“Character never defines us.”


Character never defines who we really are. Character can be changeable, and it is always under the influence of mind. And the mind is influenced by the ego consciously and unconsciously.

Our true nature can never be influenced by such those egos.

But many people see themselves only at the ego level and don’t know that there are much more deeper and wider world within.

To know is not what to get knowledge in our head, but what to comprehend through our own experience in gut, more directly.

And in order to comprehend more directly what’s really important for us needs to live in the present moment and to observe ourselves consciously.

Here’s one huge wall that we have to cross over.

Conscious observation of ourselves means seeing ourselves beyond an area of judgment, but if we are not used to do it enough, it is often very painful to observe because the influence of minded judgment is too tough. In fact, it’s a natural reaction of psychological self-defense that many people unconsciously avoid observing themselves by that pain.

That’s why we all need to find out the higher and the more silent space within to observe ourselves consciously.

And so when we become able to observe ourselves beyond the influence of minded judgment gradually, we will realize that any character can never define us, and be spontaneously able to get away from our drama of role that our character unconsciously made.🙏✨💗



What is justice?

Justice is often the obsession with ego (correctness) in a biased view of the world, or the way to escape the difficulty (own immaturity) of acceptance what to have been hurt.

In fact, everyone is right in their own values perfectly. And yet, how on earth can we force others to accept only one side is right?

Ultimately, justice can only exist in the level of ego.

It’s not about whether it’s good or bad, but in that way, the true solution has never come out throughout human history and never will.

In the depth of the act of trying to screw the other person down with all one’s might in the name of justice can we see and hide the helplessness of being tossed about by confusion and fear as well.

In the end, before brandishing justice, we always need to face ourselves, accept our own pain, and surrender ourselves resistance to get hurt. 🙏✨💗




We say believing in oneself is called confidence in oneself, but what does it mean to believe in oneself?

In many cases, it stays at the ego level. So we have to fight all the time to continue to believe in ourselves. We always compare ourselves with someone else as well and keep our minds focusing on trying to be outstanding.

There is actually no true confidence within such a superficial level of consciousness. The true confidence is something that spontaneously overflows beyond the ego. There’s nothing to compare, nothing to fight, there’s only deep and tranquil confidence there.

Do not forget that we are observers and observed simultaneously.
Though our minds always focus on who is right and what is best, it’s just in the level of ego, in the illusions, and we are not the ego nor the mind actually.

And yet, the most important thing here is that no one can step aside the suffering until we realize deeply that we don’t want it anymore.

That’s why we should taste our own experiences fully. And keep forgiving the ego that we can’t help but fight, and the mind that only compares.

Then one day we’ll realize deeply that we don’t need it anymore.

In that way, the day when we transcend a part of ego comes spontaneously.

And we will find the true confidence within. We will realize as well that we’ve been always the true confidence itself.🙏💗✨


“If not now, when?”


If not now, when?

It’s just only this moment to give yourself an OK, to taste what you experience, and to able to find happiness in all of it. Because we can only exist in this moment of “now.”

“Someday” exists nowhere.

Those are just illusions – ‘I would give myself a reward if I could ~‘, or ‘I could contribute to family or society when I got ~’, something like that. By thinking that way, we will miss the very moment of “now.”

We always live in this “moment” and only this moment of “now” actually exists infinitely.

So, do not run away from one’s experience for fear of getting hurt.

Because we are here to taste all else as well, not only hard times.
Of course, actually, sometimes it’s necessary to run away, but our deepest desire cannot be to continue running away. We all need to have the courage to believe in our own unknown potential by forgiving our own fearfulness.

We are actually the courage itself and can realize it by accepting the existence of our own fearfulness.

And your true nature knows that it is “now”.🙏💗✨


“What our emptiness make.”


Many people have listened to nothing or seen nothing. It’s just because they don’t know how to do.

We will be full of emptiness until truly knowing ourselves. That’s why we just follow the trend or try to satisfy our emptiness, while we still don’t know ourselves.

It’s about knowing the depth of our true nature, not only level of the mind or the body.

There is no other way to realize the depth of our true nature but to forgive and accept as we are, step by step. Even if there will be a moment of ascension to the consciousness with profound realization, only we can do is not try to ascend. Because to try to ascend means that you think that you are not enough, and it only avoids a spontaneous ascension.

To search any insufficient and punish or correct ourselves or others will definitely make only more suffering.

Remember, the less we know ourselves, the easier we are swept away.🙏✨🌌


“The mind says this or that”.


Sometimes the mind might consider yourself as if you became failure because of having not enlightened yet however longing for, or because of not making money or establishing a position enough however hard working.

But in fact, what the mind thinks it knows is only a small small world. It’s just a superficial part of the world where made up of illusions.

We are neither here to improve the world superficially nor to leave better for descendants. No, we are not.

Our true nature is not within such a small world, is much wider and much more profound than that.

We never be able to become a failure just because the mind says ‘not enough’. Moreover, we don’t need to be as the mind whispers because it’s not the ultimate purpose of our true nature.

We are neither the mind nor body.

Just observe and taste every experience fully as it is. That’s ultimate simple purpose of our true nature.

If you find a complete silence deep inside that the flow of time stops, return there again and again, and continue to stay there, you will be fully convinced it one day.

Still, it’s not important whether reaching at those realizations or not, because there is no individual experience in the non-dual world and all experiences are irreplaceable precious to our true nature, consciousness, the oneness.

The mind may keep saying this and that and the emotions may fluctuate in the future, but at any moment, we are the consciousness of observing experience immortally.🙏✨🌌




Love takes nothing away from anyone, nor does it fight to get anything.

It is not the art of love to claim correctness in the name of love or to try to eliminate mistakes.

Love doesn’t control what to do and what to say, nor does it obsess, nor does it even require conditions for giving.

Love never battles. Therefore, love never wins or loses.

Love just accepts everything and softly frees you into the infinite unknown.

Are you afraid of the unknown or freedom? Have you ever observed to your root of that fear? Although the root of the fear is the fear of death ultimately, but what if it’s just an illusion and your true nature is immortal?

And what if love itself is your true nature?

If your true nature is immortal and love itself, would you imagine what the deepest wish is beyond your ego?

You don’t have to be more than you are now, and you don’t have to prove who you are. It only makes yourself more suffering in further dramas. All you need is to free yourself from those illusions and distance yourself from them.

Otherwise, you will certainly miss the precious moment, now.

You never separate from the oneness, nor have you ever been anything but love itself.

So please open your heart to feel the perfection of the present moment, love itself…🙏✨💗


“There is only one that exists.”


In the world of the mind, there is no one but you, your separated self, because everything you see is a reflection of unconsciousness and values. Right and wrong, beauty and ugliness, or anything else. There is always a comparison there that which is better. In that world, you are the only one who creates everything in your world, consciously and unconsciously.

In the world of the oneness, there is only one consciousness. There is nothing else. Everything, including the unknown, always exists simultaneously, which means that anything can exist. There is not even a way to see right from wrong there. Therefore, for instance, if you would complain to someone means that you just express your resistance towards the fact that the person is just your reflection of unconsciousness and values, and that your ego is related to it.

After all, there is only one that exists in either world.


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