A perfect beauty is everywhere.
Take deep breath and relax. When you are stillness, you will find the same beauty in your inside. In that moment, you are connecting with the infinite universe of love.


“No one…”


No one can hurt or disturb you.

It is yourself… your mind, your judgment and misinterpretation to the circumstances. If you think someone or something hurt or disturb you, then you need fully to taste that feeling, the pain, without criticizing someone, something or even you.

If you can fully accept your reality of the present, then you will find inner peace.

What your reality means that your state of mind, your perception, and your state of consciousness at the moment.

No one can hurt or disturb you because ultimately there is no one but only one awareness in this vast space.


“You are not…”


You are not your body.
You are not your thoughts.
You are not your feelings.
You are absolutely not your ego.

You are all…
You are greater, deeper and much more spacious existence than one can imagine.

You are the infinite beauty and the universe itself…


“The more…”


The more you are spiritually enlightened, the simpler life will become. The simpler the life become, the more you will experience the true delight to live for.

The only unmissable unmistakable sense that leads you through your experience comes from your deepest space is connected with the infinite universe. It’s never your mind or someone else’s words.


“The important is…”


Don’t try to be humble or kind to others, superficially. If you are connected to the deepest essence, they will appear from inside you spontaneously.

Because your essence is the unconditional love or the universe of humility itself.

Pay attention to doing can only strengthen the ego.

Don’t try to be someone else, just be simply as your true nature is.


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