Let them a teacher…

Everyone you encounter is a best teacher for deepening and broadening your consciousness at the moment.

Because however you see who they are, everyone is yourself unmistakably.

For knowing yourself more deeply, let them a teacher of you, by not through their advice but observing yourself in alert.

When you do this, your gratitude for them will arise spontaneously.

Because you align yourself with your pure essence.


29/July/2018 #livehealingly ‪#LOVELOUD ‬

<The song of a bush warbler in a forest and the murmuring of the river. >

This is my healing and I would love to share this with all of you and send my unconditional love from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you always.

I recently reconfirmed that I am an artist, spiritual messenger and spiritual healer.

I always pray that each of us keeps connecting with deep inside of oneself and tasting the infinite love.

Lots of love,


1/Jan/2017 #livehealingly ‪#PURPOSE #Oneness ‬

Hello, new year.

I will more trust you, the law of universe and be with you.

I am an absolute spirit which is a part of the universe.

— — — — —

I talked to a Japanese white-eye who was singing in my garden today. It was my gratitude to the universe.

3/Nov/’16 #livehealingly #Oneness 

You are my opportunities to meet myself, to recognize my egos, and to experience our divineness.

I am blissful for being a part of whole existence that is called Oneness.

There is only infinite light of love there that is eternity. 

#Oneness #soulpurpose #beyondtimeandspace 

「今」この瞬間を生きる #faith #rightnow #spirituality #enlightenment #livehealingly 















そこからナビを設定して(初めて行く場所)車を走り出し…しばらく走った頃にお腹が空いていることに気づく( ˊᵕˋ )


知らない場所へナビを利用して出かけるときは、よく高架と下の道の違いが分からなくて間違えたりすることがあるので、時間に余裕を持って出かけるのが常なのですが、もう委ねちゃっていますから、全てがキチンとなるようにことが運ぶことは分かっていたので(何よりも「宇宙の法則」を信頼してます)、コンビニで買い物、レジのお姉ちゃんに感動して感謝して、お姉ちゃんとそんな話をゆっくりしたのにも関わらず、先方宅に着いたのは午後2時半ピッタリ。right on time! 





18/Oct/’16 #happiness #livehealingly #Enlightenment 

For happiness, you have to value your spirit and listen to your physical needs. 

Respect yourself. 

You have been given your character and sensitivity. All you need to realize is how to use those presents for this universe.

16/Oct/’16 #Love #QuoteOfTheDay #livehealingly 

Love and Peace are inside of you. 

Everything is perfect. It’s not only a good time but also a bad time.

For today 8/Sep/’16 #willpower #livehealingly #ChangeYourMind 

Say what you need.

Otherwise no one ever notices that needs

Because we tend not to notice ordinary things. 

If a person you told didn’t listen to you, search for another person at different places. 

There is surely someone who listens to what you need and who gives you one’s hands. 

Don’t give up on too early. 

People love seeing what they believed causes a miracles. 

It’s simply because it thrills them and they can feel what love exists there. 

It’s just an information. #livehealingly #gratitude 

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