“Resistance and suffering”


The more you resist, the heavier and harder suffering becomes.

In most cases, we have the illusion that the resistance is protecting us. But conversely, resistance only increases suffering in the level of ego and unknowingly makes us keep away the opportunity to let go (=to open our mind to live more our own way) of unnecessary of our true nature.

In fact, the suffering is brought into existence by illusions of our mind.

Ask yourself, are you gradually becoming able to live your own way or are people’s (including yourself) shortcomings increasingly annoying and unpleasant for you?

If it’s the latter, it means there’s a stereotype or something like that you’re clinging to (it will be probably painful to face up to it) and that it’s coming time for you to let go of it simultaneously.

Although many people are addicted to their suffering (which is based on comparison), it’s because they unconsciously believe they are weak or are always not enough, and, in a sense, they believe as if the suffering is for them a kind of necessary punishment.

So when you face with any problem, and even if it would be hard for the mind or you are scared something, but don’t resist over it, and take it as an opportunity to let go of unnecessary for your true nature and to awaken to the more profound.

Any time you decide, you can lead yourself to the more profound by your choice…🙏✨💗


“After physical death”


After our souls leave the body, they start melting into the wholeness and return to the oneness.

(Some of us find the oneness of consciousness which is our true nature inside ourselves while being alive, and live in harmony with it though, most of us don’t.)

By the time soul returns to the oneness, the soul completely melts into the wholeness, and the individual soul will no longer exist there. Understandably, there’s no longer individual senses, and sorrow or suffering as individual feelings as well.

There’s no heaven or hell as people believe, and moreover no time and space as well, only pure energy as a constantly expanding consciousness.

Because our bodies are separated visually, we feel lonely and separateness within unconscious stereotypes such as there is no connection with the person unless there is some kind of expression of intent while many of us live. But at the level of consciousness, whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re always influencing each other as the oneness.

Such experiences themselves can be no longer possible within the wholeness.

Some of the pure energy as a constantly expanding consciousness may return here to enjoy the experience again though, it will not be the same individual soul as before…


“About death”


People who are trapped in the dual world fear physical and emotional distress and have created a variety of evils. One of them is death.

Because death is unknown (we can’t experience it), people fear it, want to avoid it, and believe as if physical death will tear something apart. But physical death is just one form of wholeness.

“Life and death” which many of us believe, does not actually mean “beginning” and “end.”

In the non-dual world (which exists parallel to the dual world and where our true nature exists), our true nature has not begun anything, so of course there is no end to it.

Our true nature actually exists free beyond the imagination of our mind. What do we need to fear when there is no beginning and no end in the non-dual world?

Our mind has created evil in fear and has tried to free itself by fighting it within being a prisoner of imagination. That’s how people have been repeatedly swayed by the dramas our mind has created.

That’s why, in a sense, when people had done everything in the drama, then they spontaneously start choosing to stop themselves from going back to the drama. It’s time as they start to distance themselves from mind of the dual world.

That means, even if death is the unknown yet, they begin to refuse to be swallowed up by the fear of it. It’s because they start realizing deeply that fear of the unknown is also the drama.

And yet, there may be hell in some of our mind, but in the truth, the moment of death is so calm because the soul starts melting into the wholeness with a total relief.

So when you start to realize that you’re being swayed by the drama your mind has created, it’s time to start cultivating a sense of being outside the drama as your true nature, consciousness.

By death we will surely part with our body, but there is no end or no beginning for consciousness so there is nothing to fear.

Nothing is lost by death.

So calm down. If there is no such thing as death that you fear, what makes you afraid of, and who are you truly?

Listen carefully your inner voice whenever and wherever you are, even though who you think you are now. 🙏💗✨


“Law of cause and effect.”


When there is pain or sadness of past that are hard to be accepted because of its painfulness, we tend to be bound by the “law of cause and effect,” especially when we are bent on that the cause is outside, we tend to overlook an important thing.

In fact, there is no mistake in the law of cause and effect, but the cause exists neither outside (other people or circumstances) nor inside (personality or character).

The one of the cause is one’s own perspective – how to catch experience of oneself – and we have cultivated it by inherent character and living environment.

The fundamental we have to understand here is that the idea that it is good not to experience pain or sadness is the one of base for seeking a solution in the dual world, but no matter what inherent character or living environment, it’s the truth that no one can ever avoid pain or sadness in our life. Conversely, whether will be felt happiness rises in us as expected if there is not a pain or sadness? Moreover, we must remember the fact that the experience of pain or sadness, depending on a choice, can lead us to the self-realization, and so can be irreplaceable experience for us.

Without the recognition and acceptance of the fact that no one can ever avoid pain or sadness, we cannot accept and let go of our own pain and sadness of the past.

This unconscious denial makes us keep misunderstanding that the ego is ourselves, and also makes us trap in the past or the future without living in the present. However, our unconscious denial is not intentional, but because we ourselves do not realize that the unnaturalness has become natural to us because of little experience of natural acceptance of our thoughts or feelings.

What we need to do is not that we heal all the past, nor avoid negative feelings, nor work hard to cheer up when we’re depressed, but we just have to acknowledge and observe at the thoughts or feelings each time that appear and disappear in us as natural.

It may be scary to leave what we feel as it is, but the action of resisting it, on the contrary, gives the negative feelings power and stops the flow of disappearing naturally.

That’s the law of cause and effect.


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