You are my God (the Self) who appears in another person’s body and who gives me an opportunity to meet my ego self in past and to pour true love as pure essence.
It means that that part of me completely integrates into wholeness, beingness.

This experience always impresses me deeply about the perfection of existence itself. 🙏💗✨


18/Oct/’16 #happiness #livehealingly #Enlightenment 

For happiness, you have to value your spirit and listen to your physical needs. 

Respect yourself. 

You have been given your character and sensitivity. All you need to realize is how to use those presents for this universe.

For today 2/Sep/’16 #BeYou #livehealingly #unconditionallove 

For today 2/Sep/’16

Be an expert. 

Be in a professional. 

It doesn’t mean that you are getting money from that.


Be you. 

Be yourself.  

Live in yourself.  

Be proud of yourself.

Be proud of who you are. 

Be proud of whatever you do.

All is perfect, it’s simply because you are. 

When I see everything, I can see people who had gathered to create it with love and nature which we are using.

There is universal love there. 

If there is no intention of universe that is inside of you, nobody can see, feel and taste it. 

The intention of universe is unconditional love. 

I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for everything, especially you. 

Thank you…

To all followers and visitors

To all followers and visitors…

My gratitude to you…

This is just a quick one. 
I’m so thankful for all of you to your support. Even if I don’t have much time to create an affirmative quote of “For today” for a while, I’m receiving your heart every minutes and I’d love to tell you about my gratitude.
 I truly appreciate you. 
Thank you for being there.

For today 24/July/2016 #livehealingly #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha 

If you decided, whatever you need comes into you immediately.

Actually it is always happening to us but there is a time when you do not realize it comes, or it may not be what you want. 
On the other hand, if you decided something consciously, whatever you need flows into you clearly immediately. 
And you would be grateful for the law of universe.
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