For today 5/Sep/’16 #spiritual #livehealingly #instinct 

For today 5/Sep/’16

Always follow your instincts. 

Your instincts lead you in the right direction for journey of your life. 

There is time when an answer is not given you immediately even if you desperately need it. 

To be led, you need to surrender to unknown and to let go of control desires. 

When you could let go of it, you will find the joy of flowing that meant the true life. 

The life continue changing and flowing, as cells or the universe do.

We consist of body and mind and spirit and soul. 

It’s not only body and mind. 

For today 8/Sep/’16 #willpower #livehealingly #ChangeYourMind 

Say what you need.

Otherwise no one ever notices that needs

Because we tend not to notice ordinary things. 

If a person you told didn’t listen to you, search for another person at different places. 

There is surely someone who listens to what you need and who gives you one’s hands. 

Don’t give up on too early. 

People love seeing what they believed causes a miracles. 

It’s simply because it thrills them and they can feel what love exists there. 

For today 12/Sep/’16 #addictionrecovery #livehealingly #LoveYOUmore 

See it.

Feel it.

Taste it.

You are not weak. You have a sensitive sense to comprehend the truth directly but unfortunately didn’t know how to deal with it. And you might get through psychological problems that were caused by it. 

You know why?

It’s because you are actually one of messengers to enlighten people about what is important for human beings. 

You know what hurts you and how awful it is. 

That is not the final round, you can use your experiences to reveal the truth to the world. 

Oh, don’t rush. 

Here is a chance to choose. You can use it as horrible experiences to blame other people and also try to forget it. Or you can use it to accept those experiences as a universal but important issue for human and consider it as an opportunity to realize how love is important for human and to spread out love which you know exactly. 

Which world do you want to live in? It’s your choice. 

I am addictive of the several issues. I still tend to codependency, was a workaholic, and a chain smoker, and also a sex addict, and have an eating disorder. 

Those base is the same. I didn’t know how to love myself. I didn’t know how I felt. I didn’t know how to treat myself as a valuable existence appropriately. 

I still tend not to give attention to my needs and I know I am easily able to fall into the addiction of something if I didn’t give attention enough to my needs. 

That is my life. 

I am learning how to harmonize between understanding through my mystical experiences and reality which is based on my experience of the childhood. 

For today 3/Sep’16 #strength #livehealingly #YourWorld #makeadifference #journeytohappiness 

For today 3/Sep/’16

When you are in a difficult situation and feel suffering from it, talk to yourself that you have strength to change it by widening your point of view. 

However difficult it may be, solution is always in a higher perspective. 

And you can use that difficult situation as a guide to the higher levels of consciousness. 

But let’s keep in mind that whatever you choose is right way for yourself, for your life. 

All of us understand the spiritual point of view of the leader through experience. 

It might be ups and downs sometimes, and that is called your life. 

You don’t need to be disappointed about it but it’s okay if you feel that way. 

With the same condition, no one can compare choices you have chosen and another choice you didn’t choose because you can not live in different choice in the past.

Even if you can compare it with someone else’s life, it is nonsense because you have a different senses and you are actually not that person. 

It would be more enjoyable to be yourself than following and imitating someone else. 

You can take another choice and taste it now with a different perspective.  

You have only now, only present now. 

Enjoy your life. 

For today 31/Aug/’16 #YouAreLove #livehealingly #ChangePerspective 

For today 31/Aug/’16 

You are discharging your precious energy nonsensically while complaining or judging someone. 

It is described as you are unconcerned about your own happiness. 

You must find a way to solve it for your own happiness. That is not to change someone else but you. 

It’s simply because you are worthy of happiness and always have an opportunity and potential to create a new reality. 

You are amazing.

If you don’t use your power for your happiness right now, when and who will? 

For today 29/Aug/’16 #love #livehealingly #LightingTheWorld 

For today 29/Aug/’16

Go outside or inside. 

Look for your true self by leaving a house, or search for the deep deep inside. 

You are the only one who can find your true self, and who can utilize your true self at this world consciously. 

No one else can. 

Don’t you remember why you came here? 

Don’t you want to know yet your true power? 

If answer is no, you won’t be able to experience joy of living yet. 

If answer is yes, listen to the voice that whispers from your heart right now.

That’s not someone’s or mine. 

You have everything you need even if you are under any circumstances now and even if you are unable now to see whole you have. 

You are light that lights up the world. 

You are love to overflow. 

I have experienced Oneness with the universe (love), or Wholeness of the universe (love) and that’s why I can tell you that you can as well. 

Your soul is calling your name right now…

For today 28/Aug/’16 #blissful #livehealingly #higherconsciousness 

For today 28/Aug/’16

Your emotions and your physical senses guide you to your essence. 

Don’t ignore those precious tools for you.

Feel your emotions well, and concentrate on your breathing while taking deep breath. 

You can find happiness. It’s because you have known unhappiness through your experiences. 

But it doesn’t only mean you can compare both. It means your painful experiences were also opportunities to search for a higher consciousness level. 

For those experiences, you needed this body and your emotions. 

And in your deepest place, there is a place of complete bliss and delight and peace. 

That is where infinite love is waiting for you. 

I am waiting for you. 

For today 26/Aug/’16 #Limitless #Quotesforlife #livehealingly 

For today 26/Aug/2016

It’s your own journey of your life. 

Whatever happens, stay calm or at least try to do so. 

You feel feelings, but feelings are not you. Or you control yourself, but your mind is not you, too. 

You are more than that. 

You are an observer of those part of yourself. 

It will be easier for you to find a way to stay calm if you observe what you think or how you feel. And let them go. They always only come and go. 

And it will become easier for you to find whatever you need so that you acquire the power of observation to yourself and concentration to yourself. 

When you are overwhelmed by your feelings, or your own reaction, that is the time when you are losing connection with your essence, and when you are not in the present, but you can look for the way that continues being connected to the essence simply because you experience such time. 

Be patient with yourself longer than before and please do not treat yourself as a fool. 

Believe in your limitless potential that you don’t perceive yet. 

You are much more splendid, stronger, wiser and fuller of love than you whom you think. 

There is always more than you know. 

For today 27/Aug/’16 

For today 27/Aug/’16

Speak with your words. 

And don’t mind whatever other people think of you. We use word in a different meaning each. 

When it was negative one, you can use it for excuse to give up on your dream. 

Do you want it?

On the other hand, you have to be mindful of what you are talking, it’s simply because talking to someone is actually talking to oneself. 

That is your beliefs and we repeatedly brainwash oneself by it internally and externally. 

Your happiness is up to you. 

For today 25/Aug/’16 #livehealingly #yourlife #sayyes 

For today 25/Aug/2016

No one wants to be blamed.  

When you had a hard time you might consider that the world is helpless or hopeless sometimes. 

Or you may complain about something you can’t change. 

What if you hadn’t yet noticed the present that the world had already provided?

What if your mind hadn’t yet been opened enough?

You can change your point of view, change your reaction to action and change your way of thinking to more constructive one. 

You are worth trying those changes. And you can change and create the new world. 

Even if you failed, please don’t give up on yourself and keep on to the end.

It is too early that many people give up on their dreams. 

But lastly keep in mind that whichever way you choose is okay for your journey of your life, because it’s only yours. 

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