“Love yourself unconditionally.”


You can’t change the world.

You are responsible only for yourself, your inside. And actually the more you become alignment with your essence, the calmer, peaceful and full of unconditional love the outside world will be like inside you. Because there’s nothing wrong in the outside world without your judgment.

That’s the only way you change the world.

First of all, love yourself unconditionally infinitely.


“Non-dual world”


In a dual world, everything has two sides. In a non-dual world, everything is oneness.

If consciousness recognizes and accepts both sides in a dual world carefully, and then transcends the seer and the seen, consciousness will exist in a non-dual world.


“A gift”


Every experience is a gift from the spirit, from God, from the unknown, from the universe, from something called in all sorts of things…

The unknown or God is included the divine self that you haven’t experienced yet. And there is always further unknown and deeper divine space within us.

No matter what and how our state of consciousness perceives a happening, we are unmistakably choosing all our experiences at the spiritual level. It doesn’t matter what circumstances are. And every experience has the door to the next spiritual stage.

Therefore if we can fully accept our experience with our hearts and spirits as it is without any resistance and say, “Thank God for everything,” the door to the next stage will be opened naturally because it’s definitely connected with everything else for deeper experience.

Everything is a gift from the divine self. 🙏✨💗


“The secret”


The secret to returning to our essence and living its holiness is to trust the unknown, relax and enjoy the present moment no matter who your mind thinks you are.

You don’t have to be so serious.

Because our essence is joyous, openhearted, and unconditional love that always spreads.


“True reality is not in your mind.”


Don’t try to think for better understanding. Everything important that is invisible can be felt in the heart.

Oneness is not a concept, but something that you feel deep inside. If you cannot feel it in your heart, you have to be completely calm your mind first. Be still and quiet. Totally. Be completely to forget about oneself.

Then you will be naturally able to feel oneness. Never ask for more. The more you ask for it, the farther away it gets. Because we are always one itself and have never been separated from it.

We all just forgot the important sense of oneness because of the visible separateness and anxiety, and are on the journey of rediscovering it again and living it.

Taste “present moment” fully. Everything exists here and now. It’s never in the past or the future.


“Because of all of you”

Because of all of you, I can understand and experience my whole universe much more deeply.



“There is no end.”


Even though one realizes the truth, there is a difference between enlightenment and experience, and there is no end to deepening spiritual understanding.

Experience always leaves a space for deeper understanding.

The truth is not in these words, but in your deepest. You will know everything when you reach there.

And when you realize the truth, you will clearly know everyone told the same in various expression.


“Dynamic meditation”


Mind creates selfish stories, produces many critical and negative thoughts, and continue to insist on the legitimacy of the ego. They’re just ideas that appear and disappear.

They’re not you, so it’s essential that you stay away from them when you live your essence.

I think meditation is one of the methods. And I always recommend dynamic meditation, which is easier to work on than static meditation.

Dynamic meditation is whatever repeats simple and rhythmic movements.

For example, walking alone in nature, dancing, riding a bicycle, cleaning, Japanese archery, etc….
Anyway, it’s important to concentrate on simple and rhythmic movements so as to forget to be doing it.

In fact, when I tried static meditation many times to attain enlightenment, I couldn’t get out of my mind at all and had thought I couldn’t meditate for years. But I was completely concentrating on my self-inquiry as I walked the shopping center when I had experienced a mysterious experience. And that was the dynamic meditation I didn’t even realize that I was doing it.

Another important thing is not to try to attain enlightenment or to get something.

It’s completely to devote yourself to the present.

All is simple and profound.


“Spiritual fundamentals”


  1. You are the creator of your world. There is nothing but what your mind has created. There’s nothing good or bad and ultimately no one is wrong at all.
  2. Your essence is love and light itself.
  3. You’re the universe itself, and through you, the universe is experiencing it.
  4. Without that experience, you cannot understand the opposite experience. Only through both experiences can you understand the depth of the unconditional love, that is authentic you.
  5. Without this perfection of the system of the ego and the Self, we cannot experience the difference. Because we can recognize the ego, we can experience a state of non-duality by transcending the ego.
  6. Everything is connected and exists for your spiritual awakening or spiritual deepening, even as for the person who does not exchange the words either.
  7. The universe is always blissful to taste every experience.
  8. Time doesn’t flow from past to future, it only exists now. The present lasts forever.
  9. Everything is one and perfect.
  10. We all are the same, a piece of oneness and wholeness of this universe.




Forgive everything you shouldn’t be…

No matter what you do, say, or think, your value never be compromised, and you always remain God.

Don’t try to get rid of your ego, pretend you don’t have ego, or just look at what you think is good, but forgive yourself as you are. Whenever you forgive yourself for being the most unforgivable, the unforgivable people who have troubled you will disappear from your world and the unconditional love will only left.

All we need is to continue to observe ourselves and forgive ourselves for everything, instead of trying to change the outer world of us.

What we think we shouldn’t be, or we should be are just illusions of our mind, and nothing happens on outside of our mind.

Therefore, be gentler to yourself than anyone else.

You’re the only one who can judge and punish you.

Bless your every experience itself, not whether it is good or bad, whether you could have done or not.

You are always God, love itself.


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