“From spiritual asleep within the physical awakening, to authentic spiritual awakening.”


When we identify ourselves strongly with the ego, body, or anything other than our true nature, we are basically very critical of ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally, and force to live the right way on ourselves within the narrow sense of values both consciously and unconsciously. And the more unconscious about it we are, as a matter of course, the more critical we become of others as well and tend to force as same as ourselves, unconsciously.

Unfortunately, the conscious of identifying with anything other than our true nature is inevitably to be a low point of view and a narrow field of view, and unless we can observe ourselves away from that identification, it consequently becomes difficult to recognize movements of our own thoughts and emotions as well.

Then, what happens next?

With the low point of view and the narrow field of view, the more unconscious about it we are, the more difficult it is to see things differently, and even more to listen to other people’s suggestions and advice as well.

Furthermore, because we are forcing on ourselves to live the right way, consequently we take away an opportunity to be aware from ourselves, and the ego is tendency to believe blindly that ‘I’m OK’ or ‘I’m doing well,’ which is characteristic of the ego, rather than facing the facts. As a result, we even more end up in a vicious circle of being sticked to the dual world.

That means that we will just continue to live in the dual world without noticing anything?

Now, thankfully, we have about 90% subconscious minds and about 10% conscious minds. And it is this subconsciousness that always supports our spiritual awakening. In other words, that’s why there’s a subconsciousness.

And this subconsciousness, through difficulties and challenges, gives time to raise fundamental doubts toward ourselves or to observe ourselves more deeply, and inevitably the opportunity to listen to the innermost silence.

In fact, difficulties and challenges are attracted by our own subconsciousness to encourage spiritual awakening of the still untouched area. Therefore, if we face the difficulties or challenges, instead of ignoring or resisting, trust life itself, open our hearts and surrender ourselves to the unknown. In that way, it comes to be more possible to transcend the dual world.

Nevertheless, no matter how spiritual awakening progresses, the traps that everyone tends to fall into are arrogance and a desire for intimacy. It is the resurrection of the identification with the ego, but at the same time is suggested loneliness, a desire for approval, and the unhealed wounds that remain behind it and so on.

Please recognize and accept ourselves as we are if we found such ourselves. Only when we give ourselves enough acceptance, unconditional love can we release ourselves into inherent freedom.

It means, of course, a deepening spiritual awakening.🌈🙏✨


“What only you can do for yourself.”


Transcending the mind of the dual world is neither a special experience nor is for a special person. It is possible for everyone, but especially for those who listen to the innermost longings and align with their true nature.

Thereby, if one of your innermost longing is transcendence of the dual world, only if you certainly feel it, then you have to make it your first priority to find peace within you in silence or in solitude, even if you who identify with the ego fear loneliness.

Once you find the inner peace, even if someone doesn’t guarantee you, even if someone doesn’t recognize your worth, you will become the one who can live ‘now’ as an unwavering existence.

Loneliness is no longer lonely, nor are you chased by the flow of time, but in the profoundness, vastness, and richness of the eternal ‘moment,’ you will be able to enjoy and taste your existence as you are, feel the beautifulness of all life through the skin, and even will be able to glorify the best part of life at the non-dual world far beyond the individual or the ego.

Loneliness is ascended from mental to spiritual, and becomes an essential to the connection with your true nature.

And the connection with your true nature becomes an essential for accessing to authentic wisdom, and you won’t even have necessary to confirm the answer with someone any longer.

But these can not be fulfilled while you don’t listen to what the innermost wants, and is obsessed by every superficial issues.

Thus, be alone. Be friends with the innermost silence. Find peace there. And make out what your innermost longings are.

These can definitely lead you to the most unwavering point at spiritual level.

That’s something that can’t be achieved by anyone, but you.🙏✨🌈


“What lies far behind desire.”


The desire for authority or power represents a stubborn belief in the mind that without it there is no power as a being, no one listens to you, and no one trusts you. On more deeply inspection of this, the mind believes that a person should be worthy the mind thinks only, and that those that are not its worthy are meaningless.

This belief at unconscious level easily suppresses a various emotions.

The energy of emotion can sublimate only after its existence is accepted, so when it that should be always liberated is suppressed, it causes nowhere to go and refracted, and it can be eventually appeared such as a physical disorder or as a sense of discrimination or impulsive rage and so on.

Such the desire for authority or power, and suppression of emotions, and so on are all within the illusion of mind of the dual world, and they continue to react at unconscious level until their existence is recognized and it’s taken an appropriate responses by the person.

Once we can place them under awareness, it eventually comes a phase to transcend that illusion, however, in many cases, it causes unconscious resistance rather than being recognized, and the resistance creates even more various problems, and thereby moreover continuing to strengthen the dual world of the mind.

Therefore, whatever desire it may be, we must pay close attention to where it comes from. What we are longing as our true nature is not to live correctly, but to this ‘awareness’ experience, ‘transcendence’ by. And that’s the best part of life, and in order to experience it, we’ve been creating a variety of challenges by ourselves.

Our ultimate joy is to experience the vastness or abundance of the moment ‘now,’ which is brought about by this ‘awareness,’ and thus, we are never weak being played with by great beings.

The truth is quite the opposite, we are the Consciousness itself that is far beyond individual, all lives here to transcend the dual world of the mind by using subconscious (our true nature, the Consciousness) and conscious (the ego) .

Everything is being prepared by the subconscious to awaken to these truths, and unfolded before every one of us.


So, have you been able to listen to the innermost silence whispering from the depths of your experiences?🙏🌈✨


“When we become victims.”


The moment we become victims is the moment when conscious that had directed toward ourselves and the ‘now’ until then, changed its directions toward people or situations, which shows that wounds that have not yet been accepted by ourselves remain at our unconscious level. It means that the wound still remains within the realm of the ego, and it requires to be recognized, forgiven, and accepted by ourselves. This is why the ego reacts to extremes, which is occurred to attract our attention by subconsciousness. In other words, such a state shows that our integration has not yet progressed and our parts still remain separated from each. And in order for them to be healed and integrated, and for us to live in the ‘now,’ our own attention is most needed above all.

Many minds are ashamed, but we don’t have to be ashamed of the ego’s reaction at all because the ego’s characteristic is that it reacts and moreover, our true nature is not the ego. On the other hand, it is also true that each of us is responsible for integrating all of our parts into wholeness as our true nature.

We all have physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects, and we need all of them to be healed, liberated, and integrated, to strengthen its connection with each and to develop all senses.

This unity of body, emotion, and spirit is what we call the Trinity.

Thus it is the ultimate joy of the Spirit that we live aligned with all of them as wholeness itself, but moreover, the most ultimate preciousness to the Consciousness is within every moment, every single moment from disjointed to the Trinity.

This is the main theme of the life.

Therefore, don’t forget that no matter how much we lose our connection to them, that everyone can bring all senses back, and that every moment we are here is precious and irreplaceable for the Consciousness, even if we cannot feel it that way at all.🙏✨🌈


“Know thyself.”


Know about yourself in great detail. Observe all about you, how your ego behaves, what the worldview underlying your unconscious words and actions is, where it came from, and why you have been taking it for granted, and so on.

When observing, it is important to keep a good distance from judging by values of the mind and to devote only to observe in detail. It means you need a quite high perspective where is without identifying yourself with the ego.

And also, understand what engrosses and impresses you, the purest and innermost.

Once your unconscious words and actions are brought under your awareness, it leaves the realm of the ego and can give you the freedom you can consciously make choices.

Those will be surely helpful to reconstruct your conscious life.


In this way, the more deeply we know ourselves, the more delicately we can understand people in detail, and the more we can be aware of the world of our own projection, the easier we come to get out of the drama of illusions that the mind creates.
And then we will be able to recognize how the dual world is created and also realize about our true nature.

Likewise, during while you go and come between you who completely identify with the ego and the Consciousness of observing totally away from the ego, the more you embrace yourself as you are, the more integration progresses. And eventually, with your devoted longing, the boundaries between ego and the Consciousness disappear, and you can become with the Oneness.

It can say that this is actually the internal experience as an ascension from the intentional life of the mind level to holy life that transcends the mind, which means all inside you come to align with your true nature. For instance, you seemingly choose something, but actually, ‘you’ no longer exist, so sensually individual self disappears and the only Consciousness comes to choose.

In fact, we never be separated from divine self and the heaven, nevertheless, it still gives us the feeling of ascension of our conscious of the mind into the Consciousness of the Oneness.🙏✨🌈


“What is an obstacle?”


In fact, happening or person most people consider as an obstacle is what gives us an opportunity to have a try on something different until then, to hesitate, or to transcend them all, to remember about our true nature and so on.

It means that for any of us it takes all of them to enjoy life as the Consciousness, and life has the ultimate joy of discovering our true nature that is far beyond the ego and is completely different in dimension.

Paradoxically, as soon as we consider them as obstacles, they become something to block our path in every way, and simultaneously as victims, we create the winners and losers of the illusion of overcoming obstacles, in our minds. That’s how our conscious creates everything at the dual world of the mind. And we call it as real.

Moreover, the world of illusion that seems to be reality continue to be created endlessly until we come to the point of spiritual awakening and the more we adhere to the perspective that we consider it as an obstacle, the greater increases its degree for us.

This is, in fact, definitely a reality until our conscious begins a spiritual awakening, and it seems as if truly wonderful to go beyond it as much as we know the pain of suffering and sadness.

On the other hand, it can be the dawn of spiritual awakening for those who have experienced that achievement enough but realize that there is something that has not yet been fulfilled within. That’s also when the reality that we believed before begins to change.

The truth is that it’s up to each of us who consciously and unconsciously decide how deep our spiritual awakening become. This does not mean that the deeper the spiritual awakening, the better. In fact, it’s just the authentic freedom, the part where we can entrust to the unknown, and that there’s also nothing to be changed here at all.

However, there are people who actually feel grief or suffering, and to them it is real, but in the non-dual world neither suffering nor sorrow exists as something to be eliminated, but within essential alignment with everything else.

Nevertheless, there is no need to deny or ignore those who grieve or suffer in front of us, only providing unconditional love as full acceptance if we can. Or it can be time to face ourselves for being unable to do that.

Our conscious lies either at spiritual sleeping, at spiritual awakening, or at all levels between.

What really needs for those who grieve or suffer is complete acceptance, unconditional love, and therefore, that’s why we can say that our ultimate longing is to return to our true nature = authentic love, and that everything between is all life itself.

In this respect, every obstacle we face is, in fact, nothing more than a gift from the subconscious that leads us from spiritual sleeping to awakening.

And there comes a point when we realize through everything that happenings or people that had previously been only obstacles were actually gifts from subconsciousness, our true nature. This is not given to us by someone, but is what we ourselves can reach as an inner awareness.

Here is the ultimate perfection and beauty, and totally different thing of the totally different dimension from the world seen or felt at the mind level.

In short, before spiritual awakening, obstacles give us an opportunity to overcome them, such as to have a try something in various ways, or to hesitate this or that, or to transcend them all to remember about our true nature, and so on. And after spiritual awakening, they give us an opportunity, as same as before, to align with our true nature much more deeper.

Thus, there are neither mistakes nor failures anywhere. In fact, in some realm of conscious, it is right seemingly and in the other realm it is only wrong seemingly.

Nevertheless, if you say that after a spiritual awakening, any obstacle never comes to happen, you will need to be paid more attention. It’s possible that the spiritual awakening you claim may be nothing more than a misunderstanding and moreover, you may be in the ego trap.

If you find out you are in the ego trap, then relax and recall that everything is just an opportunity, that there is no time nor space, and moreover, that our true nature are the Consciousness immortally to observe experiences all.

The Consciousness transcends all of the dual world.🌈🙏✨


“Life and death”


Death is a terrible issue for many people of our society. The death of a family member, of a partner, of a close friend, and so on bring us an intensive emotional experience. Because of that acute physical and mental pain, in many cases, we have even tried to get back calm by justifying revenge and treating those who have taken their lives as evil.

This reactions of many people in such a situation have not changed since ancient times, and its death awakens the intensive fear of death that we have secretly embraced, even strengthens our identification with our bodies or the egos, and even the fear of death more deeply.

On the other hand, in this situation, by going through the intense physical and mental pain, some people begin to ask for the first time, “What is death?” and “What is deep inside this intense pain?” It’s because, contrary to the delusions of the mind, by such the intense pain, they can come to a phase of being separated themselves from their identification with the body or the ego unexpectedly, and transcend their previous.

In other words, the death of those close to us means that can be ultimate key to opening the way to the innermost silence, which is necessary for us to transcend the identification with the body or the ego.


Don’t look away from the fear of death. The fear of death comes from our own identification with the body. Investigate deep inside and even deeper inside the fear of death.

When you are able to transcend its fear, you will be finally able to realize about authentic life.🙏✨💗




Truth can never be touched, seen or felt unless the heart is open. In other words, the more our hearts are opened, the more we are led to deeper truths.

The profoundness is reached by through our innermost silence.

Likewise, true self-confidence and self-acceptance do not come from taking some seminar or accomplishing something.

No matter how much money we make, no matter how great a job we get, what we will never be able to get, that is a connection with the Consciousness and that brings us true self-confidence and self-acceptance. We all reach there by connecting with our innermost silence, by aligning with our true nature.

And when we connect with the Consciousness, accepting ourselves as we are becomes so much more far natural than when we identified ourselves with the ego.

And the more we accept ourselves as we are, the more the world comes to return for us to natural state of richness and tenderness.🙏🌈✨


“The Consciousness says.”


Our minds ask to the innermost silence why we can’t be happy all the time. Then, the Consciousness says that everything is a self-evident truth.

The mind asks why you don’t try to let people understand the truth. The Consciousness says there’s no ‘I’ or ‘me’ anywhere, and ask in reverse, how it is possible to let people understand even further truth, if people never had transcended the dual world and even refuse to open their hearts.

The mind asks why we can’t stop tragedies and environmental destruction in the world, then the Consciousness replies that it’s because you want all, says if there’s no experience of the dual world of the mind then nobody can transcend it and also realize how life is precious profoundly, goes on to say, therefore, there’s nothing to grieve at all and so enjoy your life fully.

Then, even if people understand the correct way and everyone does it, then we can’t get rid of our misfortunes in this world…, is that what you say? asks again the mind.

Everything depends on where your conscious is, says the Consciousness. The world you see or the world you experience, everything changes by your awareness, says.

And therefore, the Consciousness goes on to say, for the Consciousness, the moment ‘now’ shines beautifully, and is a world full of vivid joy, but for those who see the world as hopeless only, it will remain the same unchanged world that is unsaved until they decide to change their perspective.

Is there any bridge to connect both? asks the mind.

There is. The only way is for any of you to find the same Consciousness within yourself that connects with everything. And that’s all you need, says the Consciousness finally.🙏✨🌈


Be in ‘now’


The more we try to change our reality, the more we move away from the ‘now’ and create our own suffering.

There are times when we need to be more careful than usual in order to be here ‘now’ and away from identifying ourselves with the ego.


Stubbornness comes from the fear that our minds have, and it creates a vicious circle that closes our hearts more tightly.

However, if we have ever faced our own fears, accepted them completely, and be released from them by ourselves, we can profoundly understand the fears that lie within a person’s stubbornness. And with that profound understanding, we can also offer people unconditional acceptance.

Conversely, if we react to someone’s stubbornness, it means that we need to get a higher perspective, move away from identifying ourselves with the ego, and observe much deeper inside.


Always stay at the state of spiritual awakening. To remain at the Consciousness means to be able to sense every beautifulness in the ‘now’, be quietly moved by its brilliance, dance with pure joy, or appreciate every tranquility.

There is no space or time for loneliness for nobody in the ‘now’.


the Consciousness transcends the ego and belongs to the non-dual world, and on the other hand, the conscious is in the mind of the dual world of before spiritual awakening.

Also, unlike delusions of the mind, complete spiritual awakening rarely occurs suddenly. Even mysterious experiences require us to go through many phases to be the Oneness literally in the ‘now’. In other words, we need to integrate all authentic wisdom we access through the innermost silence with the ‘now,’ and it means gradually becoming one with the Consciousness.🙏✨🌿


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