For today 12/Sep/’16 #addictionrecovery #livehealingly #LoveYOUmore 

See it.

Feel it.

Taste it.

You are not weak. You have a sensitive sense to comprehend the truth directly but unfortunately didn’t know how to deal with it. And you might get through psychological problems that were caused by it. 

You know why?

It’s because you are actually one of messengers to enlighten people about what is important for human beings. 

You know what hurts you and how awful it is. 

That is not the final round, you can use your experiences to reveal the truth to the world. 

Oh, don’t rush. 

Here is a chance to choose. You can use it as horrible experiences to blame other people and also try to forget it. Or you can use it to accept those experiences as a universal but important issue for human and consider it as an opportunity to realize how love is important for human and to spread out love which you know exactly. 

Which world do you want to live in? It’s your choice. 

I am addictive of the several issues. I still tend to codependency, was a workaholic, and a chain smoker, and also a sex addict, and have an eating disorder. 

Those base is the same. I didn’t know how to love myself. I didn’t know how I felt. I didn’t know how to treat myself as a valuable existence appropriately. 

I still tend not to give attention to my needs and I know I am easily able to fall into the addiction of something if I didn’t give attention enough to my needs. 

That is my life. 

I am learning how to harmonize between understanding through my mystical experiences and reality which is based on my experience of the childhood. 

Author: absolute_spirit_with_you

Motivational speaker, Spiritual messenger, Philosopher. The truth I found is that it's only me to accept. I, not I, am the only one who exists in the infinite universe. It's only now and here.

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