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I don’t need an education or mentors of outside because my soul knows all. Instead of those, I listen to a voice of the wind in nature and follow my heart because my intuition can lead me to the right direction.

I trust the universe of love because I am also the soul, absolute spirit and the infinite universe. 

Moreover there is no time and space in my universe because I have only this moment… 

who is also you. 

I don’t need anything. 

Because I have all. 

21/Jan/’17 #livehealingly ‪#Enlightenment #Spirituality ‬

Respect oneself.

Respect means love. 

The more you could respect oneself appropriately the more you would be able to respect others appropriately. That means you can love others more purely so that you can love oneself more purely.

It’s not emotional love. That love exists without control and patience. You become closer to unconditional love.

Love oneself first. Rescue oneself first. Return to the essence first. 

10/Jan/’17 #livehealingly ‪#universalmoments #QuotesForLife ‬

A perfect beauty is everywhere.

Take deep breath and relax. 

When you are stillness, you will find the same beauty in your inside. In that moment, you are connecting with the infinite universe of love.

1/Jan/2017 #livehealingly ‪#PURPOSE #Oneness ‬

Hello, new year.

I will more trust you, the law of universe and be with you.

I am an absolute spirit which is a part of the universe.

— — — — —

I talked to a Japanese white-eye who was singing in my garden today. It was my gratitude to the universe.

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