows egos lives only small.

Because they don’t know how they are loved and accepted, and they believe it’s because they are people-pleaser rigidly.

Tell them that you love them and encourage them to be them as they are even if they hardly listen to you.

Or if you notice that you are one of wounded heart, talk to them that you understand what it’s like.

And also let them know how you feel.

The conversations with the person are most important in the life.

People are waiting to have an honest conversation with you. 

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