The stronger we identify the ego with ourselves, the deeper the suffering.
Because everyone knows the ego is always selfish, and our mind believes that selfish is bad, and that we must get rid of it. That’s why most of us try to control it which we never be able to control and so suffering arises.

The more we identify our body with ourselves, the greater the fear of losing life, in turn, the more we justify of our aggressiveness against anyone who threatens our lives.
Because our mind believes that it would become peace if anyone who threatens our lives could disappear.

The more we lie about our heart, the harder painful we feel, or the deeper our invisible wounds, or the more we paralyze what we feel unconsciously.
Because however people around us are pleased, our mind and our heart come to fall into contradiction and it makes us harder to live.

The less we are unaware of our true nature, the harder we touch the true depth of the world. On the other hand, the more we realize the truth and return to our true nature, the more we become aware how small the world we lived in was until then.
Because we cannot know anything deeply without a relative experience.

The more our mind wants to believe that we realized the truth, on the contrary, the smaller world we live in becomes, and the harder we can recognize that we’re caught by our ego.
Because our mind does not have eyes as high, wide, and profound as the consciousness does.

This world is fully Paradoxical.

The less we identify the ego, the body, the mind or whatsoever with ourselves, the more we naturally stop fighting between the mind and the ego, find ourselves in peaceful world, our heart becomes full of serene, we realize about true beauty of life or the truth profoundly, and the consciousness continues to expand.

Fortunately and unfortunately, to truly taste this paradoxical world and realize the true cosmos in our life, we all need the chaos, conflict or suffering of the world of ego and mind, in other words, we can never realize the true unconditional love or our true nature without them.🙏💗✨


“After a kind of an enlightenment”


After a kind of an enlightenment, we will continue to work on our own constant observation, continuation of Consciousness during meditation, and of peeling self-awareness off sticking with our ego, body or anything outside of us. In other words, we will deepen our self-awareness and firm up a sense of the SELF as our true nature which is separated from the ego that wants to be treated as special, be approved, be understood, teach others as specialists, or etc.

Then one day, we come to the perception that both our ego and our true nature are the same, like the front and the back of a coin, and we come to live as the state of being present that express both as part of the Consciousness. We come to enter a phase of letting go of effort more effortlessly and our doing superficially seems the same as before but becomes the more profound. About the same time, pure joy comes to overflow from us who are in the simplicity of the state of being present.

Thus, even after we have attained a kind of an enlightenment, we will gradually continue to transform ourselves into mere beings living as the Consciousness itself, and everything – our awareness or our sense of the SELF, the Consciousness – will just get the more and more profound.

(This does not mean that the profoundness will exactly deepen in this order.)

There is no end of realization nor final form for the Consciousness. Because our true nature is formless existence in the timeless and spaceless.

We always continue to exist only in the present moment.🙏💗✨


“A letter from the heaven”


Dear beloved people,


Your heart is full of sorrow or suffering and you may wish to be saved, or you feel like there are many people who need to be saved, but we’ve been being saved even before we are born.

Or you may ask how to be happy or how to make people happy, but in fact, no one can ever be truly unhappy.

Or you feel you lost your way and you may ask how to get home in the heaven, or you may think you finally remembered again. But in fact, we’ve never left there and have been being always in the heaven.

It’s just because you’ve forgotten your natural connection to Consciousness (=the heaven) and how, so you feel like desperately want to get it back.

In fact, it’s what we all go through and they are just our necessary experiences until finding the innermost heaven and realizing we are itself.

We can never actually lose the connection to the Consciousness (=the heaven) and can also never leave here, the heaven.


What we need to recall again is not the forgotten memory in our head, but the innermost sense of us.

Truth is that we are always here at the heaven in the timeless present and we can even never lose love, because we are unconditional love itself.

Our experiences in our individual awareness or all we see are just reflections of our awareness and they are only illusions.

All is always inside us relatively each of our minds and our hearts.

Just go ahead.

Just go ahead and do what you feel you should do. And then whenever you feel wispy unharmonious, follow that intuition.

After all, we continue to consider that we must save people until we realize that we ourselves needed such beings, or we are satisfied that we found a way back home in the heaven until we realize that we’ve never left the heaven before, or we keep fighting until we realize that we’ve just kept fighting against our own illusions.

All we always need is to ask ourselves why we are saying and doing that and repeat it over and over again until we can clearly observe ourselves more profoundly without jumping at a plausible answer. Because we all can change our own sayings and doings only after we can observe ourselves without any judgment. And that’s because all we want is true peace and love.

Until then, just go ahead and do what you feel like you should do.

At least, our doing absolutely leads us to the next for ourselves.

All is always well.

Even if we can not accept this fully now, but the consciousness always does and when our awareness are ready we will be able to recall as much as we need.

All is well.🙏💗✨


“Journey = life”


We’ve been taking a journey. We live the journey called the life.

Many people think as if journey = life is about having a destination and physically mentally spiritually reaching to a particular place, but if we consider our journey = life is for something to go somewhere else, then we lose the present.

We are here at the present, and only the present is where we can exist.

Only this very moment is real.

Just as our existences are here at the present, the journey = life is about experiencing the present moment, in other words, about tasting physical mental spiritual existence as totality, or about being there with full integration of them.

How much we spiritually awaken now doesn’t matter, and has totally nothing to do with our efforts as well. Moreover, even how profound realization we will be able to reach is one of illusions our minds create.

Rather the important is how sincerely we want the truth at the moment and how humbly we accept who we are right now.

For instance, if our journey = life is about getting to a particular place, then when we encounter an accident along the way, we curse or easily get irritated as if an unexpected accident were a drag our feet, or an obstacle to force changes to our plans.

In this way, we unconsciously create dramas by ourselves and continue to play the role of victims.

But truth is paradoxical.

The journey = life is always here at the front of us and only the present is real.

Living this moment simple can let us flow naturally, resonate with the rhythm of the universe, open the next phase for each of us without difficulty and naturally deepen the spiritual awakening.

Ultimately, time never passes by and moreover, we never go anywhere because we are not here to reach somewhere or to grow up.

Just bless the present.

Our existence or its influence on each other is always perfect however we realize.🙏💗✨


“Consciousness and awareness”


Consciousness never belongs to individual, but awareness does.

No matter how many times we touch the Oneness, it can’t say we become fully-awakened, actually we often can’t stay the same state of divine nature for a long period. The mystic experience can make us be aware a lot we’ve never been aware before, but still, there can be often some parts that we may be unaware that we’re still sleeping.

When something happens, if we get upset by unexpected, or if we immediately want to accuse someone who is involved, or if we insist on own correctness, that is to say, in that part, we don’t connect with our true nature and we are still sleeping. We’re not still aware of the part of own asleep. It means we still stick in somewhere our past and are not free yet.

At such times, our awareness is towards only the outside and we are far apart from our true nature, the Consciousness of being an observer.

If we notice ourselves in such a state, expand our own awareness by returning and staying to our connection to the Consciousness. Stay awake and start observing ourselves alertly again.💗🙏✨




In Japanese, the word “busy” is used a character “lost our heart”.

It’s a state of being buried in doing or immersed in thinking restlessly, and that means we’re not in the present.

And it also means we lost our heart into the busyness to predict and control the visible world of our own outside.

While we are buried in busyness, we are unable to touch the beauty of lives or even open our heart to the unknown infinite bliss, then unfortunately unable to connect with our true nature or the innermost silence.

Furthermore understandably, we are even unable to realize about the ultimate love in front of us.

Even though busyness makes us lose our hearts and the present from the existence, then why most of us are busy?

In the depth of our busyness, there are hidden beliefs like “We’re not good enough,” “The value we need for existence is what to be useful to someone,” in other words, “we always must be doing something for others.”

So that many of us may be afraid to be alone and by avoiding quiet places, to try to stay away from the innermost silent voice.

In particular, until we are able to become catch the innermost silence undoubtedly, we are actually tossed about critical voice of the mind which is very much reflected in values, and so we may want to escape the pain of it.

This adversely, when we become aware of our own speeches and behaviors that we’ve never noticed before, it means that we’re at a phase where we’re connected enough to our true nature, ready to face the facts or to be able to let go of unnecessary beliefs that we’ve brought unconsciously.

Believe in the inherent strength (many of us haven’t realized yet), and be the present to listen to the innermost silence alertly. 🙏✨💗




If we feel difficulty in a relationship with someone, it’s proof that some theme is hidden for us.

Don’t run away from our own feelings or don’t pass the buck to that person, face with ourselves, just step by step. It can sometimes take a long time to face with. But it will surely lead us to more mature and let us free from our invisible cage which is based on our past memory or fixed idea we’ve unconsciously brought.

Once we are purely able to accept the fact and sincerely face with it, the same theme will be unable to happen again for us. Because we’ve stepped to the next phase already.

We all have a variety of themes worth challenging and they are always hidden in our relationships with others or in something we feel difficult to handle.

In this way, if we can consider all problems as our own themes and can faith that they can bring us to the more profound realization and to natural next phase, then every problem will be simply a blessed gift given to us from our true nature.

Choice is always up to us. Take time for ourselves however others and our mind say. Because it’s the most significant time for us spiritually. 🙏💗✨


“Nothing, nobody.”

The deeper we realize about ourselves, or the closer we reach out to the innermost silence, the less our mind, ego or individual senses exist, then only the Oneness appears.

Be the present there with your totality. 🙏💗✨


“One and only”


Each one of our existence is unique, and its uniqueness is also unique in every aspect of depth of awareness, perception of experience, way of expression or whatsoever.

That’s why this richness of diversity can create dynamism of life and every lives can shine.

Nevertheless, the feelings of loneliness and alienation that we feel while our diverse uniqueness is hard to accept or we can’t find common ground between others and ourselves can be immeasurable, and it can create in us desperation.

That’s why we keep looking for someone who understands and accepts all aspects of us, or for a place where we can exist without being denied.

So we have created a variety of systems and things in search of ultimate security as basic needs, but still today, we suffer from a sense of loneliness that cannot be wiped out even if we combine them all.

However, it will be never found in our outside no matter how hard we try.

It’s simply because it’s only found in the innermost of us.

And at every moment, our present conditions are all unique and part of expression of the Oneness, even if we cannot recognize as it is by depending on the state of our own awareness.

Once we can touch this non-dual world by our hearts, we will all admire the profound of this invisible world (actually, we can see it at some dimensions.) and be in awe of the abundance which is far and away beyond our imagination.

It’s always within us and will never go away.

And what the cloud of mind disappears and coming to see all beauty as it is, is not happening that happens at the future after desperate trying, we can be so right now.

It is always achieved by touching our innermost silence and accepting our own uniqueness.

Praise all uniqueness.🙏✨💗




The stronger the fear, the more cleverly our egos justify our aggressive behavior.

Love which is our true nature never needs excuse.

This is a point where each of us obviously needs to return to our own innermost silence, and is our responsibility to take rather than to justify our aggressive behavior.

Firstly, do not run away from our own fear or any other feelings, and secondly admit that we fear something and thirdly find what is in depths of the fear.

Otherwise, we will be unable to return to peace of our hearts again.

Remember that our true nature is pure love itself, unconditional acceptance and forgiveness. This is not for thinking by the mind, but is what we will truly realize when we return to the innermost silence.


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