You can not let someone else except yourself understand something. 

Actually it’s literally yourself who you see in outside in a certain dimension. It’s not about psychological projection. In that dimension, no one can see someone else. Literally we are connected and influence at elementary particle level each other all the time. 

If you want the world of happiness, you should understand this…

If you can be happy every moment with every side of yourself, it’s that you are automatically creating your field of happiness as well which will influence other’s fields absolutely. 

It’s you can create the world of happiness. 

You are a creator of your world. 

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Meet yourself.

You’re not your egos but the existence of whole universe.

In your deep inside, love is waiting for you.

Love is not the thought you should do but feelings but not emotional.

I’ll meet you there. 

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For happiness, you have to value your spirit and listen to your physical needs. 

Respect yourself. 

You have been given your character and sensitivity. All you need to realize is how to use those presents for this universe.

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Happy person doesn’t think happy but feel happy.

There is a huge difference between thinking and feeling. 

If you want happiness, you have to decide to choose to be happy whatever circumstance you are in, even when you think you are not happy. 

Neither compare it with someone nor force yourself to think so. 

Open enough your eyes to see things as miracles that you can’t help thanking. 

You have the six senses, including the five senses to feel. Use those, for your own happiness. Intuition is powerful tool for journey of your life.

This world may prove of worth enough to live happily. 

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For today 3/Sep/’16

When you are in a difficult situation and feel suffering from it, talk to yourself that you have strength to change it by widening your point of view. 

However difficult it may be, solution is always in a higher perspective. 

And you can use that difficult situation as a guide to the higher levels of consciousness. 

But let’s keep in mind that whatever you choose is right way for yourself, for your life. 

All of us understand the spiritual point of view of the leader through experience. 

It might be ups and downs sometimes, and that is called your life. 

You don’t need to be disappointed about it but it’s okay if you feel that way. 

With the same condition, no one can compare choices you have chosen and another choice you didn’t choose because you can not live in different choice in the past.

Even if you can compare it with someone else’s life, it is nonsense because you have a different senses and you are actually not that person. 

It would be more enjoyable to be yourself than following and imitating someone else. 

You can take another choice and taste it now with a different perspective.  

You have only now, only present now. 

Enjoy your life. 

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For today 2/Sep/’16

Be an expert. 

Be in a professional. 

It doesn’t mean that you are getting money from that.


Be you. 

Be yourself.  

Live in yourself.  

Be proud of yourself.

Be proud of who you are. 

Be proud of whatever you do.

All is perfect, it’s simply because you are. 

When I see everything, I can see people who had gathered to create it with love and nature which we are using.

There is universal love there. 

If there is no intention of universe that is inside of you, nobody can see, feel and taste it. 

The intention of universe is unconditional love. 

I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for everything, especially you. 

Thank you…

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For today 31/Aug/’16 

You are discharging your precious energy nonsensically while complaining or judging someone. 

It is described as you are unconcerned about your own happiness. 

You must find a way to solve it for your own happiness. That is not to change someone else but you. 

It’s simply because you are worthy of happiness and always have an opportunity and potential to create a new reality. 

You are amazing.

If you don’t use your power for your happiness right now, when and who will? 

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For today 28/Aug/’16

Your emotions and your physical senses guide you to your essence. 

Don’t ignore those precious tools for you.

Feel your emotions well, and concentrate on your breathing while taking deep breath. 

You can find happiness. It’s because you have known unhappiness through your experiences. 

But it doesn’t only mean you can compare both. It means your painful experiences were also opportunities to search for a higher consciousness level. 

For those experiences, you needed this body and your emotions. 

And in your deepest place, there is a place of complete bliss and delight and peace. 

That is where infinite love is waiting for you. 

I am waiting for you. 

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For today 27/Aug/’16

Speak with your words. 

And don’t mind whatever other people think of you. We use word in a different meaning each. 

When it was negative one, you can use it for excuse to give up on your dream. 

Do you want it?

On the other hand, you have to be mindful of what you are talking, it’s simply because talking to someone is actually talking to oneself. 

That is your beliefs and we repeatedly brainwash oneself by it internally and externally. 

Your happiness is up to you. 

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For today 19/Aug/2016

If there is someone who you don’t yet tell about your love enough, tell them now if you can. 

Tell them how much you love and how you care. 

Because we all can die unexpectedly, and you could be the one of those today, and if you don’t tell about your love now, your regrets will remain eventually. 

We have only now. 

I lost opportunities of telling my love to my grandfather, and to my older brother who died when I was three-year-old. 

And moreover I didn’t apologize, because of my anger, to my ex-boyfriend who died of the traffic accident and that his death caused my eyesight problem.

Or moreover I didn’t talk about how I care to my friend who died while she gave birth and that her sudden death caused my aphonia, and to other friend who killed herself. 

And I realized that those eyesight problem and the aphonia came from my deep regrets. 

That’s why I decided not to miss any opportunity to tell my love to my dear people. 

…I love you all! 

This time of the last year, I was told that my father didn’t have time to already remain from a doctor, and it was when I decided to take him home from the hospital.

To my father, 

Even if I have fortunately experienced the connection of the universe of love, and even if I already feel not loneliness when I am not “I ” anymore, or even if I often told you about my love and gratitude while hugging you or holding your hand in the last month, but I still miss you, my heart still aches deeply and a lot of tears still flow down. 

I loved you so much more than ever. 

I took care of you in any ways. 

One year before you die, your body were paralyzed and you were an aphasia by cerebral hemorrhage, and moreover you lost excretion control lastly, but I never thought that I wanted to stop care of you. 

No, adversely, I kept being thankful for your having accepted my care, for opportunities that had been given, for being able to tell you my gratitude. 

Thank you for your deep unconditional love and for all time that I spent with you… 

After he was operated for the stomach cancer five years ago, we both noticed somehow that his last moments were not so far, even if no one said that. 

It led me to realize how I loved him, and I am truly grateful for that understanding that had me decided to come home to spend time with him together for last five years. 

I truly love you and will love you forever…

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