Love is forgiveness.

Love is different from emotion, but it’s common to mistake love and the dramatic emotions of co-dependent relationship. And satisfying desires is also common to mistake for love.

Love is forgiveness for everything you have done, or failed to do, or couldn’t do.

Love is to forgive who you are and accept as you are.

In the present moment, love has no desire nor regret, and of course, nor impatience to oneself.

Love is living in harmony with the rhythm inherent in us. When we start living in harmony with it, we unavoidably resonate with the rhythm of the universe. Some of you will feel then that you are dancing with the universe.

So, forgive (love) yourself as you are.

Devote yourself to the rhythm inherent in you then anyone becomes in calmness and will resonate with the present moment, with the rhythm of the universe.🙏💗✨


“Go beyond what we now think is love.”


The more love oneself deeply, the deeper we can go beyond the “love” we now know.

The oneness constitutes this universe is much more abundant and much more profound than our mind thinks.

So, experience much deeper. Go beyond the unconscious limits we experience now…

When we’re ready.

Before trying to love others, know how to love oneself more fundamentally and experience the sense of receiving it. And hug oneself more often.

Because none of us can truly love others without knowing love for oneself and anyone will be able to share love with the people in front of us spontaneously if we have been able to feel at peace from the bottom of our heart by loving oneself fundamentally and receiving it.

What we need for is always within us.

Love neither is habit, nor obsession, nor control, but love gives us deep relaxation and makes us fundamental freedom.

That love is something we find within us. 🙏✨💗


“What is truly necessary.”


Find out what you can do right now in the silence.

We need the silence to find what it’s truly necessary to do. Not using one’s brain, but we have to shift into the complete silence.

Instead of obsessing over what we consider as a problem, or sticking to some solution, the complete silence will lead us naturally into the much more profound solution without our ego-effort.

Every obsession relates to the ego, the pain of the past. These are in our misunderstandings that the ego or our own past experiences or our bodies are ourselves, and these experiences are what we need for awareness of opposites though. Still, when we’re obsessed with something, we cannot realize it ourselves because of the obsession.

Therefore, it is necessary for each of us to find the silence inside. Finding the silence and returning to it again cannot replace anyone else.

If we fail to find it in ourselves, no one will have the inherent confidence, nor will we awake to something profound.

Anyone can find the silence inside themselves though, if this is difficult, it may just be that you have not secured enough peace of mind, or that you are on the way to get there. Because we all needs to go through several stages.

But remember this that no one can fail because the silence is our true nature.

Ultimately, there are no failures anywhere in our experience. It arises as failure in our mind only when we think so, but it’s still nothing wrong then from a high-dimensional perspective.

So, cherish every moment of life. Find an impression in the present moment.

Because there’s no need to compare ourselves with anyone or anything.🙏✨🌌


“There is nothing to be afraid of.”


Whatever you did in the past, whatever you now react to, your true nature is always love itself. No matter how crazy your ego drives superficial you, it’s just an opportunity to free yourself into the profound oneness by your surrender.

Your true nature is nothing but love, the universe, existence of the oneness.

That truth will never change.

Many people fight others as if there is evil outside them, or fight with themselves to be better about themselves.

But these struggles will never come to a true end, for everything that is considered evil is in us. Such fights come to the end for the first time when we accept the truth as it is.

All experiences are purely internal, and there is no need to worry anything, such as when the truth will be accepted as it is.

On the other hand, some people find it difficult to accept the truth as it is because of the pain of the past (shame, sadness, fear, etc.). It is a natural self-defense and subconsciously keeps themselves sleeping because of only safety.

First of all, it may be important to find a safe place and people for such people.

In that sense of security, we will find the spontaneous courage to hear the voice of our subconscious, and that courage will lead us to the next level naturally.

There is always only the ultimate love in front of us, as is our true nature, and nothing else…🙏💗✨


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