For today 19/Aug/ ’16 #livehealingly #love 

For today 19/Aug/2016

If there is someone who you don’t yet tell about your love enough, tell them now if you can. 

Tell them how much you love and how you care. 

Because we all can die unexpectedly, and you could be the one of those today, and if you don’t tell about your love now, your regrets will remain eventually. 

We have only now. 

I lost opportunities of telling my love to my grandfather, and to my older brother who died when I was three-year-old. 

And moreover I didn’t apologize, because of my anger, to my ex-boyfriend who died of the traffic accident and that his death caused my eyesight problem.

Or moreover I didn’t talk about how I care to my friend who died while she gave birth and that her sudden death caused my aphonia, and to other friend who killed herself. 

And I realized that those eyesight problem and the aphonia came from my deep regrets. 

That’s why I decided not to miss any opportunity to tell my love to my dear people. 

…I love you all! 

This time of the last year, I was told that my father didn’t have time to already remain from a doctor, and it was when I decided to take him home from the hospital.

To my father, 

Even if I have fortunately experienced the connection of the universe of love, and even if I already feel not loneliness when I am not “I ” anymore, or even if I often told you about my love and gratitude while hugging you or holding your hand in the last month, but I still miss you, my heart still aches deeply and a lot of tears still flow down. 

I loved you so much more than ever. 

I took care of you in any ways. 

One year before you die, your body were paralyzed and you were an aphasia by cerebral hemorrhage, and moreover you lost excretion control lastly, but I never thought that I wanted to stop care of you. 

No, adversely, I kept being thankful for your having accepted my care, for opportunities that had been given, for being able to tell you my gratitude. 

Thank you for your deep unconditional love and for all time that I spent with you… 

After he was operated for the stomach cancer five years ago, we both noticed somehow that his last moments were not so far, even if no one said that. 

It led me to realize how I loved him, and I am truly grateful for that understanding that had me decided to come home to spend time with him together for last five years. 

I truly love you and will love you forever…

Author: absolute_spirit_with_you

Motivational speaker, Spiritual messenger, Philosopher. The truth I found is that it's only me to accept. I, not I, am the only one who exists in the infinite universe. It's only now and here.

4 thoughts on “For today 19/Aug/ ’16 #livehealingly #love ”

  1. Thank you for the reblog and your heartwarming words.
    I had forgiven my own immaturity except for the death of my father. But one year has not yet passed since my father died. And the days when I kept the life and death of father who had dysphagia, was so strong experience for me so that I can not yet talk all about it.
    But you know, I will and I’m working on it. Thank you again. I’m sending lots of love to you!


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