“Acceptance of genuine unconditional love”


True love has no condition and exists only in the non-dual world.

When we set conditions on love, it’s unfortunately changed into something else we can control with our mind.


The stronger our unconscious fear is and the more unhealed wounds of our past has been yet, the more unconsciously we tend to avoid to get hurt.


At the root of many fights can lie the pain of the unhealed wound and the fear of further getting hurt. That is, after all, a fear of physical death, and therefore the urge to avoid it becomes stronger as well, and the attack unavoidably tends to become violent.

When many of us face such fights, we tend to think about which is right and wrong and react in conformity with the interpretation. But actually, it never matters which is right at all. Because both, right and wrong just exists in the same dual world and always only creates either, the opposite poles. Unavoidably, it easily comes to become a new confrontation.

In this way, any words and actions from such a point of view based upon the interpretation almost always make things worse. At first glance, even if we seem to have been able to solve the problem, we are always forcing some people to do something, and they come to accumulate dissatisfaction in the invisible. And then their dissatisfaction eventually sparks into a new fight.

The only way to stop it is the acceptance of genuine unconditional love in the non-dual world. If it’s not the genuine love, we’ll never be able to stop the chain of fear, pain and sorrow into peace.

Okay, now we understand how the genuine unconditional love works. Then how and where can we find it?

We can find the genuine unconditional love through the liberation experience of the pure acceptance of our own past pain and sorrow. It’s through our heart, the innermost silence, and the connection of the non-dual world. 🙏💗✨


“The truth”


The truth frightens people who live in their illusions. In particular, the more people who are not connected to the innermost silence and do not live centered it, the greater the fear of the truth.

In other words, the more reliable we live centered the connection of the innermost silence, the easier we move to close to the truth and the more resonance we are with the rhythm of the universe.

Because that’s our natural state of true nature.

No matter how much the truth destroys our illusions, our true nature will never be broken. On the contrary, if we stay there and face with it when we are afraid, the illusions will be washed away with pain.

So, move forward to open more the mind to taste the profound non-dual world.🙏✨💗




When we don’t find steady connection with the innermost silence yet and are not alive with centering it, we often paralyze what we feel, we easily devote ourselves only to living in the same way as a person instead of observing what we’re doing and saying and of inspecting deep inside.

In the meantime, we are incredibly afraid of finding different ourselves from others, and so our ego even tends to try to maintain peace of mind so badly by eliminating people who are different because of its heavy fear.

That’s one of the way of ego-level to maintain peace of mind. And the mind unavoidably needs evil to be good all the time. In this way, we keep making a cause of battles, and thereby, we will keep ourselves away from the fact and can unconsciously avoid to face with ourselves as long as we are able to find evil outside.

Then, how can we create a true peace in the world?

In the first place is it possible?

No matter how hard we try to be right or we want others to be, it never comes true. It’s simply because however we think it is right with our perspective, it is never right for all other people. And no one can force others to accept fully we are the only one to be right. Because no one can be never the only one to be right.

Then what?

At least, if there’s a way, it will be only about each of us finding the true heaven that has always been existing in us and truly realizing there’s no evil and good at all.

And the most importantly, if our action doesn’t start spontaneously, then it means that fundamental change cannot occur in us and our world. Spontaneity is to naturally arise from our heart. It never comes from our mind, nor our sense of values, nor knowledge.
So, if our action doesn’t start spontaneously yet, then we will be still in the same phase to make an effort to control our life, and to be able to easily tend to become a victim as before. If so, while we should wait our natural spontaneity to arise and find steady connection with the innermost silence first. 🙏💗✨


“Desire and greed”


Desire is based on the recognition of “lack” and arises from the illusion that “if I get something, I can experience more than I do now.”

Greed comes from what the ego is addicted to stimulation of the brain reward system.

Desire also can develop to the point of greed.

Therefore, once we’re addicted to stimulation in our brain’s reward system, it becomes very difficult to stop it by willpower.

It is possible for anyone to stop it by some reason in temporary, but it won’t happen any change that fundamentally changes our behavior.

Those who have experienced addiction, and are recovering, know that fundamental change begins when we ourselves are connected to the innermost silence and get back our own spirituality.

Because both desire and greed unavoidably have extreme narrow visual field from the point of the ego and mind that recognize, and the mind can’t clearly observe ourselves because of our powerful judgment by values.

If you’ve ever wanted something and you’ve got it without observing it in detail, choose “don’t get it” once by the connection to your innermost silence when you want it. And observe what kind of emotions or thoughts you will experience at that time. How strong is the desire or the greed, and what kind of emotions or thoughts come from not being able to get it? Just observe them, then you will be clearly able to notice something you have never been aware of so far.

Then you’ll spontaneously see a different choice and will find yourself who is able to make a different choice. Simultaneously, fundamental change will happen in you.🙏💗✨




We start by developing our ego and realizing what’s good and what’s bad about us. Then, we realize what the “bad” brings to us. In most cases, it causes suffering and pain, so we try to be only good, and we become wanting only good things around us as well.

Some people say that if we do something bad, we will have a hard time, if we do something good, we will not only feel good, but also the world will change better, and say that that’s the law of cause and effect. And so they start to act like righteous people. Then, they start to insist on legitimacy of cruel treatment of what they consider “evil.”

However, their words and actions are clearly what they call “evil” itself, in turn, the fact unavoidably becomes making them an unacceptable fact for them. In this way, they become stuck in the contradiction and nowhere.

In the agony, some of us touch the Oneness beyond it and misunderstand as if they reached somewhere by it. But they are still alive in the dual-world of like “touch or not touch” and it means that they are strongly supported by their ego.

That is called the intelligent fool yet.

Transcendence is not any experience nor any accomplishment.

Transcendence is not any accumulation of knowledge, nor any keep on religious teachings.

Transcendence is to be existence itself, is to be the Oneness itself, and is to be the Consciousness itself.

Transcendence is to be the unconditional love itself.

Therefore, the Self has completely no separation such as “I” or “I enlightened” and there’s no individual existence to teach and to be taught at all. And thus there’s no effort and no doer at all.

There’s no ego, thus no cravings nor purpose completely. Of course, there’s no right and wrong at all. Moreover, there’s no past, nor future, and even nor present. There’s no time and space.

Only moment exists.

Only pure “being” remains.

Refreshingly simple and pure.

That’s transcendence.

In this sense, there is no existence other than existence itself, in other words, all is an expression of the Self, unconditional love itself. 🙏💗✨




At the level of the ego, no matter how hard reasonable we may be, we will never become perfect. No matter how hard we try, it’ll never be able to be close to perfect, and therefore, to us who identify ourselves with the ego, life will always be accompanied by difficulties, and will not escape the pain of blaming ourselves for not being perfect.

Our ego and reason exist not to learn how to control them or to monitor for us to live correctively, but only to experience the transcendent of them. That’s a reason. Because without them, we can never be able to have the experience of transcending them and also never be able to taste how it is.

Sooner or later, we are tired out of improving the ego and the lack of our reason, and so naturally, we get to a path to transcend them.

So, at the moment, keep trying to control the ego and to monitor them.
Because only when we get tired out of it, we can surrender totally and the path appears in front of us spontaneously.

Then we will be able to truly realize the role of ego in our life, and we will truly understand that it was not because we were not good enough, but only, our idea of the ego and reason had a limit.🙏💗✨




What is a drama?

Drama is created beyond our willpower by our ego, is a replay based on our unconscious interpretation of past pain, and is a futile attempt to get a different result.

It is an obsession with delusions that is to repair the past in the replay, and it’s also an illusion that if we could control the situation in the replay, the pain of the past might be healed.

There is no love in such drama for others or for ourselves, but there is only an obsession with illusions.

On the other hand, what we actually want is healing and freedom from the past.

However, the obsession is closely intertwined with past negative emotional experiences, so craving to repair the past are beyond willpower and powerful uncontrollably and it can become an addiction easily.

In this way, we are often swayed by our own powerful emotions uncontrollably by some trigger.

Therefore, no matter how much we wish to “stop doing this” when we are calm, it will never come true by willpower, and only when we realize and accept our own helplessness against our ego can we find a way to recover.

Until then, and every time we return to the point where we are swayed by our own powerful emotions, we return again into the drama and lose the present.

The drama is born when we identify our ego, emotions, body or etc. with ourselves. Therefore, drama can only exist at the level of the mind, and the moment we return to our true nature, we cannot live the drama or be influenced by our emotions.

And fortunately, the profound choices to return to our true nature is only made by ourselves when we can be calm enough to observe ourselves without any judgment.

We are not victims, nor assaulters, nor the ego, nor the mind, nor the body, nor the emotion, but our true nature, the existence transcends all of them.🙏💗✨




The stronger we identify the ego with ourselves, the deeper the suffering.
Because everyone knows the ego is always selfish, and our mind believes that selfish is bad, and that we must get rid of it. That’s why most of us try to control it which we never be able to control and so suffering arises.

The more we identify our body with ourselves, the greater the fear of losing life, in turn, the more we justify of our aggressiveness against anyone who threatens our lives.
Because our mind believes that it would become peace if anyone who threatens our lives could disappear.

The more we lie about our heart, the harder painful we feel, or the deeper our invisible wounds, or the more we paralyze what we feel unconsciously.
Because however people around us are pleased, our mind and our heart come to fall into contradiction and it makes us harder to live.

The less we are unaware of our true nature, the harder we touch the true depth of the world. On the other hand, the more we realize the truth and return to our true nature, the more we become aware how small the world we lived in was until then.
Because we cannot know anything deeply without a relative experience.

The more our mind wants to believe that we realized the truth, on the contrary, the smaller world we live in becomes, and the harder we can recognize that we’re caught by our ego.
Because our mind does not have eyes as high, wide, and profound as the consciousness does.

This world is fully Paradoxical.

The less we identify the ego, the body, the mind or whatsoever with ourselves, the more we naturally stop fighting between the mind and the ego, find ourselves in peaceful world, our heart becomes full of serene, we realize about true beauty of life or the truth profoundly, and the consciousness continues to expand.

Fortunately and unfortunately, to truly taste this paradoxical world and realize the true cosmos in our life, we all need the chaos, conflict or suffering of the world of ego and mind, in other words, we can never realize the true unconditional love or our true nature without them.🙏💗✨


“After a kind of an enlightenment”


After a kind of an enlightenment, we will continue to work on our own constant observation, continuation of Consciousness during meditation, and of peeling self-awareness off sticking with our ego, body or anything outside of us. In other words, we will deepen our self-awareness and firm up a sense of the SELF as our true nature which is separated from the ego that wants to be treated as special, be approved, be understood, teach others as specialists, or etc.

Then one day, we come to the perception that both our ego and our true nature are the same, like the front and the back of a coin, and we come to live as the state of being present that express both as part of the Consciousness. We come to enter a phase of letting go of effort more effortlessly and our doing superficially seems the same as before but becomes the more profound. About the same time, pure joy comes to overflow from us who are in the simplicity of the state of being present.

Thus, even after we have attained a kind of an enlightenment, we will gradually continue to transform ourselves into mere beings living as the Consciousness itself, and everything – our awareness or our sense of the SELF, the Consciousness – will just get the more and more profound.

(This does not mean that the profoundness will exactly deepen in this order.)

There is no end of realization nor final form for the Consciousness. Because our true nature is formless existence in the timeless and spaceless.

We always continue to exist only in the present moment.🙏💗✨


“A letter from the heaven”


Dear beloved people,


Your heart is full of sorrow or suffering and you may wish to be saved, or you feel like there are many people who need to be saved, but we’ve been being saved even before we are born.

Or you may ask how to be happy or how to make people happy, but in fact, no one can ever be truly unhappy.

Or you feel you lost your way and you may ask how to get home in the heaven, or you may think you finally remembered again. But in fact, we’ve never left there and have been being always in the heaven.

It’s just because you’ve forgotten your natural connection to Consciousness (=the heaven) and how, so you feel like desperately want to get it back.

In fact, it’s what we all go through and they are just our necessary experiences until finding the innermost heaven and realizing we are itself.

We can never actually lose the connection to the Consciousness (=the heaven) and can also never leave here, the heaven.


What we need to recall again is not the forgotten memory in our head, but the innermost sense of us.

Truth is that we are always here at the heaven in the timeless present and we can even never lose love, because we are unconditional love itself.

Our experiences in our individual awareness or all we see are just reflections of our awareness and they are only illusions.

All is always inside us relatively each of our minds and our hearts.

Just go ahead.

Just go ahead and do what you feel you should do. And then whenever you feel wispy unharmonious, follow that intuition.

After all, we continue to consider that we must save people until we realize that we ourselves needed such beings, or we are satisfied that we found a way back home in the heaven until we realize that we’ve never left the heaven before, or we keep fighting until we realize that we’ve just kept fighting against our own illusions.

All we always need is to ask ourselves why we are saying and doing that and repeat it over and over again until we can clearly observe ourselves more profoundly without jumping at a plausible answer. Because we all can change our own sayings and doings only after we can observe ourselves without any judgment. And that’s because all we want is true peace and love.

Until then, just go ahead and do what you feel like you should do.

At least, our doing absolutely leads us to the next for ourselves.

All is always well.

Even if we can not accept this fully now, but the consciousness always does and when our awareness are ready we will be able to recall as much as we need.

All is well.🙏💗✨


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