“Two ways to sharpen our inherent senses”


1). Continue to pose questions toward the innermost ourselves.

Have you ever dug deep enough into yourself?

In order to break out of the trickiness and the shallowness of our own mind, we use the method of posing questions toward the innermost ourselves. The significance is to continue questions again and again, not thinking with our head or not trying to answer it by the mind, until we can clearly recognize that the answer is authentic and that it comes from the innermost.

The question toward own behaviors starts with like “Why?” and every time we get an answer, we continue questions even deeper “Why is it?” or “Where does it come from?” Continue until our concentration begins to break off. And if concentration breaks off, then we finish it once there. After a reasonable time to get refreshed, we will begin with the continuance again.

The more sincere we pose questions toward the innermost, the deeper we are gradually led to the profoundness of the very existence itself.

Our inherent sense is rusted if it isn’t regularly used. So, for instance, by not being able to get an answer immediately, do not treat ourselves as if we were foolish or were not enough and do not stop it, continue to pose questions over again and wait quietly for the answer to appear spontaneously. Because it’s the inherent sense of everyone, so if we repeat it over and over again, the rust will be inevitably removed and the sense itself comes in sharper naturally.

2). Listen to our sense of incongruity.

Even if it’s a subtle it’s the most significant to listen carefully to our sense of incongruity which is whispered to our heart than to obey any outer rules blindly.

But if that sense of incongruity is toward any behaviors of others who is separated from ourselves, it undoubtedly misleads us to various judgment of the mind. It can lead us neither to the innermost nor to our true nature.

When we notice such movement of the ego, turn our attention to breathing, movement of particular muscles, or something like that, and return our consciousness to ourselves and the present.

Then we continue to listen carefully again to the subtle incongruity we feel until clearly realizing what it is.


In this way, we sharpen our own inherent senses, and by continuing to use them, we truly come to realize what it’s like to open our hearts and to spontaneously pay honor to our life.


In fact, there’s is nothing within any visible sight.

What’s beautiful about something means that our heart feels the beauty of its very existence, not because it matches our values.

Our heart purely feels pleasure to live, is deeply impressed by dynamics of a life, or moves to tears in any beautifulness. None of these things can move our heart only by its visibility.

It’s just that there’s always the opened heart first to be profoundly impressed.

Everything begins from within.🙏✨🌈


“Trap of the ego”


Watch out our own ego.

Whenever the ego finds an opportunity, it begins to whisper shallowly, such as “I’m all right now,” “I’ve found the truth,” or “I’m complete now.”

It is impossible though.

Then, as if the ego knew something better than anyone else, some of them consider themselves as special and begin to look for someone whom they consider to need to teach.

Such behavior of the ego is often overlooked by ourselves even after we begin to connect with the innermost silence enough.

That’s because the ego is hidden in our own unconsciousness. And it is also certain that continuing to observe ourselves all the time is a fairly advanced way for us, given that we have a part called “unconsciousness.”

Moreover, the whispering of the ego is tremendously tricky that it’s hard to realize that we’re in the trap.

For instance, this kind of the statement, “I’m observing myself very carefully, so it can’t happen that for me,” exactly arises from the ego’s self-defense.

By such trickiness and shallowness of the ego cannot define us, but if we do not realize the trap of our own ego we are in, we cannot even stay away of it. Furthermore, this is also a part of the ego that is most weak with being pointed out by others, so apart from observing ourselves constantly, it’s important to make a special time every day for us to observe ourselves to the every corner without any judgment.

Still, remember this. Don’t look on our ego as if it were an enemy. Even that judgment comes from the ego who wants to be right.

Most importantly, the ego exists as an essential part of realization of our relative experience and of recognition of differences.

And it’s also needed for our ultimate realization that it’s also an essential part of the CONSCIOUSNESS at the non-dual world.


Lastly, no one will be able to realize anything if we try to realize something profound, just by reading superficially at the words. Instead, everyone must find within ourselves the same in them as it is expressed in the word.

Otherwise, no one can be able to taste the profoundness of our own journey.

Therefore, by each of us, find out and stay with our own innermost silence which is connected to the consciousness that transcends the judgment of good or bad.🙏🌈✨


“The inherent innermost sense”


Our true nature has no need to prove anything to anyone or to be understood by anyone at all. They all belong to the mind, and they are nothing more than illusions that are far from our inherent true nature.

And there’s nothing to know anew for us and moreover there’s absolutely no truth at all at the level of the mind.

Thus, the point of view how we should be or how others behave and so on, are all about a judgment at the mind level of the dual world and that’s not who our true nature is.

Our true nature is pure unconditional love.

Other than that, any perception is fake that belongs to the mind of the dual world. However, it does not mean they’re always expressed by the same words. Nevertheless, we all have the inherent innermost sense to precisely recognize whether it is the authentic or not.

So we only need to sharpen the inherent innermost sense of our own. 🙏✨🌈


“Longings of our heart”


Our decision that is based on the longings of our heart to be authentically free can make us let go of any clinging and powerfully take us to the authentic freedom other than anything else.

Our true nature is appeared in this way.

So for instance, if the one of the longings of our heart is to experience a kind of Buddhist saint, then we must let go of ourselves as doer first that belongs to the ego, throw away how to act like a Buddhist saint.

Nobody can taste the authentic unless it starts from the innermost us and we always continue from there. It can never come from the mind nor the ego. If it comes from the superficial, for instance comes from our mind, we only fall into the self-deception of being experiencing the authentic, and we can never touch the authentic.

This means that nothing can begin unless we ourselves realize what the longings of our heart are.🙏✨🌈


“Surrender our obsession with willpower.”


As we begin to listen to the innermost silence, we realize how noisy the world before us is.

So we spontaneously start to distance ourselves from the noisy world.

For instance, advertising appeals to the our ego’s perception that we’re lacking, and continues to give us the illusion that it can be a good solution if we get it. It can be also possible for brainwashing. And most of us are devoted to only consuming without making sure clearly whether we truly need and knowing what will bring by its actions.

If we can’t connect enough with the innermost silence, we all are easily tossed about by the fear our ego has, so no one can stop consumption even if we know it with our minds even by willpower. The effects of the fear our ego has is so powerful for everyone as much as that.

And that’s why everyone needs to be connected to the innermost silence.

By connecting to the innermost silence, we can gain a steady belief far beyond the ego of the individual, it comes easy for everyone to listen to the original heart longings.

Otherwise, we will undoubtedly keep us the same fighting our ego endlessly.

Are you listening to the innermost silence now? Keep listening tirelessly for your own.

Only the innermost silence of our own leads us to the most suitable path in the fastest for the longings of our heart. 🙏🌌✨


“About a way to love ourselves more profoundly.”


Even if the whole world does not understand you at all and even tries to exclude you in many ways, the value of the existence itself will never change.

Even if we, ourselves don’t understand the value of it now, The SELF, who exists at the innermost of us and connects with the wholeness, the infinite universe, always observes, accepts and loves everything about us.

However, the ego may make a fuss to get an illusionary ease endlessly. “Ask for an apology,” “Hit the other person down,” and “The right one is us, make them amends with money,” and so on.

Forget everything like that.

If we obsess over our egos, we will definitely ruin the present.

It’s not about which action is right, it’s about a way to love ourselves more profoundly rather than to ruin our precious “now.”

That’s because the precious “now” only exists at the present. 💗🙏✨


“The first thing we need.”


After some action, when our minds judge our own actions as the wrong, some people unconsciously tend to act as if we are self-punished ourselves. That behavior is probably influenced by childhood experience, but unfortunately it won’t stop until we realize for ourselves that it doesn’t fit our present.

We tirelessly observe our own words and actions, and if we find such a tendency, we need to accept the influence of the past and forgive them. And then when we meet people who behave that way, we will be spontaneously able to accept and forgive them. Because everything our eyes see is a mirror of our own internal experience. They can not be different.

Internal acceptance and open hearted are always needed first.

Everything we see happens because of the experiences that our spirits longing for. And it does not the same with just the happening. So there’s neither need to blame ourselves nor others nor any situations. Because that’s the way this universe exists.

Here, no matter how unconvinced we may be, it is necessarily arisen that we need to entrust the unresolved as it is to the universe.

What many people don’t know is that even if we entrust the unresolved as it is to the universe, nothing will collapse down. But if we don’t choose such experience by ourselves first, how we can realize that it happens?

Look at what we’re losing in our ego obsession. On the contrary, what we get is actually nothing but just a tiny self-satisfaction of the ego.🙏💗✨


“It all started with love.”


It all started with love.

And even now, no matter what the expression is, everything remains love itself.

Mind denies, rejects, or even tries to erase negativity because of its intensity of grief and suffering. But even at the level of the mind, there is the value that is inherent in negativity that we would never know without it as many as the value that is inherent in positivity. And we can only know for certain its significance after we decide to truly swallow, fully experience them.

Furthermore, at the ultimate consciousness, if there is no negativity, it is the truth that it cannot be genuinely perfect as the ultimate love.


There will be a lot of unreasonable things. We may not be convinced completely and we may be frustrated by feelings that we have nowhere to go.

But remember, that even those experiences, if not now, one day, may take us to where we cannot imagine, or may not. It depends on our deepest longing to experience, not desire. The longing belongs with our heart and the desire belongs with the mind. Realize its difference through our own experience. Because that’s one of significant what we taste.

And rather than obsessing over the unreasonable or the things we’re not convinced, decide to entrust unresolved as it is to the universe which transcends our mind, and turn our attention to the very live of us at this moment. There are endless times there.

The present is the only moment we’re alive. 🙏✨💗


“Perfect world”


There’s no experience in our lives that we, individual spirits really don’t want. Without doubt, every single experience is happening perfectly as we wanted.

On the other side, at the ultimate conscious level, there’s no experience at all. It never happened and nothing will totally happen from now on as well. No one exists here or there and the individual knows nothing.

Existence is the only existence and the only reality.

There is nothing else.🙏💗✨


“How deep do we want to touch this profound world?”

“How deep do we want to touch this profound world?”

As much as the mind opens, we can touch the profound world more.

When the world situation moves greatly, sometimes we are forced to hugely change the way we have become accustomed to it. In many cases, we consider it as if tragic and ourselves as victims, but contrary in fact, this is a great opportunity for us to observe more deliberately on how we have lived until then. Because it is ordinarily quite hard for most of us to be aware of our own assumptions. That’s why we use these opportunities to meditatively observe what point we have been unable to be aware before, and what the assumption that we’ve lived under as we’ve taken for granted, from a viewpoint at the much higher dimension.

Observation is not done to find and correct the wrong, but to see the facts as they are. Therefore, we all need the viewpoint as high as possible. Because the higher the viewpoint is, the easier we transcend right and wrong. To transcend right and wrong means to transcend the level of the mind, and only then can we observe the facts as they are.

And now we’re being asked how deep we want to touch this profound world, how far we want to transcend our own illusions? 🙏💗✨


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